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  • The biggest worry I think is when to start,and ending up with a fussy eater.
  • i felt really smug when i discovererd the suction bowls so my little one couldnt launch her plate off the highchair. 
  • My weaning worries was how big or small my sons food needed to be. Also I wasn’t prepared for the food to end up everywhere but his mouth 
  • My son was interested in food from the age of 4 1/2 months but i felt that was too young so i started him on baby rice and that did not impress him at all. He repeatedly spat it out. So i tried him on the purees and that he loved. So our weaning journey began, he enjoyed making lots of mess haha.

    He progressed well onto each stage and enjoyed each one as something new and exciting as each new texture was all new and curious. Ive been so lucky with how well he's done and continues to do on this journey.

    My son is now 13 months old and very much enjoying solids. He eats anything i put in front of him. I like to give as much variation as i can. He's had apricots, melon, pineapple, apple, orange... Many more. He's had a grewt variety of vegetables and im still finding new ones to try. He very much enjoys the baby snacks, which are very handy for on the go.

    Im so excited for our continuing journey on the weaning path. 
  • I was terrified of weaning my firstborn but she was fine. She didn’t like readymade food but homemade like a true princess! I loved her little face covered in puréed carrot - she looked like a munchkin! I will soon be sending my little boy and hopefully feel a little bit more confident this time around! 
  • My firstborn Type your comment
  • Weaning for me was both stressful and amazing fun! 
    I loved watching my little ones face change with all the different foods she tried - some happy and wanting more faces and other times screwing her face in disgust and disliking!!
    Weaning was also a very stressful time
    as my little one started to gain her ever growing want to be independent by feeding herself.... very proud mummy but oh my gosh!!! How does a baby get so messy??? The amount of times we went straight from the table to the bath and stripped her down to hose her off to get her clean....wet wipes wouldn’t have been worth the effort! I now look at other people who are starting the journey and laugh but at the time I did not enjoy this!! I shouldn’t say too much as I’m about to go through it all again with baby number 2....let’s see how round two of weaning goes....wish us luck!!! 
  • I really enjoyed the weaning process and loved making homemade dinners for my daughters containing lots of different tastes, I now find they are less fussy than other kids, having been exposed to the tastes and textures from a very early age
  • I was so anxious about choking so I went down the purée route and because it was warm fed my son in the garden. Eventually I moved to a combination of baby led (giving him a banana to hold and eat) and lumpy purée. Here's my son eating Al Fresco! 
  • I found weaning my twins very stressful. They were premature and very tiny for their age and I was advised by family, friends and even my health visitor, to start weaning way before they were ready. I caved to the pressure, even though my instincts said otherwise and I really regret it now. 
    My advice would be to listen to your instincts - Mums do know best.
  • I successfully have come out the other end of weaning now thank goodness! My daughter LOVED trying different flavours and textures. I was a bit scared of doing it the baby lead way and stuck to pureed things for a while. I was always scared she would choke, like many others here, which was the main reason I didn't do baby lead weaning. I couldn't believe how much she ate, she just loved food and still does! (Like me!) 
  • I look back now and laugh but at the time i was mortified. Id just started weaning my son and he was really enjoying apple and pear puree. I hadn't realised the results on the bowels of moving onto solid foods but was soon shown at a meeting of my antenatal group mums. I lifted my son onto my knee and could instantly smell his nappy. As i then shifted forward to grab his change bag i heard the most almighty fart and bright green poo squirted out of the side of his nappy and all up the wall in the cafe! Everyone was really nice about it and helped me but i didnt know where to put my face. Never did go back to that cafe...
  • My son loved purees but it took a very, very long time to get him to eat anything lumpy.  I was really surprised how different my daughter was - not only did she hate several things my son loved but she swiped a piece of pasta off my son's plate and chomped away on it!  From then on she just wanted to eat what we ate - I couldn't believe it.
  • We are coming into the stage of introducing much bigger pieces of food which I probably find more daunting than the first stage of weaning. More so because logically a baby should be able to swallow purée but with pieces it’s more likely to get stuck. I have been so lucky because my little one has loved food. I have found it more hard knowing when to introduce different types of food when and ideas for making food look a bit more interesting or still have taste without the use of salt and sugar. Different recipes would help so much, plus those times that I do rely on pouches it is a bit of a mind field. Surprisingly not all baby food does not contain sugar or salt which is shocking. 

  • Forgot to post a photo but this is my little monster with his favourite-strawberry’s 
  • Weaning - fun and games isnt it? I have had fun so far with my youngest! Only started a couple of weeks ago - things were going well, he has loved everything I have gave him so far... I was out and about so grabbed a pouch of peas peas peas (Ellas Kitchen) he wasnt sure and pulled some funny faces with every spoon.
     Well! about 15 minutes after finishing it came something like the scene out of The Exorcist (picture the pea soup scene! :s ) projectile peas! Unfortunately I didnt have my crucifix to hand!  :D 
  • I think like most of the other mums, my main worry was choking
  • Weaning has been such an amazing journey so far. At first I was constantly worried about allergies & choking but it is a learning process and you'll find ways as a parent on what really works for your little one!

    Being a young mum, you constantly have people telling you what is right and wrong with weaning, when weaning should begin and it got a little bit overwhelming to say the least as I was spoon-fed two different types of information, but trust your gut mamas, you'll know when's right for your baby! 

    I started weaning my little Keira at 5 months. She started with simple baby rice and so she understands "eating" and honestly it melted my heart! My little sweetie pie was HUNGRY! I then went onto porridge and added the Heinz fruit pouches in with it! That was a massive eye opener for me as it made me realise what she has a taste for. 

    If you have a teething baby or if it is hot ( like it was this summer)  you can use a mix  baby porridge & the fruit pouch to make a popsicle which Keira LOVED so much! 

    At first I was very stuck on making her food fresh all the time but when in reality i found it really hard to not be repetitive in flavour, so I gave baby Jar's a try. 
    I've tried a few brands when it comes to baby food but Heinz' has been her favourite, especially the Jar of Beef & Sweet Potato Mash and the Veggie Chicken Casserole Pouch. 

    We took our first trip abroad at 6 months and the pouches were so handy! They are travel friendly as they are not as bulky and heavy as Jars. 

    She is now on the 7+ Jars and she loves the little textures that are in there along side with her home made food!  Honestly the Jars are "so yummy" and she loves the ring puffs so much - it literally is so perfect for little fingers. 

    She loves fruits & vegs such as strawberries, blueberries, carrots, potatoes but the mess after honestly makes me laugh. Who knew such a tiny little person could make soooo much mess! & how does their food end up in such unexpected places? I found half an eaten sliced strawberry stuck on her back while i was changing her. 

    My little Keira is just like her mama, she loves eating and I find so much Joy in weaning! I can't wait for the next stage! 
  • My little Grand Daughter loves to feed herself...  but I worry when we're out and about and she ends up with food in her hair, on the floor and everywhere but her mouth ! - It's much easier eating at home !
  • I had a nightmare weaning my daughter. I would cook her vegetables then blend them into purée for her. She spat every one of them out. I later came to find out my mum was giving her mushed banana and yoghurts so no wonder she didn't want my veg. I was always concerned about choking and portion sizes. 
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