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Tell Hobbycraft which craft kit would keep your child happy – and why: you could win £200 voucher!



  • My daughter would love the first knitting kit. She has expressed an interest in learning to knit and these projects are small enough to hold her interest but not so long that she will get bored or give up before completion.

  • The Horrible Science shooting rocket kit would be brilliant fun for my dc and his friends. It’s just the kind of thing they would enjoy putting together and then rushing outside to have a go with it.

  • My child is really creative he picks anything and everything to play. Surprisingly that turns out to be something amazing. Like he picked up few waste clothes tag, elastic and his set of lego. He folded the tag in half called him his friend and talking to him. Set up all lego blocks to make table, chair and play area. Elastic was treasure lying in play area. Build up a story on his own. 

  • For us it would be the Pom Pom kit. My little one is only 6 weeks old and it would be great from a baby sensory point of view. She would love all the soft textures. 

  • My daughter would love the Sew Your Own Unicorn Kit, she loves Unicorns. We had a similar kit for Easter with a bunny and she sat and worked on it for hours, really determined to make sure it was perfect. I love sewing, so was lovely to see her enjoying it too. 

  • My daughter loves doing the "Paint Your Own" kits. Moneyboxes, ornaments, Christmas decorations... anything where she can get the paints out and get creative (and messy!!)

  • We love hobby craft got so much stuff for my wedding and also our advent calendar items from you. My 3 kids love the look of the Giant Box of Halloween Craft 1000 Pieces set and Space Theme Kids' Activity Bundle. Think trip to pick them up is needed soon along with some baking stuff for me 

  • My eight and six year old would love the Hama Beads My Pet Gift Box. They loved hama beads and this kit would allow them to make all of their favourite animals to keep. 

  • The kids clay and dough is a huge hit in this house. My 3 year old is an expert at making worms, snails, snowmen and aliens. She’s also very good at making a mess of course but I'm well prepared for that!

  • My daughter would be entertained by any sewing craft kit such as the Sew Your Own Owl Kit. She has had sewing classes at her primary but unfortunately these will not be continued this year so a kit would keep her occupied!

  • My kids would like the Perfume Factory kit as they love trying to make perfumes and potions using flower petals and herbs from our garden.

  • My daughter is obsessed with making slime so the slime making kit would be perfect, she wants to make it and sell it to her friends, quite the little entrepreneur.

  • My granddaughter loves cooking and icing cakes. The various molds and cutters in Hobbycraft are a constant source of attraction to her.

  • My son loves making things with the picture beads at the moment, he likes threading the beads onto pipe cleaners too. 

  • My little boy would love the slime making kit.  He loves playing with any sticky and messy : ) 

  • Both Daisy and Piper have lovely long hair that they spend a lot of time grooming so I know they would love the Juicy Couture Hair Candy Accessories

  • My daughter loves the planets science kit

  • we'd love the wild origami kit. we love paper crafts

  • I think my eldest grandson could be a budding naturalist so he would love the My Living World Bug Safari Kit. 

  • my lil boy would love the Build Your Own Keyboard kit as he loves music x

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