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  • Growing up I’d get nits A lot. My mum would always treat my hair and get rid of them and Friday nights became nit night with 5 girls taking it in turns to be lotioned up. Unfortunately the neighbours and some parents at school weren’t as vigilant and didnt treat their children’s hair so we ended up getting Them again and again and again. Even in my teens

    I became very paranoid about lice even though I eventually managed to get clear and stay clear. 

    Then when my son was two we we were cuddled on the sofa and I saw something in his hair move. I looked closer and sure enough he’d got nits in nursery and I was paranoid the cycle would begin again but touch wood 4 years later he hasn’t had them since. 

  • My daughter contracted head lice at school and while her treatment was very uneventful this was not the case for me. First of all I have not realized at first that i got them and when i did it took 4 treatments and a lot of pain to treat and comb though my very long and thick hair. 

    Luckily we managed and have been both lice free  for a year now.

    Hoping to never see them again :)

  • The first time I got the nit letter from school, I thought I'd get some advice and mentioned it when I next saw my doctor. His response was to make sure they didn't get in my hair, as it would be like luxury apartments, they'd never leave! Ok, I've got big hair, but bit rude! 😂

  • I never got nits as a kid, I’m not sure wether it’s anything to do with having red hair but neither me or my middle brother gmhace ref hair & never got them but my youngest brother had mousy brown hair and got them often, maybe just the luck of the draw really! 

    I know that the lotions available have come a long way since the days of a comb and a jug of hot water to kill them, so if my daughter gets them we will be straight down to the chemist for some Lyclear 👍

  • I remember dreading it at school when the 'Nit Nurse' came to visit. Me and my friends were scared to death when we found out 'NITTY NORA' as we called her, was coming and I tried a few times to pretend i was sick so i could stay of school, but mum would'nt buy it. We all had to line up and one by one she would check our hair for the little pests. The nurse was so rough, she would drag our head from side to side pulling at our hair to search for nits. The embarrasment it caused when she found nits, as she gave the ones who had them a note to take home. She wasnt discrete either and word got about school very quickly who had nits. I had them once and I remember mum combing my hair with the nit comb and the sound of crunching as she crushed them one by one with her nail. It was horrid having to go through the daily routine of having the smelly shampoo put on and combed with the metal fine tooth comb which made my head sore.Those were the days.

    through the ritual every night af

  • the worst time , and there have been several episodes was a late night flight to italy for a holiday a couple of years ago , youngest snuggled up next to me to sleep . slowly i realised that he was scratching his head every few minutes- on investigation he was riddled how i didn't notice in the days before i dont know! it was too late, it was a long flight /night with me trying not to bring attention on the flight he had nits and telling hubby without trying to freak everyone out. Then next morning trying to find a pharmacy in italy to explain nits was amusing and embarrassing especially not speaking italian . we both had to be treated. not a good start to the holiday . 

  • We haven't reached that stage yet so no stories to tell yet. Naturally i expect us to be combing them out at some point.

    Only have heard that they are highly spreadable so need time off school when it happens. Half expect to be told by the barber on haircut day that he's spotted them. 

  • We were renting a house for a while and the kids were at an age where they were ALWAYS getting nits - I did wonder why it kept happening, and had to keep the school informed etc, spent ages trying to comb them out of their hair (my little boy had lots of big curls so his was a nightmare!).

    Anyway, one of the girls from a neighbouring house called for the kids once and I realised I could literally see nits crawling in her hair, she had thousands!! it was quite horrifying.  It was then that I realised the kids had probably been catching them from her the whole time...    she wasn't from a family that was particularly approachable either, so I just had to tell the kids not to stand too close to her!

    We moved house soon after, and funnily enough the nits stopped.. phew!

  • We haven’t experienced them yet. My daughter has come home with two letters from school about someone in her class having them but we have managed to escape them so far. I wash her hair in tea tree shampoo and she always has her hair tied up for school.

  • I am having a tough battle with head lice this year.  I have 4 girls and many years ago my eldest caught them and we treated them and they went away.  A few weeks later it happened again and I treated them and this time the boy who she sat next too moved to another table and she never got them again.  This year has been a nightmare.  I spend hours and hours every Friday combing through the girls long hair and then treating the hair, just when I think I am winning I find eggs again.  I am at my wits end!! They all have separate brushes and I wash their bedding every Friday and it really is just a nightmare.  I find myself looking at other Children's hair in the line up  in the mornings and often I see lice crawling around a Child's head and just thinking to myself how on earth am I meant to win against this lice epidemic if other parents just don't give a damn!! I know eggs are hard to see but some of these kids are crawling with them.  The School email regularly about lice but it just seems to go over parents heads!! I have spend endless hours with the girls sobbing and a small fortune on products but I am getting nowhere!! Frustrated doesn't come close!!!

  • I recall a friend removing a huge nit from a childs hair with a piece of sticky tape.  She just took a small piece of tape - went close to the nit and it got stuck on the tape and came off of the hair. The child didn't even notice that she'd done it (I would imagine there were other nits in the hair that I didn't see though - as it's unlikely to just be one nit!)

  • Once my eldest daughter started school, sadly it wasn't that long before she came home with nits. I was so embarrassed, I went around scrubbing the house from top to bottom like a mad woman. I washed all her bedding, her coat and her clothes, it felt like the whole family was infected. All I could think back to, was my mum telling me if I didn't keep my hair clean, nitty Nora would get me.

    Anyway I soon found out half her class had, had them, so I realised it was nothing to be ashamed of and I wasn't a terrible mum after all.image
  • I never had head lice growing up, don't even remember the school saying there was an epidemic, now every single time we get the dreaded note in a school bag it makes my scalp instantly itch. Luckily so far we've avoided catching any which is pretty miraculous considering we have a 4, 6 and 7 year olds all in the same school. Constantly on high alert, checking hair and scalp whilst scratching my own head, funny how anything like that instantly makes you think you got them! I got to say us not catching any must be down to the tea tree oil shampoo we use so preventation is the key Plus a lot cheaper than having to eradicate the problem X

  • When my son was younger he was itching, I was horrified he had nits, I phoned my mum inconsolable at being a bad mum. She laughed and said it's nothing most kids get at some point. She couldn't understand why I was so upset, Iaugh now as I totally over reacted. Thankfully with your fabulous products there easy to treat. I truly believe that this should not be a taboo subject. It would be great if more advise was given to young mums. 

  • Luckily neither of my kids have had nits or lice, and my mum tells me neither me or brother did as kids either!

  • My kids had head lice. I had an idea, put loads of tea tree oil all over their hair and combing the  nits out . Then cover their heads with shower caps. They don't have nits any more since! 

  • Wow! I've had my fair share of headlice, I can tell you now and probably about to go through it all again with my 3 year old who's just started nursery.

    My eldest daughter is 13 now, she doesn't get them anymore but she used to get them a lot - I've watched videos, I've tried lots of products to get rid of them and special combs and the best method I found was to first treat with a specialist nit shampoo, like Lyclear to kill off what's there.

    To be clear that everything goes you have to break the cycle.  so this is what we did: treat first, 3 days later wash and condition hair, put loads of conditioner in so the hair is really slippy then use a metal nit comb (not the small plastic ones)  (Nitty gritty was the best I found) and comb through the hair, do this religiously every 3 days for 2 weeks and you'll get rid of them. This especially works well for any eggs that weren't killed off and hatch, you'll catch the baby ones before they turn into adults and start laying again. 

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