Tell English Heritage which Get Hands-on with History event you’d take your child to. Voucher to win



  • The kite festival is Scarborough would be ideal for my little girl who is 3- she is fasinat with kites!!

  • The Beeston Castle Joust Festival looks like great fun and going back in time

  • I’d love to take my little ones to kenilworth castle for the Medival festivaL. They’d absolutely love this, travelling back in time, experiencing the medieval camps, experiencing the smells sights of the day. My kids love the knights and their armour and are fascinated by it, from how it looks to how it’s made, who gets to wear it. They’d really enjoy taking part in any activities that would be put on too. Not only that but Kenilworth castle is a great place to explore. 

  • I think they all sound amazing (I love history), but it's a bit trickier to decide which one my 5 year old daughter would like best. I think I'll go with Victoria's Fabulous Garden Party because it mentions cake.

  • Dracula at Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire, my boys would love that!

  • The Medieval Festival at Kenilworth Castle - my girls have been learning about medieval times at school and would really love this!

  • My almost 3 yrs old girl would love a Kite Festival. She is currently mad about all flying objects, particularly hot air balloons and kites. I'm sure she would be ecstatic to see such a festival. Who knows maybe one day she becomes pilot.

  • KENILWORTH CASTLE AND ELIZABETHAN GARDEN my daughter age 10 would love to explore the area as she loves exploring new things and going on an adventure 

  • I would take her to the kite festival in Bridlington. We often take a kite out to fly so it would be great to see the professional ones.

  • My 5 year old loves all things ghostly & macabre so he would go mad for Dracula at Whitby Abbey between 26th - 28th May! I can just see his little face & he races up those famous steps!

  • HANDS ON HISTORY - CREEPY CRAWLY CASTLE AT Kenilworth Castle, both mine are animal and history mad, this would be perfect for them. They adore Dudley zoo because of the animal and the castle is combined, so this perfect


  • Dracula at Whitby Abbey. Just because her dad is from transylvania!!

  • Victoria’s fabulous garden party sounds great for a family day out. We could have a big day out, the boys like getting a ferry to the island.

  • Victoria’s Garden party at Osborne house. The isle of white is my boys favourite place to go, they have never been to Osborne house yet and they would really enjoy this event they are 4 and 5. 

  • We'd visit the Chalke Valley History Festival and my daughter would love it as it is dedicated to history! It has talks, displays and hands on history events going on which would be fantastic for us all. 

  • WWII Weekend at Dover castle.  We all love Dover Castle and the tunnels are amazing!

  • It would have to be the Smugglers event for us. I grew up in Hastings so it's a big part of our history. 

  • I would love to visit the Victorian Children's Festival at Witley Court and Gardens (though I have just seen I have missed it as it was bank holiday weekend! My daughter is 5 and our fav places are black country museum and blist hill victorian town. I love experiencing how things were back in the Victorian times, and so does she. It's amazing. We are also proud english heritage members!

  • My Boys would absolutely love to visit Pendennis Castle Clash of Knights especially as they seem to think there knights jousting everyday this would be a great day out for us as a family a bit of a history lesson that’s fun for us all 

  • I would love to take family to Wrest Park for Fathers Day Blooming Garden event as the children would love to explore the plants and flowers in the landscape gardens.

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