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Tell Hobbycraft which craft kit would keep your child happy – and why: you could win £200 voucher!



  • My daughter loves card making, so the card making kit will be great!  Thanks

  • my little one would love the the sweet making kit, combines his two favourite things, sweets and crafts!

  • I have a budding scientist, so we love the science kits. Biggest hit so far has been the slime! 

  • Make pictures for the bedroom

  • My daughter wants a create a bear for her birthday, so I'm going with that kit. She really wants the pink ballerina one.

  • My girl would love the Galt beady animals kit - she loves animals and the colours are amazing!

  • My 10 year old and my 2 year old would absolutely LOVE the My living world Worm Kit. They've never had anything like it and I know my oldest would be great at setting it up and looking after it whilst my little boy would be simply fascinated! I will add that I almost put the slime kit because they've loved doing slime over the past few months but I've chosen something I know would be new and exciting.

  • We love doing art & craft activities & Hobbycraft have a brilliant range.

    My son would absolutely love the Space Mould & Paint kit..

    He's mad on anything space related & has a real eye for detail, so enjoys painting each section perfectly - it's a great chance to get messy with the moulding plaster too! :)

  • My twin girls would love the Kiddy Dough Crazy Shapes kit as they are just getting into 'messy play'.

  • My daughter would love a card making kit and my son the make your own slime!

  • definitely the paint your own unicorn head money box kit

  • My eldest who is nearly 8 would love the scratch art animal kits or the science kits - especially if it involved some messy science! My middle daughter (5) would love the fairy garden kits as she is all about fairies just now and my youngest (3) would basically love any kit that comes with glue - the messier the better! We bought a  few kits from hobbycraft at the start of the holidays to keep them entertained when Granny came to look after them and they were a huge hit!

  • 'Build Your Own Keyboard kit' - my son would absolutely love the combination of electronics and music.  We absolutely love Hobbycraft!

  • My daughter would LOVE the vehicle threading set, she absolutely loves threading just can't get enough of it ;-)

  • Our grandson loves building and creating things so the Fun Mechanics Insectoid Making Kit  would be perfect for him.

  • Pottery. We have been going to classes over the summer holiday and my 9 year old is so crrative. She has made a family of chickens / egg cups. I am mammy Hen and she ia Sophie Chick X

  • My daughters are obsessed with trying ro make slime althoufh we're never successful 

  • My daughter would love the fairy garden craft set, her eyes light up when she see's the advert.


    At the moment we are very much into playdough.  We make our own and use food colourings, also different things to make it smell nice and glitter etc. The dough cutter set would be very much appreciated.  We have some cutters but new shapes are always good.  Then when Christmas comes, we could use them to make cookies to hang on the tree.

  • the slime kit for sure

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