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How have you changed your home since you became pregnant and/or had children?  Tell Carpetright!

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Once children loom large in your life, you realise you need to change your home to suit them – whether that’s decorating a nursery, making space for a playroom or creating a magical kids’ bedroom.

Carpetright, the flooring specialists where you can find a huge range of carpets, luxury vinyl tiles, laminate, engineered wood, rugs and artificial grass – and get great advice as well as a quality measuring and fitting service – wants to know all about how you have changed your home since you got pregnant and/or had children. And you could win £200 Amazon vouchers for telling us!

To be in with a chance of winning, please post on this thread to tell us what you’ve changed in your home, why you decided to change it – AND how you managed it. Please detail the changes you’ve made – including flooring, paint, wallpaper and furniture – and describe how you feel about what you’ve achieved. Do feel free to post pictures of finished room (maybe with the ‘before’ pic too, if you have it) – Carpetright would absolutely love that!

We're looking forward to reading about some really great decorating and renovating stories – and what a difference they’ve made to your family life!

Everyone who posts (and answers the question fully) will be entered into a prize draw to win the £200 Amazon vouchers.

We'll keep this thread open until 22/10/18, and we'll announce the winner's name a few days later.


This discussion is sponsored by Carpetright, the firm that believes our floors are the canvas upon which life happens. Please note that comments and pictures you post here may be used by Carpetright in future marketing material.



  • We changed all of dowbstairs to laminate flooring and said goodbye to material sofas opting for leather instead! They have to be wipeable with little ones about! Obviously spare rooms became playroom/the nursery and postman pat feature walls replaced floral designs.. love my little family !!

  • We changed the upstairs of our house from really nasty laminate to lovely soft carpets. We also put some blackout blinds in to my daughters bedroom to help with her sleep. 

  • We’ve had laminate floors through the whole of the ground floor. We can just wiz through with the swiffer or mop if it’s really mucky. Our home is warmer and cleaner. We have one or two rugs by the doors to catch dirt on entry.

  • We recently did up the house.  Im my room i used to have a fitted cupboard, 4 set of drawers which really reduced the size of the room.

    Now the work has been done i decided not to get a cupboard fitted and now my room is some what bigger and cleaning the floor is easier also

  • We choose to get the attic converted so that each child had their own bedroom. Were also constantly de-cluttering as more and more 'stuff' enters the house. Sometimes i feel like were going to drown in a tidal wave of plastic toys.

  • We changed the hallway, the kitchen/diner and the conservatory (now playroom) to vinyl flooring (from Carpetright!). Made a world of difference for all the spills and accidents (especially with Nappies - bleurgh!).

    Need to update the playroom though as the pens have wandered off the paper a few times. The squiggles don't really match the pattern!

  • Baby gates everywhere xx

  • Carpets swapped for laminates.  Loads of safety checks, everything dangerous locked away or out of reach.  New gates to the garden. And lots more storage. 

  • Hmm - not a lot really! We have some more storage, but other than that not much other than fresh paint etc. It is a lot messier though!

  • We knocked down the wall between the kitchen and lounge, partitioned it with a breakfast bar so we can have an almost fully open plan downstairs with the island between the rooms. Allows us to keep an eye on the kids from the kitchen and feel connected when one of us is cooking and the other in lounging!

  • Carpets swapped to laminates, child gate at the top and bottom of the stairs, any vases or ornaments moved to baby proof height

  • Defiantly changed carpet to laminate ! With all them spils and food being dropped everywhere easy to wipe away. also planning to change the walls to the wipeable paint as drawings seem to be appearing on them. Garden has deco been improved since having children grass is a defo nice soft landing. Also improved all the cupbords and shelfs so that they are aiti children 

  • Loads!

    We knocked down the wall in the hall/front room to make a bigger front room after number 3.

    Laminate flooring- too many wee on carp incidents and sudocrem incidents (doesn’t matter where you hide that stuff they’ll find it)

    baby gates up and down

    All the ornaments have been like they are on a step ladder and have gone up and down like a yo yo  haha

    washable paint, several coats where it doesn’t work and you just end up repainting.. garage full of paint of various colours!

    And a handle we have given up replacing in the kitchen as they keep pulling it off.

    but hey, I wouldn’t change it for the world 

  • Our house is a maze of baby gates.

  • No more cream carpets and cream sofa instead laminate flooring and a sofa with loose washable covers but wouldn't have it any other way 

  • We have got rid off low down ornamental stuff including one of our two fireplaces (replaced with an ornamental one instead). We have lots of pictures on the walls that are out of reach. Furniture is all wipe down although in reality we only really had to change the sofa to achieve that. When we recently had our kitchen redone (after years of waiting) we chose things with the following criteria - 1. hard wearing 2. easy to clean 3. looked how we wanted. We have vinyl floor which I would never have looked at before but am so glad we did - easy to clean and totally practical but also looks stunning in a dark wood effect. 

    I also lost my temper with washable paint because it never seemed to work and instead we have gone for easy to repaint/touch up white walls in our kitchen which off set the colours of the units and flooring beautifully. 

  • Definitely decluttering and putting carpet in the bedrooms to make them warmer and cosier. 

  • Originally made a room for him which he moved into at about a year old but then I discovered he much preferred being in smallest bedroom, so ended up repainting that room the colour he wanted. Now the bedroom he was in is just a dumping ground though I would like to make it into a playroom really

  • Being pregnant I have had to move all the important items in the fridge cupboards to the bottom shelves as I can't reach up high. This also goes for all the things in the bottom cupboards as I just can't bend down without feeling dizzy. 

  • I have become very good at using stain remover on the carpets and switched to a non fabric couch for easy cleaning 

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