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Got a Bugaboo Cameleon? Or other Bugaboo pram? Tell Bugaboo what you think of it: voucher to win!


Did you buy a Bugaboo Cameleon for your baby? Or a different Bugaboo pushchair? If so, Bugaboo is interested in your opinion – and you could win a £300 voucher for telling them!

Bugaboo would love to know why you love your Bugaboo pushchair. How are you finding it so far? What adventures have you been on with it? How did you feel that first time you were out and about with it?

What made you decide to buy a Bugaboo in the first place? And what do you think of it – how it looks, how happy your baby is in it, how easy it is to push, fold and use – now that you have bought it? 

Everyone who posts on this thread to tell us about their Bugaboo Cameleon (or other Bugaboo pushchair) will be entered into a prize draw to win a £300 voucher to spend at Bugaboo. 

And, if you’d like to post up a picture of your baby in your Bugaboo, please do! The folks at Bugaboo would love that.

We'll keep this thread open until Friday July 8th, and we'll announce the winner's name on this thread on Tuesday July 12th.

This discussion is sponsored by Bugaboo, the designers of iconic pushchairs such as the Bugaboo Cameleon, the Bugaboo Bee, the Bugaboo Donkey, and the Bugaboo Buffalo.



  • Hi! We bought the Bugaboo Cameleon Quilted Navy Edition in September 2014 in readiness for our first baby due in the October. I was pretty set on us having a Bugaboo even before I was pregnant which was purely based on the positive reviews I had read about them, all of which have served true to me and if anything I've found even more positives. 

    After using my Bugaboo for nearly 18 months now I'm still totally in love with it. My daughter was happy in it from our first family walk with our dog. I remember our first walk out; it was something we had been looking forward to for some time. It was such a windy afternoon so we wrapped our daughter up all snug inside the basinet and she was sound asleep for the entire walk even with the terrible wind. Even in the gusts of wind I remember thinking how nice it was to push so smooth for baby and easy on me. We went 'off track' as we call it and our daughter stayed sound asleep through the rough ride, we did purchase the rough terrain wheels which may have helped ,-). As you can tell I'm a huge Bugaboo fan and we're currently planning on buying the donkey as we are expecting baby number two in 5 weeks time so the prize draw entry is a must! 

    As well as the great comfort in pushing the bugaboo I'd shout about the design, it's so stylish with no frills, it's practical with it's washable covers, it's comfortable for baby and the harness straps are so quick and easy to adjust if they're wearing a thicker coat or what have you. The standard wheels are great, when I've forgotten to take our rough terrain wheels the others have held up absolutely fine on walks at the out woods, especially when locked so they don't swivel, they go straight over sticks and rocks. Id also shout about the ease of use when putting it up and down; whether using it with the infant car seat and adaptors or the basinet or the seat unit it takes literally 10 seconds to put up and for a travel system I consider that pretty quick. 

    Can't rate Bugaboo enough, if you're interested in one definitely take advantage of the demonstrations in the shops, I had to ask an associate to just let me have a go. It was all fair and well seeing someone else do it but you want to feel for yourself how easy those buttons are to reach either side and press down and how heavy it is. Don't be afraid to do that.


    Lauren x

  • Great modern design and easy to move. Cannot fault in any way

  • I love the colours and boldness of the them I had one when my daughter was born they are great and so well made x not wobbly or cheap looking,  they are definitely designed for babies and children which is nice 

  • Hi everyone, I was dreaming of owning a Bugaboo Cameleon for nearly 2 years but couldn't afford one/justify the costs for a toddler. When my second baby arrived, I hated her pushchair and she wasn't happy in it either and so my husband and I decided it was time to splash out on a Cameleon3. I think it's the most beautiful pushchair there is but it can get pricey when you can swap the fabrics to suit your mood :) 

    I have to say there's some things I'd change about it, the tiny front wheels are a little too small for my liking and the basket was very hard to access when we used the carrycot. I also wish the seat had an adjustable leg rest but these wouldn't steer me away from the Cameleon3 and I recommend it to other parents. I see lots of them around our town and when we're away and I always smile when I do spot one. Also it's hard to see another one exactly like yours because there's so many colours and special editions to choose from.

  • We own a Bugaboo Donkey and it has been a lifesaver and has allowed me to have my newborn alongside my 2 year old and yet when my toddler is at playgroup I can just push it in and off I go.

  • we had the Bugaboo Bee 3, we were pleased with it, it was easy enough to fold down and cleaned up well. We bought it on a recommendation from a friend who had one. 

