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Tell LighterLife the sh-don’t-tell-anyone eating habits you picked up since having kids: £200 to win



  • I became an expert at buying and squirreling away snacks, even when the kids were with me, I've been known to shut myself in the bathroom with a snack or two when desperate for some chocolate. In fact I'm so good at hiding things I can't even find them myself sometimes. I'm now a gran to 10 gorgeous grandchildren but old habits still come in to play when it's sleepover night 😁
  • I am more addicted to Nutella than the kids and actually use my fingers to get the last of it out of the bad but oh so good!
  • Hiding behind the kitchen door to snaffle a quick cake or chocolate treat! My children have a sixth sense about these things though and normally catch me in the act!
  • My secret stash of crisps and haribo!
  • i finish my sons left overs all the time! I also hide sweets and chocolate from him so theres more for me! lol x
  • i often eat a chocolate bar in the car so my boyfriend doesnt see me spoiling my diet ha ha
  • Eating the kids left overs...doesn't help the waistline!!
  • Eating un healthy snacks like crisps hidden away
  • Whenever I'm clearing up after they've had chips, i pour myself a little mayonnaise onto a side plate & dip the leftover cold chips in!!
  • I always end up putting on extra so i can have some l. Or when They ask me  to open their sweets i always take one to 'test' ahaha
  • Any treats that come in noisy packages ie, sweets and crisps, I empty in a bowl whilst I’m cooking so the noise doesn’t stand out. Then when everyone is busy, I sneak of with the bowl and devour the lot ! Nobody hears a thing ! 
  • If my daughter is having chocolate then i have to have some too, sigh ....
  • I sneak out to my fridge and snacks on small chocolate bars which only I know where they are so no one else can find them. I eat small ones to make myself feel better! Terrible I know. 😩
  • I have started snacking on toast, a quick way to get some food in
  • Oh my goodness I once poured washing up liquid onto my girls left overs to stop me eating them then found a spare couple of nuggets I had missed and decided to eat them..
  • My daughter is at University now, but when she was younger eating her leftovers was my downfall! Also, when she was a baby, Farley’s rusks mashed up with milk were my favourite night time snack. 
  • My youngest daughter has never liked vegetables but is crazy about spaghetti bolognaise so to get the vegetables into her i mince up a load of vegetables with the meat and cook up together. Shes never known and is now in her teens
  • I’ve become a secret eater, quickly scoffing biscuits and chocolate when the other half is at work and my little one is out of sight 🙈😩
  • I definitely put extra food on “just in case” and nibble as I cook. Although my worst “don’t tell anyone” moments are probably when I eat sugary treats (eg chocolate brownies or cookies) that I do t really want the kids snacking on and when they ask for some I tell them, “These are for grown ups only. Just like daddy’s bad juice (beer)!” Shameful! 
  • For me it is definitely eating what the kids have left as a lot of the time I eat later than the kids as my husband works shifts and so I am hungry when I am cooking the kids tea so end up picking and eating leftovers.  definitely not great for the diet x
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