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What do you do with your kids for Hallowe’en? Tell Aldi your spookiest ideas: voucher to win!


If you love going all out for Hallowe’en, be sure to check out Aldi’s monster Hallowe’en range. Aldi have everything you could need, from costumes, decorations, party food and pumpkins, to join in the fun on Fright Night.

Aldi would love you tell them what you do with your kids on Hallowe’en: tell Aldi your plans for this year or what you got up to last year, and please do share your super spooky pictures too, and you could win a £200 Aldi voucher for telling them!

Everyone who posts a valid entry will be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 Aldi voucher!

We'll keep this thread open until 12/11/2018, and we'll announce the winners name a few days later.



Aldi has all your Hallowe’en needs covered: from costumes, decorations, party food and pumpkins, make your Hallowe’en spooktacular.



  • Our son is now 2 years old and we will be celebrating Halloween with him for the first time. We bought him a cute glow-in-the-dark Halloween sweater and we will go trick-or-treating for the first time. We will also decorate the house and carve pumpkins. My husband is American, so it's a big tradition for him.  

  • It's his first Halloween 🦇 so got him a little costume, probably just stay in and greet the trick or treaters at the door, he.can help give out the treats x 

  • My children are 2 and 9months x it will be the twins first Halloween. We will of course be dressing them up (I won’t lie, we have already! I couldn’t help myself!), and indulging in some creepy treats :) this time of year we bring out the halloweeen themed books and movies. Hopefully next year we will all go trick or treating! 🧙‍♀️



  • Absolutely nothing. Neither hubby or I have ever celebrated Halloween, even as kids and sorry I just don't get it. We never get trick or treater's so for us it's just another day, it's all about Christmas in this house. 

  • This is my sons first Halloween he will be 7months old. i love Halloween so I’m super excited to celebrate with him. He has an outfit for every day the week of Halloween including pj’s. I will be decorating our house. 

    The best thing so far is that hubby and I took a little photo shoot with him to celebrate his first Halloween. (Just a quick backstory my son is called Jack after Jack skellington from the nightmare before Christmas - my fave film) our photo shoot was Halloween inspired and he just looks so adorable I can’t wait to take him out and about. This year we’re celebratibg with friends with Halloween inspired food and films. 

    Heres a pick of him for Halloween 

    image image

  • My 4 children all love Halloween, and we always visit a pick your own pumpkin farm before the 31st. They love drawing the faces on the pumpkins!

    We dont go out trick or treating but we do always have a family Halloween party. We have done this for 10yrs now. Its a real family affair, we go to the children's Nan's house which is completely decorated in halloween theme, from fake cobwebs, haunted door bells, pumpkins, fake spiders, fake blood, spooky back drops, themed table cloth and tablewear, everything you can think of. 

    My kids and niece all enjoy answering the door when trick or treaters come and like giving out the sweets almost as much as they do eating them! Kids and adults all dress up, face paints, witchy nails, fake spiders, silly wigs, etc.

    we bake bat cookies, brain jellies, a themed sponge cake, haunted ginger bread house, and zombie ginger bread men. everyone gets involved and its always such a great evening.  

  • We will be answering the door to trick a treaters I getting him something small for a treat this year

  • Fun fact, where I live (east Ayrshire), Halloween is celebrated on the last Friday of the month regardless of what day it falls on! So this year it’s the 26th. I’ll miss it because I’m being a bridesmaid for my cousin and that’s the night before the big day! 

    When my baby arrives it’ll have two Halloween’s! East Ayrshire Halloween & Halloween back home in Lanarkshire on the 31st October! 

    Double trouble 😈

  • With my first daughter I used to go mad and the house would be decorated from the 1st of October allfoe halloween 🎃 she's now 16 and when she was 14 decided she was told old for Halloween with the family. So I give everything I had to family and friends as we didn't need it anymore,.. But then last year I found out I was pregent so I now have a 9month old and not a single bit of halloween gear in the house, I have bought her a simple vest with a skull on and I'll most likely make my own stuff for this Halloween 🎃. But I would be nice to start the tradition up again for next year. 

  • My daughter and I always go out trick or treating and she comes home with a bucket full of sweets. image

  • Our son will be one this year for Halloween, we will be celebrating by having a sensory experience of touching pumpkin seeds and skin, making pumpkin playdough and dressing up in his Halloween costume. We were unable to do anything last year as I was still unwell after his birth (on the 23rd) and couldn’t get to the shops to buy him a costume. 

  • This will be Amelie’s first haloween, we have invited all her baby friends for a Haloween party  🎃 I have been busy looking on Pinterest for ideas for decorations, food and activities - I am super excited having seen lots of fun ideas and plan on buying a giant pumpkin to actually sit the babies in for a photo opportunity 😂😂  i am going to use straws to make jelly worms and salt dough pumpkin keepsakes - I love haloween and can’t wait to entertain all of her friends 😍




  • Love Halloween will be my princess first one can’t wait to dress her to answer the door for the kids treats 

    here is a few from last year will definitely be doing the gooly hands again they were a huge hit 





  • No trick or treating however with all the kids from our extended family, there will be a fancy dress party with halloween themed food, a 'spooky' film for the children, and some games such as piñata for the elder children and a sensory tub for the younger ones :)

  • My daughter loves to dress up for Halloween, her favourite is her witch outfit - boo!!!image

  • We love dressing up, trick or treating, Halloween baking and pumpkin picking.

    The whole lot. imageimageimage

  • We have my daughter's 2nd birthday and my husband's birthday just before halloween so last year we celebrated with a joint Halloween party! All our family and friends got in the spirit and there were some brilliant costumes for adults and babies!  It was so much fun we think we will do the same this year!imageimageimage

  • We don't make a big thing of Halloween but we do carve a pumpkin and enjoy a scary film by candlelight

  • image we always have a family Halloween party with lots of spooky games 

  • We are having a spooky Halloween party in the house with friends so we'll all be dressed up.

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