  • I first bought the bugaboo buffalo at the end of 2014 for my baby born 3rd Jan 2015. I was torn between the buffalo and donkey at the time but liked the all terrain use of the buffalo. I chose all black with black frame and loved it. I used it for around 5 months then found out I was expecting again (not planned) so the buffalo had to go, the only option for me after using the buffalo was a donkey. I didn't know the sex of the new baby at time of purchase so I went for the black frame again with off white fabrics and I LOVE it!! I have also purchased the grey melange hoods and have used it with the off white pram and grey pushchair, i love the fact that you can just change the whole appearance of the pram by purchasing additional fabric sets and I love that you can mix and match each side of the pram seperately. I also used it in mono mode whilst I was still pregnant which was brilliant; At first I was unsure of the appearance with the side basket as it was different to anything else on the market but once I used it i couldn't understand why nobody had come up with this idea sooner!! I'm now using it in duo mode for my 2 boys (17months and 4 months) and it's great. I get comments all of the time out and about saying how nice of a pram it is and how suprising it is that it fits everywhere in duo mode. Im yet to find a door or entrance that we can not fit through. Tomorrow I am going to change it to double pushchair as my 4 month old has decided he no longer wants to lie in the pram much to my dismay. I love the pram and would like to use it longer as it has plenty of room still but mr nosey wants to see the world from his bug So pushchair it is. I could not imagine buying any other brand than bugaboo now I have owned 2 and loved them both. Just means I can't have any more babies until you make a triple or my oldest is able to use seated buggy board 😊 Keep up the good work bugaboo!!image

  • Hi all,

    I used to shy away from what I used to think were the fashion prams and pushchairs- it seemed to me that each year or two a new one came out that was the 'must-have' and everyone who could afford one was just a victim of the pushchair companies playing on a sort of keeping up with the Joneses type thing. Hence my eldest had a random pram second-hand from t'internet and I thought I'd got an absolute bargain ("it's got 4 wheels and somewhere to put little one- what else does it need?" I heard myself saying)

    But then I tried a Bugaboo Cameleon belonging to a friend when I was out visiting her without my pram. Baby needed a walk to settle him so she lent me hers for half an hour and WOW that 30 minutes completely changed my opinion. The difference was dramatic, easy to push and turn, smooth ride, and baby went to sleep straight away.

    So now expecting my second and have conceded that we'll be better off with a new pram this time. I thought they were all pretty much the same- tootled off to my local Kiddicare and tried a few out (thinking that the main thing was that it was new, there was nothing particularly different about the Bugaboo and I should aim for a cheaper one). HOWEVER the Bugaboo Cameleon really stood out again. Head and shoulders. It just felt sturdier, better made and looked better than the others too. I should admit that I have never actually owned one as we can't really afford it just now but I am hoping I can save enough by the time out little lady arrives to invest. And an investment I truly believe it will be. And then I can be one of those Mums I used to deride for falling victim to pram envy but, this time, I will know I have not only the best looking pram, but one that performs the best for us both too.


  • we had a bugaboo cameleon with my son harry. I found it so easy to push and ultra comfortable for my son, was really stylish and being able to quickly change features like the wheels or if you wanted your child parent or world facing was so quick and easy.

    My only issue was all the added extras like parasol, different types of clips for car seat attachment or cup holder where quite difficult to find a a little pricey maybe doing a bundle would be a good idea.

  • We are absolutely in love with our bugaboo cameleon! The fabrics on it are perfect and the colour range is brillant even if a little pricey for a colour change (although that wouldn't stop me) 

    the buggy board is also amazing! I have a stubborn 3 year old who refuses to walk anywhere and this has been a godsend! And he thinks its an amazing novelty that he can ride as well! 

  • I have a Bugaboo Bee 3 pushchair which my 3 year old daughter still loves to go in on shopping trips etc and I love it. I love how it grows with your little one in such a simple way, and it's so easy to collapse and folds up pretty small, no issues getting it into my car boot unlike some of the other buggys ive owned! It feels and looks so comfy, I guess that's why my daughter still likes to go in it! Lol xx

  • We have the Bugaboo Bee and its a great design. It's so light, easy to fold and I find the shopping basket a decent size. We decided to go with this buggy because I had it recommended to me by a colleague and we read lots of reviews on it before trying it out in the shop. We do lots of walking so this buggy suits our needs. we will be keeping it for when baby no 3 comes! 

  • Hi, I bought the bugaboo bee 3 after doing a lot of research on the size of prams. I had a very small boot, which meant I was restricted what I could buy. as soon as I tested the bee I loved it, it was so lightweight, I could manoeuvre it really well, and the one touch fold mechanism was fast and easy! I am only small myself, and the bugaboo bee was just the right size for me and my baby girl, Phoenix.

