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Tell LighterLife the sh-don’t-tell-anyone eating habits you picked up since having kids: £200 to win



  • Finishing whatever he doesn't eat and thinking it doesn't count as extra calories as it's not my food!
  • i finish my daughters leftovers even when its cold and congealed.  quite gross really
  • Quite often guilty of eating the kids sweets from parties etc!! They seen to forget about them so it's just too tempting!!
  • I don't eat their leftovers (hubby will) and I don't cut crusts off they eat them but I do hide in the kitchen and have the "nice" chocolate or the biscuits I've told them we don't have. When baking I tell them they have to wait the cake/cookies are too hot so I get the 1st fresh out the oven treat.  
  • Pom Bears, they are fantastic, if I buy a multipack I cant help myself, I eat two or three bags for every one my daughter eats
  • I'm a secret chocolate muncher, eating way more than my share!
  • Eating treats that are meant for them when they are not around especially little packets of biscuits (the shame of it!)
  • My diet is  now about 90% fish fingers!
  • I don't ever tell my kids, but I regularly buy a "share size" (haha!) bag of crisps and secretly eat them all myself when they're otherwise engaged! I shove the wrapper to the bottom of the bin so they won't see it!
    Oh and sometimes I buy myself a bag of toffees and keep it in the car, just to munch on while I'm driving round without them.  If I let on, they'd demolish it within seconds!
  • I am a stickler for eating at the table with all the manners and use of cutlery that goes with it. When I'm pushed for time and on my own you'll find me in the kitchen, eating anything I can grab quickly, standing up - and usually with my fingers! 
  • My son would ONLY eat pizza for a while - and he could easily eat a whole pizza and garlic bread to himself. Whenever I cooked one for him I would have 2 slices of each (before my own dinner). He is less fussy now and prefers fish/chicken for his dinner. I have also started the 5:2 diet and lost 1.5 stone so those days are behind me!
  • I eat the kids leftovers!! 
  • I pour Maltesers into a mug and 'drink' them out of it so the kids don't ask for them!  It never clicks for them that I don't actually drink tea or coffee!
  • I eat during the day whilst she naps! Also eat whilst cooking tea as she doesn't bother me then!! 
  • My favourite chocolate gets sneaked up to my bedroom and hidden, then I wait for my son to go to sleep before I dare eat any!
  • Stealing the odd bar from their choccie stash!
  • I have to have my tea after they have gone to bed these days, otherwise they want to eat mine, but won’t eat their own. Even if it’s the same meal! I’m also guilty of tip toeing into the kitchen to scoff a Biscuit when they are distracted. I’ve been caught before and had to share! Lol 
  • I have turned into a picker/taster whilst cooking since having children. I don't know why I do it because by the time I serve the food I have ruined my appetite. Later on when the children have gone to sleep I then eat rubbish. I am determined to change though, I promise! hahaha 
  • I actually have a secret hiding space in my fridge, Its right at the back behind all the veggies (kids will never look there) as god forbid they would eat veggies for a snack!  Its great, I keep chocolate right behind it and munch on it in secret!
  • I have gotten such a taste for fish fingers, I always make more than I know they will eat just so that I can finish them off. I also have now had to hide my chocolate and biscuits so that the kids don't see me eat it and wonder why I am allowed and they aren't. 
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