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  • The one occasion my daughter had head lice she was off school with tonsillitis, I just washed her hair every day and used loads of conditioner plus a nit comb the get rid of them.  Simple and chemical free.

  • I think my most shocking experience though was I went to a public swimming baths with my mum, neighbour and her daughter and we were in the pool and I saw a few tiny black dots and didn't think of it until one attached themselves to my mums arm and she shrieked loudly. Yep, that was the second bout of head lice I had, to this day I giggle about her 'trauma' but I still don't think shes ready to laugh about it yet. If my child got head lice, I would just treat them as soon as the problem arose, we need to eradicate the stigma behind it.

  • I can remember when I was a child we would queue up for the nit nurse and if anyone had them she would be armed with sellotape sticking the nits onto it!  It seems now though nits are more rife then when I was a child, nearly everyone I know who has kids grumbles about them

  • Used to hate getting nits, always told to have clean hair and low and behold it was because my hair was clean that I got them, no problems now though thanks to Lyclear products, thanks.

  • I only had lice once as a child and my mother was horrified and immediately blamed one child I played with. My child on the other hand had them a handful of times and passed them on to me and though it was annoying and they were little devils to get rid of I was much more relaxed about it. There has been a shift in how it's perceived over the generations.One thing of note none of the men of the family got them

  • I’ve never had to deal with nits thankfully but I check both my kids hair every night after school and I put my daughters hair in tight plaits every day when she’s at school to prevent catching nits 

  • As a child I had really long hair, just past my bum! So getting nits was a nightmare. I remember the not lotion absolutely stinking, my mom used to put it on and make me sit in the garden! Nits now are still a nightmare for me as even my son gets them from school friends sometimes, my closest friend has 2 girls that go to the same school and they are forever getting them. I think there's a few parents who aren't on top of their kids hair enough which is abit annoying. Bring back the nit nurse I say! 

  • Just the mention of them makes my head itch but at least they are relatively easy to get rid of.

    Remember freaking out as a child the first time I had them at the thought of little bugs crawling through my hair.

  • I used to child mind and got so fed up with children coming with lice which the parents failed to tell me about.  They got so relaxed about them that they did not think I needed to know so consequently I caught them as did my son.  Fortunately the other children in my care were ok.  It took a fews week of using conditioner and a nit comb to get rid of them.

  • We get letters from school weekly. Check your childs hair and it is something i do regularly. 

    My daughter has only had them once. I had bought the nitty gritty comb (as this was recommended by school) . As i was going through my daughters hair she was asking me all sorts of questions about them.

    She went into school on the monday telling the teachers that she had caught headlice and that i had been through her hair and then she said she had fallen out with me as she wasnt allowed to keep them as pets! The whole class roared laughing. 

  • My daughter has had head lice a few times, but I was mortified when she asked if she could collect them and keep them as pets! 

  • Back when I was a child, maybe 6 or 7 years old,  I was sat at primary school, and somebody kept coming up behind me whilst I was sat at the desk, and playing with my hair. Without looking round, I told them to stop, but whoever it was carried on. In a moment of childish tantrum, I turned around and hit the person, just to fund out it was my teacher! Turns out, my mum had told her she thought I might have headlice, and asked her to check, and she was doing exactly that. Oops! 

  • It's a shame there's such stigma attached to head lice. I do worry about the chemicals in some treatments. They can't be good for young scalps.

  • touch wood my two who are quite old now have never had nits, I thought the one (at age 6) had when I was abroad spotted something in her hair and it turned out the girl in the other family had just had them, so I  wash and conditioned and nit combed her hair every day for a week (no treatments) bought some treatment as soon as we set foot back in the uk but never used it as I could not see a thing. I think some kids are just more likely to get nits, maybe the nits prefer some scalps over others it may be on a biochemical smell level that we do not detect but they do Maybe some kids taste more delicious than others?
     Bit like why do mosquitos eat some people alive and other are bite free. 

  • I remember when our son had nits. The treatment and de-licing was a fair amount of hassle. But it could have been worse.

  • my cousin had them really really bad when we were youngsters

  • When I was small I can remember sitting with my head over a newspaper while my Mam combed my hair with a toothcomb.  It seemed to take forever.  Thank goodness their is a lotion you can use now.

  • Constant battle to keep them lice free - no easy solution

  • My daughter came home infested with head lice- copious amounts of conditioner and combing worked

  • I was absolutely horrified when I found out my daughter had nits for the first time, and had given them to me too!

    i wanted to act immediately to get rid of them, at any cost. I did Some research online and bought a product at the chemist then for days Afterwards I painstakingly combed conditioner through our hair to get rid of nits and eggs.

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