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Tell Hobbycraft which craft kit would keep your child happy – and why: you could win £200 voucher!


This summer, why not keep the kids busy and take them to one of dozens of Hobbycraft’s Kids’ Craft Workshops for your mini-makers, taking place across their 93 stores nationwide.

Another way of entertaining your children, during the long summer break, is by trying out one of Hobbycraft’s amazing kids’ craft activity kits; with dozens of different ones from £1!

Hobbycraft would love you to take a look at look at their selection of kids’ craft activity kits and tell them which of these kits would your child love - and why they would love it - and you could win a £200 shopping voucher for telling them! You can see all of the kits here

All you need to do it post on this thread, which of the kids’ craft activity kits your child would love, and why they would love it. Everyone who posts their chosen activity kit and reason why their child would love it, will be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 Amazon voucher!

We'll keep this thread open until 14th September 2018, and we'll announce the winner's name a few days later.


Hobbycraft has the largest range of arts and crafts in the UK, with everything you need for art, knit and stitch, papercraft, baking and more!



  • We LOVE Hobbycrat! We're home educators and make this one of our regular haunts for resources. We're currently making the Pug Pillow. Can never walk out of the store with just one item!

    We've done quite a few of the science kits like the bouncy balls, they are such good fun! Just spotted a bath bomb kit which we'll definitely need to try! Also the scented paint, how good is that for a sensory experience?! Need to make another visit!

  • My daughter loves Hobbycraft! The only problem is when we go in-store she wont leave! We go there for a lot of our baking supplies, however, her favourite kits are the science ones. Especially, the planets craft set :)

  • My little man would love the Build Your Own Keyboard kit as he loves dancing and singing when granny plays her and could join in with his own! 

  • My girls love Hobbycraft as having 4 girls of different ages they all find something there for each of them to bring home! The slime making kit would be a good hit in our house as they all love making slime together and it keeps them busy, entertained and happy for hours which gives me a few hours to do the house work in peace! x

  • My niece loves the cardmaking kits and also the scratch kits

  • Apart from toy shops and Pets at Home, Hobbycraft is the only store my little man does not moan about visiting. We often spend hours in there and never come out empty handed. They always have great special buy offers on! Anyway back to the question as a scientist myself, and a mum of a budding scientist and plane enthusiast I would have to say the science kits and model aeroplane kits. 

  • My children love card making and family enjoy receiving them, so the card making kits are always a big hit at home here.

  • Science and Nature kits would be the most popular for us - Kids have such inquisitive minds and really love 'experiments' and anything to do with Nature - We are forever raiding the kitchen cupboards and other bits and pieces to carry out 'experiments'...we have several on the go at the moment including a 'butterfly farm' a 'mouldy bread experiment' and 'weather monitoring' 

  • My daughters love the jewellery and card making kits. In fact they love anything in hobbycraft and could spend ours browsing !! 

  • Our lot would love the Galt Slime Lab because at the moment they are going through a phase where they love anything that causes mess!

  • The fairy charm jewellery kit would stimulate the imagination and keep her occupied and seems very good value for money.

  • thank goodness for Hobbycraft! we enjoy all sorts of crafting projects, at the moment we have been decorating large flat stones, some stones, paint and a brush and your good to go. Can make as easy to as complicated as the mood takes you!

  • I Love Hobbycraft. I'm just starting out as a home crafter on etsy and I could live in there if i was allowed. My boys love the science kits and the bouncy ball kit and slime maker is on their list!

  • My son is obsessed with doing craft activities! He would love one of the science kits, especially the Creepy Crystal kit. He would be in his element..........!

  • My grandaughter would love "My Fairy Garden"!  She is very much into fairies and princesses and I've seen her playing happily with little tiny figures.  I think she would find this really magical to set up and play with.  As would I!

  • We have 3 boys and our middle boy and youngest would both love the bug safari and worm world, they are fascinated with nature and spend hours in the garden or out for walks with us.  We are getting them the sets for Christmas infact.  Our oldest would probably prefer making slime with one of the slime kits, he loves anything sensory and likes to be able to make something and then play with it so this would be perfect for him.

  • My daughters love anything crafty but I think they would love one of the science and nature lots as they love doing experiments! Very curious about everything around them!

  • My kids love doing crafts, they would love the fashion kits

  • My daughter loves fairies ans the My Fairy Garden would be perfect for her. 

  • My son likes the various felt kits,  not always making the design but just his own animals/monsters

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