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Tell LighterLife the sh-don’t-tell-anyone eating habits you picked up since having kids: £200 to win



  • I have been known to eat [slightly] chewed pieces of pizza and half sucked slobbery lollies this summer...
  • Since having little ones i've been introduced to Nutella and now find myself eating it straight from the jar whilst waiting for little ones toast to brown ha ha
  • I have begun to develop a really love of pom bears! 
  • i always eat a biscuit or price of chocolate in the kitchen now i have kids otherwise i dont egt a look in 
  • End up eating leftovers most days 🙈🙈🙈 Secretly joyous when my little one rejects a sweet treat!
  • I think I have turned into a hoover! Always finishing off bits of food! 
  • Eating meals on the stairs with the door shut as my 18 month old insists she cannot possibly eat hers of someone else is eating and has to stick her fingers in whatever mummy has :p
  • My daughter told me that, the Farley's Rusk, weaning food, biscuits smelt so good - next thing she knew ishe was nibbling on one. Doesnt just smell good - they taste great, apparently. Now, when I take a supply of rusk's for my grandson, I take extra for my daughter's 'Farley Habit'. She used to love them as a baby, so maybe, it was the smell that drew her in? Personally, I never had a sweet tooth, untill I had my daughter - and, then, it was Haribo's that I enjoyed - wish that I hadn't, though, as the sweets seemed to have re-grouped around my waistline!!
  • I buy biscuits that no-one else in the house likes just so I can eat the full packet 😋
  • I have to park in a Supermarket car park to pick the kids up from school. It’s far too easy to nip in and get some sweets or chocolate to eat if I get there early.
  • Hiding my grown ups only posh chocolate until they've gone to bed. 
  • The usual minesweep after the kids teas - put it this way, nothing left goes in the bin!  Half eaten waffles, slightly cold fish fingers....  Basically resulting in two teas some evenings.  I also find that after a couple of glasses of wine at the weekend, I am raiding the cupboard for kids snacks - pom bears, Kinder bars, party ring biscuits... essentially kids party treats :wink:
  • Buying tonnes of ice lollies 'for the kids' especially in summer and enjoying a (few) when the kids are in bed
  • I make extra so I can have a nibble as well to keep me going. When the kids stressed me out, I sneak to the cupboard and stuff my face with chocolate. I drink about twice as many caffeinated drinks as I used to and go back to back with cups of tea. I pick food up off the floor and give it back to my kids to eat, because time is too precious. 
  • Eating my secret stash of chocolate in the ironing basket... it's the only place nobody would
    dream of looking in.
  • I started eating treats behind the cupboard door so I didn’t have to share them.
  • As well as cooking larger portions so I can road-test the food, I also hang around afterwards and share any left-overs with the dog.
  • I have a weaning baby, so I constantly use her needing to try new foods as an excuse to buy all my favourite foods (on the plus side, she really does love everything I've tried her with!)
    I also have a bad habit of sneaking into the kitchen for a cheeky chocolate digestive if she isnt looking!
  • When I'm baking with the children, if they argue too much about who gets to lick the bowl I do instead (and sometimes I leave extra mixture in there even though it would 'probably' be enough for an extra biscuit!)
  • The introduction of extra mealtimes if the kids eat earlier than us. A little breakfast, lunch or tea with them and then my own meal when me and my partner eat. 
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