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Tell TOMY Toomies about the games you play with your child – toys to win!


TOMY toys are all about fun and laughter and the toys in TOMY’s new Toomies range – with their quirky characters and giggly surprises – really dial up the joy of play.

TOMY Toomies would really like to hear about the fun times you share with your child, laughing together as you play – and you could win a TOMY Toomies toy bundle, worth £100, for telling them!

All you need to do is post on this thread about the games you and your child play together that make you both laugh with joy.

Do feel free to post up a picture of you and your child laughing and playing together: TOMY Toomies would love that, and if you post a picture as well as post about the games you play, we will enter you into the prize draw twice!

Everyone who posts about playing and laughing with their child will be entered into a prize draw to win a £100 TOMY Toomies toy bundle, including Mr Shop Bot, Sort n Pop UFO, Bubble Blast Train, Sandy the Sea Lion and Foam Cone Factory Toy (see more details here). And if you post a picture, too, you’ll be entered into the prize draw twice. 

We'll keep this thread open until Friday 1st September 2017, and we'll announce the winner's name on Wednesday 6th September. 


This discussion is sponsored by TOMY Toomies. Terms & conditions apply. Please note that comments and pictures you post here may be used by TOMY Toomies in future marketing material. 



  • The best and funniest ones are the ones my daughter makes up. Pretty sure she doesn't have any rules apart from if she thinks her Mum or Dad are about to win we made an illgal move.

  • I have great fun with kids in the garden with giant board games, and play games like hooking ducks out of paddling pool to win a prize

  • Me and Ava play football which makes us laugh because I'm hopeless at it and fall all the time which has me and my girl in hysterics. X 


  • I have a big box of jumbo chalks and we draw objects on the patio slabs and have to guess what they are. Lots of laughter non of us are very good artists. 

  • A family kickabout but she doesn't quite get the 'handball' rule yet - LOL image

  • I love playing peep a boo with my little girl 

  • WE love board games such a sad cludeo and scrabble 

  • My son loves anything noisy! His latest favourite is a jingly rattle monkey, giggles his little heart out bless him! 


    This was him earlier laughing and about to try and grab his toys!

  • My children have so much fun and giggles at bath time, we play a game where we fill a balloon with water and air and then let it go, it whizzes round the bath tub squirting water at them and they are in fits of giggles asking to do it again and again

  • My dgd is only 14 months and we both love playing peek a boo and end up laughing like mad

  • The funniest times we have are just playing in the garden, playing hide and seek is my eldest daughterso favourite. My youngest daughter laughs at funny faces or coughing....but then she is only 6 months old.

  • When I go to see my grandchildren we normally play with their Toot Toot toys. They range from 6 down to 3 months and the older two love to create 'crashes' now which have the younger children giggling away 

  • We absolutely love playing the sing song game!

    We sing songs in different voices pretending to be different family members!

    My little ones laugh so much when I try to do impressions of our animals haha! X

  • At the moment my 15 month old sons favourite game is pretend clean up :) He has his own cleaning trolley and loves helping me brush and mop the floor!

  • My son and I always make up gymnastic routines which ends in fits of giggles and funny positions! 

  • Twister - cracks my kids up everytime! 

  • It is actually LAUGHTER that gets us laughing - If I start laughing (even false laughter) it soon turns into genuine laughter as Lucas laughs back.. We often say "lets have a game of laughs" and try to make different sounding laughs 

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