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Tell LighterLife the sh-don’t-tell-anyone eating habits you picked up since having kids: £200 to win



  • A secret Chocolate stash just for me!
  • I might have been known to eat the kids leftovers - even when they've sneezed in it!!!
  • I have a bad habit of picking at their leftovers even though I already have my own food ready for dinner! 
  • I have to 'tidy up' my toddler's ice creams when they start to melt, it's a tough job! I also accidentally cook too many chips when they have fish and chips!
  • be creative with food 
  • Eating a large bar of chocolate to myself before I get home from shopping
  • I constantly make larger portions of food than my daughter can eat just so I can pinch a few chips or an extra turkey dinosaur  :#
  • eating the kids left overs is probably my worst habbit, and hiding chocolate until they go to bed 
  • Sneaking packets of crisps and anything made of chocolate upstairs with me where she can't see me eat it...
  • Secret eating in the kitchen 🙈
  • I'll drink and eat all the kids snack. Eg a kids fruit shoot 
  • I used to eat all of their leftovers as well as my own food. Sometimes I would deliberately give them bigger plates knowing they wouldn't eat it all
  • Oh Jeez! Reading these is like the confessions of Mums haha but oh so glad it's not just me! 
    I make 'extras' and pinch a few while the kids meals are cooling down. But cereal is my total downfall, it's just so easy to prepare anytime of the day or night. 
  • I finish most of my lunch while I prepare meals for the evening (basic preparation).  I rarely sit and eat for lunch, but stand most of the time.
  • If I’m going to steal any of their tea it has to be before it’s plated as my husband tends to grab any leftovers!  I have been known to scoof a biscuit or two without them looking.
  • A secret sugar stash hidden in the bedroom!
  • I get the urge for a nibble often throughout the day so will go into the fridge and cut a bit of cheese off and eat it, problem is I do more than is good for me, and don't get me started on my late night bag of crisps before bed!
  • Arrrg it’s becoming a problem for my hips!! Scoffing choccy for a quick rush of energy!!
  • I hate waste so always finishing my sons meals, and treats lots of treats, and I now seem to have 4 meals a day!
  • Eating chocolate in the bath. The only place where I don't have to share lol x
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