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  • my biggest concern when it came to weaning was portion size , I worried that I would be over or under feeding. But I have learnt to go with my baby and shes very quick to tell me if she's hungry

  • This is my son Robin at the beginning of weaning and here he was teaching  me an important lesson. There is no way to reduce the mess! You can choose to remove clothing and clean the child or get relaxed about clothes washing but things like gutter bibs did not work for us. Here he is wearing it like a superhero cape and loving life. Hard gutter bibs he would pull straight off and use it as a vehicle to create more mayhem. On the plus side he took to solid food instantly and eating was always fun for all involved. I am months away from weaning his brother Toby I wonder what this little monkey will teach me.
  • Probably the funniest moment was when my son had eaten so much of the blueberry puree I'd made him that he poo was the colour and smell of blueberry! 
  • My son was a nightmare to wean and he would only eat the really runny pureed food, no lumps at all. Even then, to get him to eat we had to put the TV on for him to watch and constantly try to distract him so he'd open his mouth and we could shove a spoonful of food in!
    His favourite meal was Heinz beans and bacon pureed and sometimes he'd throw it up after eating and the colour was so strong it used to stain his clothes and the high chair tray - that never went white again!
  • I have to say I'm glad that weaning is over now my 3 are all getting more grown up! We've been through it all - pouches and jars, homemade purees and finger food. I remember I never got to eat my dinner as I was always feeding the baby! I think a turning point was definitely when they started eating little sandwiches as they are so much easier to carry around places, aren't too messy and don't require a spoon!
  • A very real worry of mine is choking. I choked as a child and can still remember the terror I felt. I think I may have to sign up to a first aid class...
  • my little nephew once grabbed a dog biscuit from the doog bowl and ate it! I didnt dare tell my brother!!!!
  • gave baby some risotto one day, telling my Husband that baby would love it. She ate one mouthful then opened her mouth and just let the whole load out in a stringy spitty waterfall of grossness....
  • When weaning my twins, one of them took to food straight away and for the first week the other one screamed every time a spoon of food went anywhere near her mouth; she then accepted food without a problem on the eighth day but is still a fussy eater two years later.
  • He loved peas from fairly early on... but he would never take them from a aspoon. Had to be picked up individually between his finger and thumb. Great for his fine motor control, not so good if you had to go anywhere in a hurry!
  • My baby likes to try new foods - obviously depending on her mood
    So, one day we did try - an avocado caught my eye
    She watched me slice it and put it in a bowl
    She was her usual giggly soul
    The time had come, at last - to try
    She ate it with caution and did not cry
    we have now a girl with a taste
    with her food, she does not waste.  

  • My advice is ‘make food fun’! About to wean my 3rd and am in no rush to start AT ALL! 
  • My little girl at the start of her weaning journey. She loves making a mess! She love the new baby range front Heinz
  • We did baby led weaning- which worked well for my little girl. When I went back to work my husband looked after her and was unsure on portion sizes so she got a whole tin of beans and 4 veggie sticks🤪

  • We were SO worried about weaning with Walter. With being first time parents it felt like an absolute minefield! I think the best thing that’s happened for us with weaning is that Walter has taken to every type of food he has tried, and we were so worried about him being a fussy eater.
    For us the biggest worry was, and still is the terrifying thought of him choking on something. We’ve made sure everything we give him is safe for him to hold and chew. 
    We decided to go for a combination of both baby led and parent led weaning, giving Walter the ability to learn how to hold and explore different foods. As well as us being able to give him purées. I have been mixing between making my own purées and buying pre made pouches too, for those days where I’m out and about for ease!
  • Funniest weaning incident was when the little one (8-months old), was gathering his sweet potato and pea puree at the roof of his mouth and decided to sneeze..I had a face full of peas, potato and snot! He's a greater eater usually! 
  • In the beginning it was fine, I weaned Finley at 6 months, but as he got older and needed more substantial food, I worried myself into a stupor! Was he getting the right amount? The right Vitamins? Defrosting, over-cooking. If I could worry about it I would! 
    If I had known then what I know now. I’d of sat myself down, given myself a pat on the back and said “just enjoy this, he’s fine and you’re doing great!” It’s nearly Finley’s 1st birthday and I think we’re sorted, he loves any and all food we throw his way, it’s been a daunting journey, a wild one, but fun all the same!
    if I had any advice for weaning parents it’s “try not to worry too much, you will blink and it will be over, enjoy this time you’re all doing fantastic.”
  • I worried about getting it balanced right,  I working fulltime from 12 weeks old he weaned at 10 weeks under advise from the HV , he was just starving all the time and milk was just causing him pain and  not satisfying  his hunger. I felt I was really frowned  upon by other for weaning him so early . 
  • My son was really unimpressed with this weaning lark and used to just spit out everything I tried to feed him.  The turning point came when I offered him a taste of a Mr Whippy at the park one day - from then on, he never turned back and tried everything that was offered.
  • My daughter has a habit of spitting her food out of her mouth onto her hands and then rubbing it in her hair? It's every day at the moment and not a very nice habit for me to clean up!
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