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Tell LighterLife the sh-don’t-tell-anyone eating habits you picked up since having kids: £200 to win



  • I love eating my sons left over sandwhich! I don't eat white bread so and it tastes so good. Gutted when he doesn't leave any! 
  • I started cooking extra things knowing full well my daughter wouldn’t eat them all just so I could have some too and then would eat my own dinner afterwards! I have had to give this up though since having my son as he has CMPA and so many things contain dairy!
  • It's got to be eating a bar of chocolate sneakly a bit at a time from your pocket when the children's heads are turned, or even worse eating it in the bath before it melts lol
  • I eat just one biscuit and then have another and another until it’s so embarrassing how many I’ve eaten that I have to eat the whole lot and hide the packet so that I’ve destroyed the evidence 
  • I love my little one carrots puffs guilty 😂😂😂❤️😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
  • I hide chocolate bars in the teapot so my family don’t see them or eat them. I forgot about some once and they were in the teapot for months, when I found them it was a definite ‘Brucie Bonus’ !
    I also make extra fries and have a bowl myself when cooking for the children. This is naughty because I wouldn’t normally be eating the fries at all.
  • Trying to open the 'nice things' cupboard and getting in and out of the biscuit tin without making a sound 
  • Mine would be eating the kid’s pizza crusts when we’ve had pizza. I’m always eating their leftovers because I get so preoccupied with making their meals that I always forget to make myself something. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Another bad habit (because I forget to make myself meals) is scoffing a biscuit or two whenever I walk to the kitchen for something.
  • I eat too quickly because I know I don’t have much time before the kids want me to do something else for them 
  • Like my daughter, I have now developed a fondness for squeezing some ketchup on just about anything
  • I snack terribly (cookies, chocolate, crisps!) whenever the kids are not around to see me!
  • Now i will only eat my sandwiches if they are cut into triangles! 
  • I definitely add some small extras to the oven/pan so I can sneak a little when cooking for them. Looking at the comments I am far from alone :-) 
  • I have picked up few eating habits after having kids. Main one is to hide and eat fast especially something sweet for example cadburys's choc, marshmallows and doughnuts. Another one is distraction - I distract kids from their biscuits and blame on a dog that he ate them. I also go on long shopping trips on my own so I can eat pastries and not being watched. 
  • I lie on the floor and pretend to be a crumb just to catch the crumbs 😂😂
  • I have all the fast food apps on my phone... I make the kids dinners but use the excuse I am too tired to cook for me and order when they have gone to bed! I wish there was a healthy fast food app!
  • Eating those foods aimed for kids to relive my childhood. Turkey dinosaurs anyone?
  • I've become a master at sneaky chocolate eating! Crisps, however, are a greater challenge, LOL!
  • I hide the best sweets and chocolates in the car just for me 
  • I never used to like ice cream before having kids, but now that they love it and it's in the house all the time... I've grown to like it! I'm always secretly sneaking spoonfuls out of their tubs...
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