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Tell Lyclear your stories and thoughts about head lice: vouchers to win!



  • I remember I went on a sailing holiday and was hit on the head by the boom. The medic inspected my head and said, well you'll probably have a bruise but I also want you to know you have knits! I was horrified and very embarrassed.

  • My children had a real problem with healice. The schools are not alowed to tell individual parents that their children have headlice. So if parents dont check children go untreated and those who are treated will keep getting headlice. 

    after spending alot of money on various treatments (all which do work) i found the best way to keep the children healice free is to use a nit comb every time a wash and shampoo the childrens hair. 

    This not only gets rid of the headlice it also spots them when they first appear and means they are easier to treat. 

  • My eldest two children have very different hair.  One has quite tight curls and one has straighter hair.  I always found that nits preferred straight hair as very rarely did I find them in the curls.

  • Thankfully avoided it so far

  • My children are grown up now, but yes, they did get head lice as children, we used a special comb and conditioner

  • When i was at school my mum always told me to keep my head away from the other children.She worked in the school as a teaching assistant and she'd mentioned to the teacher about a certain child in the class that was really alive with head lice.His hair was literally moving and they were dropping off on to his jumper.The teacher said she knew but the mother wouldn't do anything about it so there was nothing they could do.Even the school nurse couldn't intervene. Another mother complained that every time she'd send her child back to school she'd pick up headlice again and she'd had them so many times that she stopped treating them too.       

    My neice got headlice and my sister did struggle to find much that worked.Even sending her girl to school with less clean hair didn't work.She was told about Lyclear and the tangle teaser comb which worked for her though.The hairdresser also advised that tea tree oil and conditioner to make the hair more slippery helps.                                                                                                                                                            

  • i remember my eldest got Head lice whilst she was in nursery and I was days away from giving birth to my second child. I was worried about catching the nits Myself and also how I wanted my daughter to be free from it before her new sibling arrived. Luckily I used Lyclear as that’s what my mum used on me and my sister when we were young and we got the nits (which was quite a few times) And my daughter was rid of it before her brother was born. Luckily we’ve not had another Episode of nits ever since. 

  • My child hasn't had them yet but I dread it! It will happen at some point so I'm expecting it soon. I've heard that they prefer clean hair which makes them even harder to avoid!

  • I'd never had nits until my daughter started in reception class, she caught them within a couple of weeks of starting and then i caught them too. Ever since then she's had plaits for school every single day and she's 10 now. 

  • After writing about my memories of when I had nits as a child, something made me check my daughter‘s hair and, yes, couldn’t believe it, but she has indeed got nits. What are the odds. It was meant to be that I had read the thread on madeformums that day. So treated her with lyclear and her hair is fresh and clean again. Talk about history repeating itself. Thank you Madeformums and Lyclear! 

  • My daughter was little in the days when we had to use very smelly lotions to get rid of head lice. Of course, we all had to be treated, including me. I worked in a supermarket at the time with a lady who was too young to know what we mums have to deal with. We were on shelf-filling duties and she kept complaining about a horrible smell. She even picked up items out of the chilled cabinet to sniff them and make sure they weren't going off or something. I didn't have the courage to tell her it was me! Now I have grandchildren and when we used Lyclear no one commented as there was no awful residual smell. Thanks Lyclear!

  • When my children got Headlice I felt awful strait away washing hair brushing checking got very some advice friend said put leave in conditioner on or put a bit of oil in air it will keep them away it was very good advice. This advice was a big relief.

  • I genuinely thought that the days of having the rancid smelling solution doused all over my head along with my 3 siblings was a distant memory, never to be relived...while I never came into contact with such treatments ongaide my siblings again, I remember at 23 being horrified to have picked head lice up from a girl I was childminding for one summer!!

  • Many an evening spent scratching when the nit rumours went round fact it's made me want to scratch right now 😮😮

  • Aside from a couple of bouts as a child, I somehow caught them when I was 16 and at college - head had been itching for days & I’d tried to have a look at my scalp, and got my mum to have a look at my scalp, and neither of us could see anything. Ended up going to see a nurse at my doctors surgery who had to tell me I had nits, and she couldn’t believe that my mother couldn’t tell! Was a little embarrassed - I’d been expecting to be told I had a skin condition or something! Still no idea how I picked them up! Head is itching now thinking about it! 

  • When I was a child, once I was sitting in the classroom and doing some test, suddenly all my concentration was transferred to tiny bug that fell out of nowhere on my copy book. I've seen this bug before I thought and crushed it with my nail, blood splashed on my copy... I came home and told my mom. She used some kind of fluid to get rid of them and I remember her saying if that won't help I will have to cut your hair short... That was a nightmare. My sister used lyclear last year and I helped her to apply it after first time there was no sign of headlice it worked very well. I wish my mom had that back then, because in the end she did cut my hair short... 

  • When my youngest daughter was in primary school they were having a 'mini beast' day at school and needed to take some kind of insect in for her lesson, her older sister then said she doesn't to catch one as she has some in her hair.... sure enough when I looked she had headlice!

  • When my youngest daughter was in primary school they were having a 'mini beast' day at school and needed to take some kind of insect in for her lesson, her older sister then said she doesn't need to catch one as she has some in her hair.... sure enough when I looked she had headlice!

  • It does throw you how this critters could lay so many eggs and how easy they spread.  I remember how itchy they made our heads and although I know I should have had more composure in front of my daughter I do recall the screams as I was combing them out over the bath.  With the acoustics I am sure the neighbours thought someone was being murdered.

  • I always have some hedrin in just in case.Its treated within just one application with a top up to kill those potential hatched eggs.  Nothing like an itchy head, so annoying!

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