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Tell the LTA what outdoor activities you do with your kids. Voucher AND tennis goodies to win!


Tennis for Kids 2017 is a nationwide initiative, organised by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), to get children aged 5 to 8 to pick up a racket and play tennis for the first time.

And it’s all FREE!

There are 20,000 places available for children all over the UK to enjoy a free 6-week tennis course, run by specially trained coaches, that focuses on simple ball skills and lots of active fun. All children who complete the course get to take their very own racket home with them.

To mark the launch of Tennis for Kids 2017, LTA would like to know what outdoor games and activities you love to do with your kids – and why.

And you could win a £100 Amazon voucher and a tennis-racket prize bundle(including adult racket, child racket, tube of balls, racket cover, 2 sports towels and a bag) for telling us!

All you need to do is post on this thread to say what outdoor games and activities you love to do with your kids – and why.

Don’t forget to tell us how old your child is/children are, and please do feel free to post up pictures of your children having fun and being active outside. The LTA would love that (and it increases your chances of winning the voucher). 

Everyone who posts about what outdoor games and activities they love to do with their kids – and why – will be entered into a prize draw to win the £100 Amazon voucher and the tennis-racket prize bundle.

AND, if you post up a picture, too, we’ll put your name into the draw twice.

We'll keep this thread open until Monday 8th May 2017, and we'll announce the winner's name on Wednesday 10th May.





This discussion is sponsored by the LTA, the governing body for tennis in Britain. Terms & conditions apply. Please note that comments and pictures you post here may be used by the LTA in future marketing material. You can find out more about the LTA’s Tennis for Kids initiative and book a place for your child (while availability lasts) here
UPDATE: places on Tennis for Kids 2017 are now fully booked up. But the LTA is running lots of other free events over the summer, where you and your family can try tennis for free (rackets and balls provided). Find out about Great British Tennis Weekend Open Days at a venue near you.



  • My daughter is 4 years old and she loves playing football and croquet outside!

  • my daughter is 6 years old and at the moment we do try and play tennis together on the open green nearby, but rackets from poundland are not much cop! this prize would be ideal for us and encourage my daughter a bit more

  • My kids love to play on their climbing frame, it is great exercise and lots of fun - I sometimes like to have a go too!!!image

  • My kids 7 year old boy and 4 year old girl love to play fooball and jump on trampoline.

  • My family love to play rounders, a game we can all play together.

  • My son loves playing anything sporty tennis snooker and football 

  • My boys are just turned 3 and the other is 7 months,  so not quite at the game playing stage yet. However,  we do have lots of fun outside,  including digging for dinosaurs,  hunting for the gruffalo in the woods (see photo) and of course throwing stones in the river


  • My eldest son is 5 and he loves playing football and my youngest kids also enjoy football with him. 

  • my boy is 10 months old now, he loves going swimming 

  • We love exploring forests and beaches, we live in the city so getting out in the countryside is great fun! We also like getting out on our bikes to help keep fit and to have fun together as a family.

  • My boys love to play hide and seek and football my eldest is 5 and youngest are 3 , 2 and 1

  • My daughter is 9 and loves to do gymnastics outside, my youngest is 14 months and having recently found his feet loves dashing around the garden poking at everything with a stick! Our whole family loves being outdoors - playing games and going for walks. 

  • My twin boys love playing outside, they love playing rounders with their siblings, trampolining, cycling, hide and seek at our local park. We go hiking a lot during the warmer months and this year we are going to have a go at Geocaching. We are all quite a sporty family and like nothing better than being outdoors having fun.

  • My children are 6 and 3. They love making up their own obstacle courses in the garden. Crawling under their little picnic table, jumping over flower pots, balancing cones on their heads. On Monday they used their paddling pool at the end to jump into. They love experimenting and making up new rules. Loads of fun :)

  • Thanks for all your great posts, everyone – please keep them coming!


    A3302, just to let you know; we've edited your post slightly to resize the (ever so cute) pic you posted as it was so big, it was making the whole thread hard to see for some people on some devices.


    Looking forward to seeing some new posts – and pics – soon!

  • My boys are aged 4 and 1 year. They love nothing more than being outside, going for long walks and exploring! My eldest loves to discover what bugs he can find under stones or pots along the way! 


  • image

    My middle daughter who is 8 has from a young age loved watching tennis and is mesmerised by it!Anyone that asks her what she wants to be when she is older her answer is a tennis player!She also loves netball,hockey and running she's very into her sports!This is a picture of Alexandra with her medals from her last sports day!

  • This sounds a brilliant scheme - shame everything seems to be full in our area.

    I keep both of mine as active as possible - they both have swimming lessons and then my daughter loves to dance too, ballet & tap.  We also walk the dog every day.

  • Tag, hide and seek and anything that involves nature are firm favourites in my house.

  • I have two children, Matthew age 11 and Heidi age 5, We love to go outdoors and play games! One of our favourite games to play out in the garden (or at the playing field) is rounders! It is a great game for all of the family and friends to get involved in, we have so much fun and laughs!

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