    We got the cocoon instead of the carry cot and she loved it, she was so snug and so much calmer than when we put the car seat on top of the frame. She was so much happier to be in her Bugaboo.

    She loves the Bee, she goes for long walks along the country lanes in it with her daddy, which usually result in her going to sleep for a good length of time, or usually ending in an ice cream pit stop! 

    We bought the compact travel bag for it, and took the Bee to Portugal, where we visited Phoenix's grandad for the week. Everyone advised against taking the Bee on the plane cos it would get damaged, but even on a budget airline, we found that the Bee stood up to the test and suffered no damage! We were surprised at how durable it was! The Beenhad lots of adventures with Phoenix in Portugal, they went by the river along the old cobbled streets, along the beach front by the sand and they also took in a bit of shopping, and more ice cream. The extendable sun canopy was really handy especially whilst Phoenix was sleeping. 

    No that my baby girl is coming up to one year old, I am looking to add to my bugaboo collection with a bugaboo Cameleon or Buffalo. My friend has the Cameleon and I think these are great especially for winter time, I think it will be cosier for her and more room, I also think her legs will be more supported as she's at the in between stage, they hang off the seat but don't touch the foot rest. I will be keeping the Bee however, as this is the perfect buggy for the warmer weather or a quick trip to the shops. If I was to go abroad again I would take my Bee in a heartbeat. I would also look to get the sun breezy hood too next time. 

    One drawback was that I purchased the bugaboo changing bag, which was quite big, and compared to the Bee it looked a bit silly. I put it in the basket at the bottom, which is a great size by the way, but it became bulky and a bit of a hindrance. I am looking to get an older version of a bugaboo changing bag which is bigger than the organiser but smaller than the other bag. 

    The one drawback I had was the seat, when it's folded down, it can come loose, and come off the frame, so when I come to open it up it needs readjusting. This isn't a major issue, more of an inconvenience. I love all the accessories and can't wait to try them out, but I will have to save up a bit as these can become a little pricey added together. 

    This week my hubby has time off so we will be spending time with Phoenix going places. The next stop for Phoenix and her Bee is the zoo, can't wait! 


  • image

    With 2 children under 2 and now a third on the way we opted for the incomparable Donkey. I loved the fact it switched from a single to double easily and enabled both children to be in a higher up seating position. We searched the Internet and actually found an online retailer offering a great deal, although it is still a pricey Investment. It is the easiest pushchair to manoeuvre but the chassis is heavy to lift in and out of a boot. I also think that footmuffs should be included for the price. i love the roomy basket when used as a single but the underneath shopping basket could be a bit deeper. The donkey is perfect for a young family. I will be sad when my children no longer need a buggy! 

  • my sister in law has one and she says they are fab

  • I can honestly say the cameleon is the best pram I have ever had. It was fab.

  • great pram love interchangeable covers i cant keep up with all covers we have for our cameleon.really nice big seat must be comfy as our little one falls asleep in it no problem.

  • We have borrowed a Donkey from friends to trial before buying a new double buggy - great to push, plenty of storage but just too wide in practice.  Going to opt for an inline double instead.

  • My daughter and son in law don't yet own a Bugaboo bur I'm sure they would like one.

  • I Have the bugaboo cam 3! We are totally in love with it! 

    I have a newborn baby girl, and a stubborn 3 year old who needed a buggyboard, the buggy board is literally the best out there! I love it when they have their own buggy board like bugaboo do because it fits perfectly, the sit is a extra bonus which comes with it, although a little pricey it's perfect

    the pram it'self is amazing , easy to push, manoeuvre and looks good to the eye, I like how you can change colour again it's quite pricey so unsure whether I will actually do it but the option there is brillant! Lots of different colours to choose from as well from the original blue for boys/ pink for girls (btw bugaboo is Probaly one of the only companies who do the baby pink which I soooooo love more than the purpley/pink that others so often do but I'm a bit fussy after having two boys I want baby pink!! ) 😂😂 

    shes currently in the cot section of the pram and always looks so comfy and cosy in their I'm rather jealous when mummy is getting wet in the rain! I love how you don't have a seat and a cot section it's all one you just change the fabric! Perfect for when storing as I have little space! 

    what else can I say, fits nicely in my boot, is a little big but nothing to be unexpected, it fits in my Vauxhall ZaFira with plenty of space for shopping. The shopping bag is a good size underneath perfect drawstring as well to keep things safe which I really like! 

    this is my third baby so third pram first I had silvercross surf loved it! But just massive with my second I went simple with a quinny zap and now third my bugaboo! I love it! And I would defo keep it for my fourth if I decided to its pricey yes but for the price and quality and if it is your first baby it would be a perfect pram to be passed down to siblings even with a change of colour! 

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