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Best advice you’ve had from your parents? Tell Legal & General: voucher to be won!


As adults, we’re given lots of advice from all sorts of people and so many different sources. And it’s our job, to be forever a parent, and to remember the best advice handed down to us from our parents, then passing it on to our children

Legal & General would like to know what is the best piece of advice you’ve ever had from your parents? Is this the same advice you’d pass on to your own children? If not, what piece of advice do you want to make sure you give your children?

And you could win a £150 voucher for telling us!

Everyone who posts on this thread to tell us about the best advice you’ve ever had from your parents, and the advice you would pass on to your children too, will be entered into a prize draw to win a £150 shopping voucher. 

We’ll keep this thread open until 12/10/17, and we’ll announce the winner’s name on this thread a few days later.

This discussion is sponsored by Legal & General, the financial services company. You can read more about Legal & General Life Insurance here. Please note that any comments you post here may be used by Legal & General in future marketing material.  



  • The best advice I was given  was to not stress over house work , laundry and general day to day tasks . That can wait until later in the day , but to spend that time with yLoving your baby . Okay sometimes it's nice to Have 10 minutes to quickly clean but your baby doesn't care if you haven't showered in two days (we all do it mums ) or if you have dusted and hoovered . All they care about is having their mummy /daddy around to play with them . 

  • The best advice from my mum as a teenager was "always keep 10p in your purse, you can ring me anytime and I'll pick you up" what a legend! I always knew I could rely on her, being the 4th child I couldn't do anything to shock her, she'd already seen everything! Obviously, that would be difficult now as you'd be in more danger trying to find a phone box! I hope I can be as liberal with my child but it's more likely to be "is your phone charged?" But I really hope that the message is clear when I say, you can tell me anything.

  • Listen carefully to all advice given, turn it over in your head and then do what you believe is right 

  • The advice I've always been given by my dad is don't stress over anything as stressing doesn't change anything. So no matter how bad things get keep on smiling and everything will work out in the end. Thanks dad x

  • From my parents - never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

    To my kids after losing both my parents at a young age - live life to the full as you never know when it will end.

  • My parents always told me to trust my instincts and take one day at a time, cherish the baby stage as they grow so fast!

  • My parents always taught me to speak up for those that can't speak for themselves. Both my brother absolutely I chose careers that allow us to do that and hope my son do the same ❤️

  • The best piece of advice my parents ever gave me has to be to "love with all your heart, but never forget where you came from". And this is what I tell my children "never forget where you come from" for you would not be who you are today without these big family roots.

  • The greatest piece of advice from my parents when I myself became a parent was to be the best role model I could be. Children may not always do what is asked of them but they are more likely to develop attitudes and behaviours they have seen in their parents.

    The greatest piece of advice I will give to my child is that losing isn't failure and success isn't final.

  • Kids often gossip and say things about people often without thinking. My mum always said to me that "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" I always carried this with me because I think I realised that criticising was not always helpful. I will pass this little gem on! Simple but very effective!! 

  • My advice from my parents was you only live once make the most of it and that's exactly what advise I would give to my kids don't be scared to follow your  dreams 

  • Most of my childhood i had advice thrown at me left right and centre from my parents and grandparents.. 

    Education is important for a happy life 

    A good education will find you a good man 

    Don't make a show of yourself 

    Don't stand out 

    Stand up for what you believe in 

    Don't go for a bad boy 

    Make friends in the right social circles 

    But as a child I didn't listen. I hated school and didn't take it seriously. I made the wrong friends 😂 (Apparently) I got with the bad boy 🙈 and fell pregnant at 17 😚 were still together 12 years later and I've just given birth to our second. I fight everyday to prove that I made the right descions.. I now have a degree in Health and social care. Work full time and love my life. It was never a secret in my family that I Disapointed them. This has made me stronger. My advice for my children will always be 

    Do what makes you happy 

    Stand out 

    Don't be ashamed 

    Try to make the right descions but if you don't learn from the wrong ones 

    And always hold your head high no matter what life throws at you 

    Most importantly I want them to know that I'm there mum and no matter what mistakes they make or where there life takes them I all always be there. I will walk beside them and i won't be ashamed of them. Everyone's lives take them down different roads no matter th journey you will get to where you need to be 

  • My mum always told me if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all and to only treat people in a way you would like to be treated yourself. I would pass that on to my children too. 

  • The best advice iv ever had from my parents is to always follow my gut instinct, even if its wrong at least i never look back now and wonder what if!!! 

    the advice i really want my kids to follow is to never be ashamed to be who they are! Id hate for my kids to feel like they have to live up to the expectations of anyone else!!! 

  • Like others, my mum's best advice to me was that I know my baby best and trust myself. I'm not sure I did though as otherwise I would have pushed doctors to help us with my son's brain abnormalities sooner than I did. They did eventually listen to us and we've started to get the support we need now and I feel much stronger about requesting help as regards our current pregnancy.

    My advice to my children would be the same plus to make the most of life. I'm pretty sure my mum taught me that too. And have no regrets - that's super important. 

  • My grandmother had eight children and when my son was born I asked her for advice, she said "Don't ask me, I'm not the mother of your baby, you are."

    I'm now expecting baby #3 and very aware that each one is very different and I won't follow what I did before,or what anyone else thinks, but I will follow my instincts.

  • The best advice from my mum was 'you can always talk to me whether it is good or bad and you will never be in trouble but I may give advice'. Me and my mum are very close.

    i will pass this same advice on to my two children because I want them to know they can come and talk to me about everything. I never want them to feel alone or let issues build up and cause them stress. A problem shared is a problem halved x

  • Best peice of advice ive been given is treat people how you would want to be treated. 

     I will definitely remind my 3 year old this now shes starting to get her own mind and understand what she is saying to people. I think others need to teach there kids that alittle more these days. Too many children are being bullied.

     Another is dont judge a book by it cover. 

     It took me time to really understand this. Im now 23 and it really irritates me how people instantly judge people for being different. I think schools need to introduce this from a young age so children grow up more open minded then some immature adults these days x

  • The best advice my mum ever gave me was to look after myself. I spend all my time looking after others that I forget myself but it is so important to have me time too and i'll be telling my daughter the same. I'll also teach her to stand up for herself and not let people walk over her.

  • My mum tries to tell my SIL that the housework can wait...she turns to me and says 'you've been taking that advice long before you had kids' lol.

    When it comes to parenting my mum just reminds me they do things in their own time and you won't know until you try. 

    I asked my dad for advice so I could write something and he said 'don't eat yellow snow' and he's been laughing to himself now for ten minutes. 

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