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Weaning your baby on to solid food: share your best tips with HiPP Organic. Voucher to win!


Did you know, HiPP Organic are the only organic range of jarred baby food in the UK? They have 60 nutritious recipes in a variety of jars, for those all important first tastes, for when you decide to start weaning, to lumpy, textured food.

HiPP Organic would like you to give us your best weaning advice. From the tips on how to start on solid food, right through to transitioning to lumpier textures and savoury tastes - and you could win a £150 Love2Shop voucher for telling them!

All you need to do is post on this thread your best weaning tips or advice. Do feel free to post up a picture of your child eating too: HiPP Organic would love that, and if you do post a picture, we will enter you into the prize draw twice!

Everyone who posts their weaning tips and advice will be entered into a prize draw to win a £150 Love2Shop voucher, with picture entries being entered twice.

We'll keep this thread open until 13th December 2017, and we'll announce the winner's name a few days later.

This discussion is sponsored by HiPP Organic. Terms & conditions apply. Please note that comments and pictures you post here may be used by HiPP in future marketing material. 



  • Don’t hesitate to feed babies food from different cuisines - minus the salt and chilli - they may well surprise you with what they’ll try. My toddler started off eating a greater variety than his older siblings . 

  • Carrot and banana puree stain 🙈image

  • Babies can be a bit fussy so my advice is to try with many different foods and tastes. It takes a while to get right for your baby. I mash all kind of vegetables and fruits to allow him have variety.

  • Freeze then blitz banana with rasberrys for sugar free natural 'ice cream'

  • Don't worry if it seems your baby doesn't like the taste of something new. Keep trying! This was Leon's first taste of potato but now he loves it! image

  • Try weaning when the baby isn’t absolutely starving. Once my little one got too hungry he refused food and only wanted his bottle so I’ve learned to time it properly! 

    oh and carrots stain both faces and clothes  and so do any pasta/tomato baby foods! 😭😭

  • Take it at your baby's pace, don't rush them into food if they aren't ready. Every baby is different and food is mainly for fun before they are 1 so enjoy it! image(Be prepared from them stealing your food! Here is Isla stealing Mummy's Panini!)

  • I love HiPP organic because you can be sure of the quality from a recommended brand.  I also used to love cooking and making my own without salt etc and then freezing into ice cube containers and then labelling.  I also think a investment in a tiny little saucepan is a definite yes.  I do love jar food when on the go travelling for ease of use.  

    • Expect mess and prepare for it! Bibs, plastic mats under the high chair (cheap shower curtains are good for this), wipes or damp flannels. You will also need a change of clothes – for both of you. And probably a bath for the dog, too lol!
  • Take your time with your baby and enjoy it! Let your baby experience different tastes, keep trying if he or she doesn't like it! 

  • Go at your babies pace and take no notice of what other new mums tell you their baby is doing - this applies to everything - not just weaning!

  • My best advice is to try and not get stressed by it. Do it Little by little and if your baby just wants a bottle don’t worry. We spent ages preparing puréed food only for it to be refused which was frustrating. However in the end after time and patience we got there!  

  • Don't give up and try a wide variety of fresh, unsalted foods. Fruit and veg is great.

  • I used to batch cook for my daughter and freeze into little containers it was so much easier as a working parent 

  • I used to batch cook for my daughter and freeze into little containers it was so much easier as a working patent 

  • My daughter took to baby rice very quickly but we soon discovered she was more sweet than savoury so used to mix up Avocado and Banana, which she loved.

  • Take it slowly and don't panic if it takes longer than you anticipated, it will happen eventually, it is just something that cannot be rushed. 

  • Patience and persistence was key we had one stubborn little man on our hands. managed to mix veggies with fruit and pureed them. Slowly he took to it. Variety helped.

  • If first you dont succeed try and try again.

    Literally... if they dont like the taste it can take at least 10+ times to actually like something. i have had friends be adamant after one try of a flavour or texture and say they dont like this or that and not try again. This isnt how it works! Keep trying it takes a lil while for them to start to like a flavour

  • Take things at your baby's pace and ignore anyone trying to rush you into giving them certain foods at certain milestones. Your little one will tell you what they're ready for and when.

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