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  • I cannot count the number of laundry washes I had to put on.... food went EVERYWHERE!!
  • My youngest lb is 8 months old and absolutely loving his grub. And fortunately he’s a natural pro, chewing and swallowing well. The only downside? Saying goodbye to milk poo nappies
  • As a first time mum, I was so worried about starting to wean my daughter Lola, now 8 and a half months. I wanted to do a mix of purées and baby led and i’d heard horror stories of chocking and the infamous gag reflex! 

    I started her on green bitter veg first and I was shocked at how well she took to it. She was munching on a broccoli floret on day 2! 

    Fast forward almost 3 months and Lola is still a good eater (although 70% of what I give her still ends up on the foot. I love seeing her try new flavours. Below are some photos of her first try of an orange, which, despite the faces she actually loved and eats regularly!

  • I worry if my son is getting the right foods and enough nutrients!
  • We're still a few months off weaning - my littlie is only four months. She had gastric surgery at three days old so I worry about her generally. I think she'll be fine though; she's perpetually hungry! 
  • I was so worried I would lose the bond with my baby after stopping breast feeding, but it never went away! 
  • The funniest thing about weaning was the first day we tried - all other members of the family standing around watching, waiting... and the food goes in... only to be spat out in disgust!
  • i was worried my son would choke on solids but i just tried him with all sorts and he loves food! Vegetables are his favorite! 
  • This is a picture of my 9 month old ma babies dinner tonight. Weaning is wonderful as it’s amazing seeing your little one try lots of new tastes but it is also terrifying. There is so much pressure on mummy’s to do everything right and dads. Don’t use pouches or jars only make fresh food. Don’t do purées just do baby led weaning. Just give them one meal a day, no start on three. What I have learnt is just do you and follow your babies lead. I felt so anxious about finger food so I have introduced this slowly and he is learning to chew and pick up food and feed himself just fine. He ate all of the above meal and loves everything green! Sending love to all parent on the weaning journey it gets easier I promise x 
  • We started with easy food such as yoghurt.  I'd leave the chunkier food until later.  If you give them grapes or apples make sure they are small pieces.  My son liked bananas. 
  • The day I gave my son weetabix for the first time was really funny as he tasted a bit and then smeared the rest into his hair, by the time I got to getting him in the bath it was like a rock dried in his hair and it felt spikey for ages! He looked hilarious. 
    One of my big worries was when to introduce more solid food and how best to do it, when is a food too hard for them to be able to bite on?
  • Absolutely straightforward for me - worked a treat and no dramas.
  • My little girl has been an excellent eater. We started weaning just before 6 months with purees and introduced solid foods not long after. She'll eat anything, although peas and pasta seem to be our absolute favourites. Sometimes we make mistakes though, like letting her feed herself the spaghetti bolognese... 
  • I really enjoyed weaning, it was a new chapter for me and baby to do together. Was also nice to be able to do the odd job in the kitchen whilst he was occupied! It was mess mess mess though - cover as much of the floor as possible to scoop it up quickly!
  • A lovely time as I remember was a little worried at first but no need in the end, good luck all x
  • i was always worried that they would choke on the more bigger solid food  but they never did 
  • I've been very lucky so far and my little girl has loved everything she has tried, even things like smoked salmon and olives, intact we have yet to find a single food she wont eat, despite trying her with almost everything I can think of! Even 4 months into weaning, I am still terrified of her choking, which isn't helped by her pretending to cough and choke, little monkey! She also likes to insist on having one foot on the high chair table while eating, very cute, but probably not the best lesson for later life!
  • My husband and eldest son (obviously!) couldn’t be very involved in feeding our youngest son when he was being breastfed, so what I loved about weaning was that the whole family became involved in feeding. This was lovely to watch as it particularly gave my eldest the chance to bond with his new brother.....
  • I did the Annabel  Karmel puree weaning for my first, then an unstructured baby-led mish mash for my second.  I enjoyed both but I found being creative and trying different things quite tricky!
  • I suprisingly had no trouble with weaning my daughter Grace. She ate everything and wasn't a spit it out messy eater. She wouldn't breat feed though so I had undergone the stress at an earlier stage. She went on to eat nachos as a baby when we were eating out at a Mexican and loved her roast dinners.

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