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  • There are lots of natural remedies to prevent head lice. Using a natural coconut oil shampoo is ideal & if you add a teaspoon of any of these, ideally two different ones, tea tree oil, lavender, rosemary and lemon grass, head lice hate those scents. Some people say to add peppermint & eucalyptus but it can affect the child's breathing so better not to use on a child under 10.

    Also if you spritz your child's hair daily with a mixture of 10 drops of rosemary oil & 10 drops of lavender oil with 2 ounces water in a spray bottle that will help repel the lice at school. You can add some tea tree oil too but it doesn't smell as nice.

    Remind your child not to share combs, hair brushes, hair accessories, hats and scarves.

  • Lyclear does work. It's fairly easy to use and doesn't smell too bad

  • My son is in year 2 - luckily he has not yet picked up nits but we always keep a bottle of Lyclear in the cupboard in case it strikes.

    We occasionally get letters home from school to say there are nits going around, but every time i check thoroughly and he is fine. I wonder if they tend to go for longer hair or if this is a myth?

    Either way - I'm not worried if he does get them. Its not so much the embarrassment of having them as the chore of having to remove them. I remember being a child and having my hair combed through for hours by my mother to remove every last one!

  • i remember when my oldest daughter , who is now 18 caught them at nursery . She was so upset , not because she had nits , but because she  wanted pink ones !! i had to explain tht they didnt come in fancy colours . you got what you were given lol

  • My daughter has only had it once so far! We combed loads of conditioner through her hair to get rid of as many as we could then used a treatment.

    Somebody recommended lavender oil to prevent catching them as nits apparently don't like this. We spray her hair with a mix of water and lavender oil every morning when putting her hair up for school and so far no more nits! 

  • Thankfully I've never had to experience head lice with my own daughtewr but im terribly paranoid about them, i now have my 6 nieces and nephews living with my, and when they see me with a comb they do a runner, i make sure i check them daily im so paranoid about nits i swear i even dream of them 

  • I don't have kids the age to have head lice yet as my little one has only just got hair but I remember being younger, having the nit comb out every weekend racking through my hair! Horrible memories but just has to be done!

  • It's obviously not nice to get them but it's pretty much inevitable that the kids will get them at some point at school. I think keeping hair tied back definitely helps though x

  • Its something that you have to keep on top of, every Friday night my Mum used to check my hair and use the nit comb just to be on the safe side, and now I do the same with my kids

  • I immediately started scratching my head just reading the title :) I don't like them but I do enjoy getting them out of my daughter's hair, i even pop them between my nails to ensure they are dead. What I find frustrating about them is that there is always at least one child's parent(s) that do not bother with getting rid of them so that infestation takes place again!  

  • only got them once when i was a kid and were pretty big from what my mum said so must have been their are a longer period.

    Brother's kids had them too.  Not alot to talk about really a pain on buying the extra treatment and washing the beds pillow etc 

  • When I was a child at school, we all used to have to line up to be inspected by the nit nurse.  It was always the ultimate humiliation if you were kept back while the others went back to class.  Thankfully it was never me, but we must have had them at some stage.
    When I noticed my 5 year old scratching, I thought I'd better look and nearly died of shock! There were probably nits, but his head was crawling with at least a dozen lice! I later found out the nit nurse had been in school 2 weeks before, but the letter had gone astray. I completely over-reacted, stripping all the beds, boiling the bedding and scrubbing all the mattresses with disinfectant before we all had our heads drenched in stinky Prioderm (Now discontinued in the UK.)  MY Mum popped round and we were all worried her cigarette would set our heads alight!  Subsequent infestations were dealt with in an altogether more calm, almost weary manner as we did have several visits with our daughter too.  We just accepted it and got on with our day.  Our daughter used to loved being checked over. Can see why monkeys spend so much time grooming each other!

    More recently I've been working in schools and attitudes have changed considerably.  There are several parents who refuse to treat their infested children with harsh chemicals which I support 100%.  While the majority of these are very diligent and take their parental responsibilities seriously, combing and checking regularly and maybe applying natural and kinder preparations to treat or prevent, there are a few who don't bother to do anything at all.  Their children constantly scratch and sadly find they're rather unpopular playmates.  Whether this is because other parents have grumbled about having to be constantly vigilant and their children have picked this up or not, I don't know, but I do feel sorry for the "Nitty" kids.
    Attitudes today aren't really any more enlightened, no matter what we like to think.

  • When I was young I remember the health visitor would do house calls and we all had our hair treated. I had 3 sisters and one brother. Nowadays I use hair conditioner and come it through with a nit  comb .

  • none of my kids have had head lice but I am dreading it as my girl has such thick curly hair. I know I will be itching like mad! 

  • I can remember my sister having them, she gave them to my mother and my poor gran who lived with us. I fortunately never caught them.

  • I had nits lots of times when i was in primary school, not great that i had the longest hair in the class! My Mum would check regularly whilst I was in the bath and I will do the same for my children. It's important that they are dealt asap to avoid spreading them to the class mates and family.

  • My DD isn't old enough to have head lice yet, but I've heard loads of horror stories! At the end of the day, they're just a 'normal' part of school and nursery life - there's not a lot you can do. 

    I do remember when I was little my mum had one of those electric nit zapping combs, I decided it was a great idea to use it on the poor cat and zap any fleas! The zapper was going crazy zapping and buzzing left right and centre before cutting out altogether. It never worked again...

  • That would be my worst nightmare

  • growing up my mum was a school teacher so she was very conscious of head lice. she would have daily used the comb to check. I was lucky enough to never have got them not my kids as of yet! man thing was she never made a big deal of it, like it was normal and this is what I do with my kids as well. it shouldn't be embarrassing!

  • Ugh!  My sister is 10 years younger than me so not only did I get headlice when I was at primary school, I caught them from her when she was at primary school/secondary so I'd go back to my shared house (aged 19-22) after visiting home, with bloody headlice!

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