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What does your child’s dream bedroom look like? Tell Dulux for your chance to win £500 B&Q vouchers

Hello. How would your child like his or her bedroom to look? Dulux would love to know – and you could win £500 in B&Q vouchers for telling us!

According to Dulux research, only a quarter of us parents consult or involve our child when it comes to decorating our child’s bedroom – but kids say they’d love to be involved, with 92% saying they’d spend more time playing or doing homework in their bedroom if they’d helped decorate it.

To inspire parents and kids everywhere, Dulux have created a special Kids Bedroom site, complete with step-by-step YouTube decorating videos, featuring Dulux’s super-tough and washable Endurance paint range. And, for your child, Dulux has created a downloadable Kids' Bedroom Summer Holiday Workbook, full of fun activities and decorating inspiration. 

Dulux would love you to talk to your child and then tell us, here on this thread, how old your child is and how your child would like his or her bedroom to look. What colours would the walls be? What would the overall theme be? Please tell us why!

And, if you or your child would like some inspiration, do have a peek at Dulux’s brilliant Kids Bedroom Tool.

Please tell us as much as possible about how your child would like to decorate her or his room: Dulux would love to hear all about your child (don't forget to say how old he or she is) and why he or she picked the look he or she did. And if your child would like to draw a picture of their dream bedroom, please do post it up too; the folks at Dulux would LOVE that! 

Everyone who posts about how their child would like their bedroom to look will be entered into a draw to win £500 B&Q vouchers. We’ll also choose 2 runner-up prizes, each of £250 in B&Q vouchers.







We'll keep this thread open until 10am on September 1st, and we'll announce the winner's name on September 8th.

This discussion is sponsored by Dulux. Please note that comments and pictures you post here may be used by Dulux in future marketing material. 



  • My son is mad about John Deere tractors and farming. His dream bedroom would be painted as a redwood barn with tractor motifs and animals all over. He would have a tractor bed in green and yellow colours (so it looked like a John Deere tractor!) with farm related bed linen.

  • My son Dominik 3years old. He would like rainbow on the walls. And 4 items in the room:  children kitchen, Big soft toys - Sky from Paw Patrol, more books, and bed with slide.

  • My son loves dinosaurs and would love a mural with ancient woodland hiding various prehistoric creatures and a giant dinosaur to cuddle and keep him safe at night.

  • My daughter wants a magical fairyland theme with silver and pink.

  • over all theme will be garden. the wall colors will be yellow,

  • My 4 year old son wants bright red walls - he loves lightening mcqueen

  • My eldest daughter (14) is going through a goth stage image so we just redone the four walls in black and and a deep, dark red colour... I have also hung a iron style drop light... I just kept my opinions to myself, it's easier in the long run! image My youngest daughter (2) loves pink and animals so she is still happy with the decor...

  • My little boy ( aged 5 and three quarters) Is a hands on boy who loves playing in the garden, Fiddling around with His quad bike, Dads tractor and anything he can get his hands dirty!

    Id love to decorate his room to suit his taste and let him choose and design his own room!

    So be it if he wanted a tractor on one wall, a quad bike on another and a Blackboard painted onto the wall with his number chart - It would be what he would like!..

    He would love a book corner and a table where he can play lego! 

  • My son and I absolutely adore Winnie the Pooh. I'd love to have the theme of his room as Winnie the Pooh and Friends,  so a 100 Acre Wood theme. Blues, greens and wooden furniture, cream bedding and his favourite pooh bear books on a little shelf  xx 

  • Ok, I asked Kallum what his dream bedroom would be and here was the reply:

    " The walls would be blue and have batman, spiderman and Thor on them. Sportacus would be doing flips over the ceiling while Stephanie watched and  Ziggy (Lazytown) would be eating sweeties off the sweet tree that would be on the back of the door. And the carpet would be green like grass so I can play football on it! The curtains will be blue and have John Cena on them"

    Yes, he does have a vivd imagination!

  • Marvel! 2 boys so anything spiderman/ironman related is a winner!

  • My son wants his room painted as minions :)

  • My son recently watched 'My Neighbor Totoro' a Studio Ghibli animation and has fallen in love with Totoro. He'd love a 'Totoro' themed bedroom although I'm not that artistic and haven't a clue how to go about it. He want's blue walls and lots of trees and Totoro's, the ideas are there unfortunately the talent on my part isn't. Buying cuddly toys and books is easier lol.

  • A sky theme with blue walls , fluffy white clouds and airplanes, birds etc.

  • My daughter would like a uniforn room with a fluffy white rug and rainbow colours.

  • My two eldest sons are 14 and 12 and because they have got a much younger brother,  their bedroom had got a bit forgotten about when we moved into our house three years ago. Their room is very boring and un-inspiring, the walls and ceiling are both magnolia. They have got union jack bedspreads so I think union jack colours, red, white and blue would look fantastic for lads their age. They would be absolutely over the moon if I won this for them!.

  • Blue with a fish theme - he's really into underwater things at the moment.

  • Would love to have a circus theme...with clowns painted on the walls, bright duvets full of circus acts, circus tent hanging from the ceiling and music. 

  • Sharks, Sharks, Sharks in the water (boy age 5)

  • my little girls would have their bedroom in pink and purple and would decorate it with all things with Peppa Pig on it.

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