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Tell LighterLife the sh-don’t-tell-anyone eating habits you picked up since having kids: £200 to win



  • At meal times eating the things my daughter likes best first so she doesn't beg more off my plate when she's finished hers.
    Finishing off the leftovers on her plate - I don't like wasting food.
  • When I was a kid, my Mum always told me to clear my plate. Unfortunately, this is something that has stuck with me and I have this problem with wasting food. Since having kids, I have made a conscious effort not to make them continue eating when full, but I still hate wasting food so I tend to finish what they leave!
  • Eating biscuits late at night, naughty, esp when you see how many you've eaten!
  • eating leftovers from the kids plates!
  • finishing off their tea especially pudding
  • Far too much cake, plus eating kids' leftovers, something that I thought I would never do.
  • Eating chocolate out of their treat jar!
  • it terrible i started to eatt my daughter gruffalo biccies they are actuallyl really yummy!!
  • eating dinner ealier
  • My confession is that I make fishfinger sandwiches on white sliced bread just for me !
  • making a little bit extra so you can enjoy the left overs!
  • Finishing their food, and sneaking off to eat chocolate that's hidden in my room. I didn't need to hide it before children!
  • Sometimes sneak to the kitchen to gobble some sweets or chocolate so I don't have to share. Although my DD is on to me now and can hear the smallest rustle of a bag
  • Hiding my chocolate in the drawer under the bed so i can munch on it whilst saying i am making the beds as any form of housework makes children magically disappear
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    Buying them a slush puppy & then drinking it myself!
  • I have a bad habit of snacking in between meals, which I really need to stop.
  • I sometimes eat chocolate that family member have gifted the children, once they're asleep, then blame it on their dad in the morning.
  • I must admit I finish up leftovers and I hide away adult-only treats like dark chocolate.
  • When cooking we do cook very healthy but when distributing the meal out to everyone's plate I know I secretly give out all the sections I don't like to others and try to make my plate have more of the bits I like i.e. I will take more meat over vegetables. 
  • Being so hungry when I'm cooking their dinner, that I snack on biscuits and crisps! Easier when they're not there to pester me for the crisps as well! 
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