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Tell LighterLife the sh-don’t-tell-anyone eating habits you picked up since having kids: £200 to win



  • Eating all their left overs. It’s hard to diet when you have children. I eat the crusts when I make sandwiches for them. I ‘steal’ wedges from pizza etc before I serve them. Oh and don’t get me started on Halloween and Christmas sweets. The temptation is too much. 
  • Always finishing off their pudding if they don't want anymore.
  • Finishing up the leftovers.  After all, it's wrong to throw food away, isn't it?!
  • Has to be eating their leftovers, can't stand to see food going in the bin!  
  • Eating the kids left overs on the plates, as I absolutely hate waste! 
  • when I put my fish fingers in the oven, I put in an extra 3 so I can have a fish finger 'buttie' (with oodles of ketchup which I don't allow my children to have). 
  • Biscuits, my son likes a biscuit very occasionally as a snack but once they are in the house I end up eating most of them :(
  • Soggy spaghetti!  I can't get enough of the stuff.
  • Hiding chocolates so they can't get to it. My personal stash. 
  • Pinching a chicken dipper as they come out of oven & pinching what gets left!
  • I buy chocolate icecream for the kids then 'help' them eat it, one for you and one for me.
  • Okay I'll confess.  I grab a spoon and eat ice cream straight from the freezer without bothering with a dish.  It is usually a desert spoon with as much as I can cram on it.  If I go back for seconds I use a clean spoon though...I get through alot of spoons.
  • I still react oddly when I smell toast.  When one had finally given birth, one was finally allowed to have something to eat, which, in the restricted facilities on the maternity ward, was toast.  Lying in bed waiting for one's own birth, and jealously smelling the toast given to those who had recently given birth was quite compelling!
  • I eat more convenience snacks and overindulge on chocolate and ice-creams for a quick enjoyable fix late in the evenings once the little one has gone to bed
  • Eating snacks that are clearly meant for kids - Milkybar Buttons, Oreo Minis etc
  • My wife and I take turns to sneak tea & biscuits during our daughters bath time so she can't come and see us and want them all. 
  • Buying sugary snacks and eating them on the car so the kids don’t see it 🤷‍♀️ 
  • Keeping an open pack of sweets hidden in the kitchen so I can take one and not have to  share!
  • Eating treats in secret so my son doesn't see me
  • We have a secret biscuit/chocolate stash in the bedroom but we have to be careful to hide the evidence (crumbs, wrappers) for the morning as my son is a super detective when it comes to combing the room for evidence of contraband!
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