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Tell Lyclear your stories and thoughts about head lice: vouchers to win!


LOADS of children (and their parents!) get head lice, so why is it something nobody really talks about? Lyclear, who make clinically proven head lice treatment shampoo, lotion and spray, want to break the head lice taboo and encourage us all to fess up to our head lice horrors and funny moments.

To be in with a chance of winning, please post on this thread, and tell Lyclear your best stories about what’s happened when you or your children have had head lice/nits and you could win a £200 Amazon voucher for sharing! If your children aren’t old enough to have encountered these little head-infesters yet, you can still join in the discussion: simply tell us what you’ve heard about head lice – maybe what friends or family have told you – or how you think you would feel if your child got nits.

Everyone who posts (and answers the question fully) will be entered into a prize draw to win the £200 Amazon vouchers.

We'll keep this thread open until 7th February 2019, and we'll announce the winner's name a few days later.


This discussion is sponsored by Lyclear. Lyclear’s Treatment Shampoo, £14.99 for 200ml, is clinically proven to kill up to 100% of head lice – and you can treat infested hair in 15 minutes, washing it at the same time. Please note that comments and pictures you post here may be used by Lyclear in future marketing material. See full Ts & Cs here.



  • When I was growing up it was always if you don’t wash your hair you’ll get bits, nuts only like clean hair, if you get nits we won’t be your friends.

    there is such a stigma around nits but I think at one stage in everyone’s lives they’ve either had nits or know someone that has. Why do we not talk about it more? 

    Move always found that loads of conditioner and a bit come gets them out good, followed by a good nit treatment. 

  • i can remember my horror at realising my daughter was the one who  stopped my dad's heart operation from going ahead as she had given him nits..  thankfully after treatment both were clear and the operation went ahead.

  • I used to get my mum to check my hair for hits because I loved her looking, lol. I check my kids hair but we've been quite lucky and not had any recently.  Seemed to be more when they were in nursery.

  • I have no personal experience of head lice, but I have always heard that lice prefer clean hair, so that if a child catches head lice it is not an indication that they are unhygienic or dirty in any way.

  • I have not had any personal experience of head lice , but I always hear that it is very difficult and time consuming to clear up . 

    I also understand they like clean hair , so it is a myth that you are more likely to suffer if your hygiene levels are low .

  • Being a foster carer and having many children Head Lice have often been a challenge in the household.  I have to say that I have seen some rather nasty cases and will never forget one child whose mother had CUT her hair under the top layer in an attempt to get rid of them.....We always used to use a comb and boiling water..  Literally combing them out and dunking the comb in the boiling water to kill them.  This would be our first course of action before using any lotion.

  • There is definitely still,a stigma but pretty much every kid gets them at some stage. We’ve been lucky with my daughter so far but I have some head lice treatment in the cupboard - just in case. 

  • We always make sure our girls hair is always in plaits and by washing their hair everyday with Tea Tree shampoo & conditioner this worked for our girls

  • I always have some hedrin in just in case.Its treated within just one application with a top up to kill those potential hatched eggs. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Kiddies get them, however you should be embarrassed if you just bury your head and not address the problem. 

  • My little boy was 2 he was really restless at night tossing and turning crying went on every night when we put him to bed  couldn't put our finger on it no temperature he didn't seem poorly so I took him to the doctor sat in the waiting room with him on my knee he has real thick affro hair but I saw something move I delved in their and there it was Well there they were nits couldn't believe it .. I didn't realise they could get them so young he didn't go to nursery no idea where he got them I still took him into the doctor who explained nits become more active at night and he prescribes us some lotion was a nightmare as my son has affro hair .. as I was growing up I was told only kids with dirty hair get them but I know now that isn't true .. I really think they should bring back the not nurses like when I was small they would be caught so much earlier I check my son's hair every night but I know some parents do not

  • I first spotted my son had nits on he doorstep of my sister in law who was very well to do, quite a snob and extremely house proud. We were there for a dinner party and everyone was dressed up. I was horrified and spent the whole time trying to keep my son away from everyone and trying to keep him from scratching. I have never told her the truth. 

  • Our schools were always very proactive in checking and getting parents to check for head lice.  I don't think we ever suffered from head lice, but, we were made to feel so mortified if it did occur, it may very well have happened, and I've just blotted it out of my memory!

  • Working in a school there's always that fear that you'll catch it. 
    When I was on my university placements I caught them and then sadly the rest of my housemates caught them from me. We all had to be treated and sat there one night, heads in solution wrapped in clingfilm watching a film. Felt so guilty! 

    The clingfilm trick is the best at getting rid of them, espeically if you leave it over night. 

  • Thankfully I've never had to experience head lice. 

    A lot of people still believe that they only go to dirty hair which is completely untrue.

    I think using tea tree shampoo & conditioner definitely helps! :)

  • We found the metal comb more effective than lotions and potions

  • My children had headline a few times in primary school. I found the best way to get rid of them was to firstly use a headlice treatment as soon as I'd spotted them. Then daily I would wash their hair with conditioner and use a lice comb to brush through for adult lice. After that I would wash out the conditioner, dry their hair and go through  looking for eggs and pulling them off.

  • My dc kept scratching his head for a couple of days before I noticed and had a look. Well he had some pretty big headlice and lots of smaller ones and eggs too.

    I didn’t want to upset him as he was about 5 years old so I told him his hair had ‘pets’ but they were itchy and needed to come off.

    I went to the local chemist and purchased a plastic nit comb then we both went in the shower with a bottle of conditioner.

    Loads of headlice came out that first time, so I did it again the next day too.

    After that, there were many less so we tackled them in his usual bath in the evening.

    All his bed clothes, pillows and quilt were washed on a hot wash.

    It took about a week to ten days to rid him of them but they never came back.

    I don’t believe in putting chemicals on children if there are other options and in this case Inwas lucky that the conditioner and thorough combing did the job.

  • I spray my kids hair every school morning with preventative spray so they don't get them. I would rather prevent them catching nits than treating the whole family later. It worked for us so far. Hovewer, I always start scratching my head anytime someone mentions nits...

  • I remember getting the dreaded letter home from playschool saying that there was head lice going around and to please treat my children's hair. I duly did though I couldn't actually see anything on their hair. 

    The next day I had a hairdressers appointment and you can guess the rest. I had caught them. I didn't even think about treating myself as I wasn't remotely itchy and as I couldn't see any on my kids hair I thought we were fine. I have never been so embarrassed in my life as when they whispered in my ear I had nits and they couldn't cut my hair for me. 

  • I remeber head lice going round my school loads of times when I was a kid.  My daughters are 6 and 3 and we've only had had one 'outbreak' so far, cleared up easily with Lyclear products.  I'm sure there will be more to come!

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