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Tell Hobbycraft which craft kit would keep your child happy – and why: you could win £200 voucher!



  • The playdoh kit with hands, feet & eyes accessory kit. Looks great for little ones starting to use their imagination. 

  • I can say in all honesty that my (10 year old) daughter would love any of these kits.  They all appeal to her love of crafting, creating, nature and exploring.  There's not much that she won't turn her hand to!  She's a creative beast and we regularly visit Hobbycraft - I really should take out shares in the place!  Unfortunately the dates haven't fallen lucky this time, but often during school holidays we manage to squeeze in one or two of the 'creative sessions' that Hobbycraft offer.  In the past she's done printing, decorating a box and Easter egg decorating.  They're really well organised and such a good way to spend an hour, for just a small cost to cover what you'd otherwise be buying!  I can't recommend Hobbycraft enough.  When my daughter earns her pocket money it's usually the first place we visit and even with just a pound or two - she leaves the store with a smile almost as big as her imagination!!

  • Picture beads are a strong craft favourite in our house. Enjoyed by both the 6 year old & 3 year old. So the £12 bucket would keep them entertained. 

  • me and my daughter would just love to try and make them pom pom rugs, but we havent got a clue where to start x

  • My son just loves science and has a wicked sense of humour too so the bouncing eyeballs in the Horrible History science kit would be absolutely perfect. 

  • My boys would love the Slime making Labs keeps them out of mischief and upteen different potions they can come up with 

  • My little lot would love the card making set. They get such a buzz out of watching  relatives and friends open things they have made

  • My grand daughter loves anything sparkly such as sequins and looks forward to her crafting time with her mum while her younger sister naps

  • My kids 4 &2 would love the fillable baubles experience .it will make a change for them stuffing things in the correct place for once 🙈

  • My little 1s love craft, esp FELT, they have so much fun

  • my son would love the Science and nature lit. he is always asking me to do experiments in the kitchen and I have to try and find items to use!

  • The slime making kit would be nimber one choice in our house my kids just love slime!

  • My twins both love the Card Making Kits: there are so many designs which is why they never ever get bored of them. We have plenty of holidays for them to look forward to, all each with different themes. Christmas and Easter is def their fav! I have to buy 2 of everything (with having twins) and these kits are great value for money! 

  • my son would love the slime lab kit as he loves science based things and loves slime 

  • The Slime making kit most definitel. It has been an obsession this summer! 

    I hate the stuff but my daughter absolutely loves it! 

    She has an Instagram page of the slimes she has made. 

    So she would be overjoyed. 😊

  • My toddler would love the kiddy dough dough blast kit, it would help her master her cutting skills! She has been using a fork to eat with for a while now but has only just started to use a knife. Cutting up the soft dough with the plastic cutting tool would be great practise and fun too. She loves playing with kiddy dough.

  • the fairy garden would be fab for us

  • My grandchildren love anything crafty but the girls would particularly like the fashion kit or, failing that, the sequin art kit.

  • My grandchildren love anything crafty but the girls would particularly like the fashion kit or, failing that, the sequin art kit.Anything sparkly!

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