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  • I'm constantly worried about my daughter choking on food. Luckily there haven't been any problems so far and she loves all the food
  • My biggest worry was choking. But my health visitor reassured me about the gag reflex. Baby led weaning worked for us. 
  • I remember being desperate for my baby to start having solids. I had breast fed exclusively and enjoyed every feed (almost) but still wanted to get to the next stage. Once there however I longed for the convenience of breast feeding...anywhere, anytime, free. Hey Ho!
  • Our son sneezed when he had a mouth full of weetabix and it went all over my husband's glasses, it was not easy to clean off either :)
  • It was always very messy, and having the food flung around wasn't fun, but overall it went well.
  • I have found that weaning was a tough process as my son would just not eat anything that’s new to him 🤷‍♀️
  • Was always amazed at how far the food mess could spread across the room and my clothing
  • we started weaning our first and second babies at 5 months and third at 4 months, he was born 10 lbs, and needed early weaning.  Did not have any issues, the usual dislike of lumpy food.  The best advice I was given was from granny who said don't worry if they eat nothing and introduce them to all foods and tastes of the meals you are eating.  we were wary of choking but as long as everything is pureed or chopped and they are not left unattended all is good
  • I am weaning my youngest daughter and even though I have been through all this before I still feel so scared of her choking and watch her like a hawk whenever she has finger foods. She is a lot more interested in finger foods rather than purees so I know I need to get over my fear and encourage this. 
  • i have 3 children  aged 20, 19 and 5... my oldest was weaned quite early as he was 10lb 1 born and always hungry . Here he is when his first chocolate biscuit was finished...very upset 
  • I think the biggest worry was choking. I was always on alert in case that happened
  • My main worries were about portion sizes. Feeding too much or too little. If they didn’t finish was it because I was giving them too much or they didn’t like. A few occasions were food as been to lumpy or chewy and has caused coughing which is a bit panicky. Only other thing is worrying about the ratio of food in the mouth over food everywhere else 😂
  • The fear of choking but all went well...
  • Worrying he wouldn't eat / like anything, then him eating my out of house and home!
  • My son is 8 months and weaning is going slowly as he's just not fussed about food and would rather have his bottle. We try different tastes and textures each day but I'm not putting pressure on him (or myself) as he's my third, and I'm so aware that they all do things at their own pace. He's not crawling either but he is talking!
  • safety concerns e.g walking near main road
  • I was quite laid back really.  The only memorable thing is that I was not going to give my son anything with nuts in too soon, then my childminder gave him a peanut butter sandwich.  Fortunately, he was not allergic to nuts. 
  • Portion size was my biggest worry, along with when to stop the bottle
  • We never really had any problems with weaning.. it was just very messy!! The child would put food everywhere but her mouth!!
  • My main fear is choking. However, I'm quite happy for new foods to be introduced because it opens up a whole new world for them.
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