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  • I used to spent ages making pureed apple/pear only for my son to prefer the jars! I used to place the highchair on a plastic table cloth and then let him go - I don't miss the mess. Good luck to all those weaning little ones at the moment :)
  • I loved weaning my Daughter and seeing her try all these new and wonderful tastes, although not always to her liking and sometimes she felt the need to make artwork with it. She is still very creative.
  • My daughter is no 10 months 💕 and we've had a fantastic journey with food so far! (I thought the photo of her eating the baked beans at messy play was a good choice 😅 to represent the messiness of meal times!!) 

    As a first time mum I started making all her purees and 'mushes' myself and batch freezing... oh my goodness it took ages... but I knew what she was getting and could make sure she tried lots of different tastes and textures. 

    Now that she's wanting to do it all herself I'm making her small versions of my meals each day... But still doing a little freezing of veggies portions and steamed carrot and apple sticks (etc)... things that just need a bit of extra peeling, chopping and softening... I can prepare a few at a time and freeze for emergency add ons to her meals to make sure she always has a good selection of things to pick up, play with, throw about, feed to the dog - and hopefully eat 😂

    Messy times but always fun and happy times at the dinner table. I enjoy making her varied and colourful meals 😋❤️

  • poor Dylan is dairy intolerant which means I have to have a dairy free diet too.It can be expensive finding alternatives. It's a shame as he will eat anything.
  • Weaning is a joyous time for both baby and parents. We couldn't have a meal without our little man wanting to try some. Started with giving him a little nibble of mashed up food, salt free of course, and he loved it. He would have the same as us mushed up through the blender. A stick of carrot was a favourite thing when teething. And the glorious mess was everywhere. Our kitchen got covered in yogurt, rice pudding, mashed potato and every other baby food. Magical times and funny as anything.
  • Before starting to wean I was so nervous and felt so overwhelmed not a clue where to start. There’s so many different opinions on how to do it and so many different brands to buy in the shops I had no idea what would be best for my son. 
    However we are now a couple of weeks in and I have no idea why I was worried. My son has taken to food so well! His favourite food at the minute is Heinz multigrain with broccoli and cheese he has it everyday for his dinner. Although it is messy he absolutely loves it.
  • Biggest fear was definitely choking. Still is even though they're both older now! We still chop everything up like grapes just in case
  • We decided to go down the puree route, which suited us fine. I found that there was so much pressure to do things a certain way, weaning is stressful enough without that! Choking was always a worry but he's been fine. He loved making a huge mess with spaghetti bol, I've got a photo of him with pasta stuck to him just about everywhere!
  • I was excited about weaning both my daughters, i made full use of the freezer and also was so thrilled to find the ready made baby food sections in the supermarkets, both my girls did love Heinz and it was lovely to get something out my bag knowing they'd both eat it!
  • Our son is now 9 but we did baby led weaning with him and we both loved it! I mean, it was messy and i really do mean MESSY but letting him feel food in his fingers helped him overcome a fear of textures plus it really helped his fine motor skills by feeding himself. He was was at about 10 months old after feeding himself a spaghetti bolognese!! As you can imagine bathtime soon because an instant after dinnertime but i wouldnt have changed it for a heartbeat because he would eat almost any food i put in front of him.                                                               
  • It's been an adventure so far, a few panicky gagging moments but mostly going ok. Our dog gets excited every time the high chair comes out, and sits 100% focused while there's food around  :D

  • Weaning utterly terrified me! Will it be too lumpy? Will it get stuck? Will she choke? Will I know what to do if she does?! 

    Trying to wean a baby is really tough, especially if you’re like me and prone to worry and overthink things! You worry about giving them the right things or getting them hooked on all the bad things - so much to worry about! One thing I learnt on this journey was that a calm parent = a calm baby. I didn’t really get this until a few days in when I finally relaxed enough to get a full spoonful in my daughter’s mouth without it being batted across the room! The only difference was that I had calmed down, and got myself under control - after that, it was plain sailing! I love this photo of my daughter loving her strawberry purée, so full of colour! Despite my stresses my daughter is fully weaned and loves all types of foods, and fingers crossed, she has not picked up all my anxieties!!!
  • My first child was a nightmare- gagging on everything. My other two were a dream but are by far the fussier eaters now. Getting food everywhere stresses me out a bit too but its kind of funny looking back!
  • My oldest son was fine when weaning, he loved everything.  The youngest one was totally different and there are so many things he didn't like, when it was something he didn't like the taste of he would gag, although this never happened with the fruit purees, just the vegetable ones.
  • I was so worried about her choking, but actually she didn't like warm food and still doesn't proving very hard situation
  • I worried about gagging a lot during weaning but luckily both kids were fine :)
  • I was worried my daughter would be allergic to something and I will not know and she would get severe reaction .....luckily she was not 
  • My son found weaning so tiring! He once fell asleep with his head on a tray of toast crumbs, still clutching his last toast soldier!

  • We started weaning Isabella just before she was 6 months. Initially just very bland things like plain porridge which went down really well! We then moved too carrots and peas which again were a success. However when I tried to feed her “proper” meals by spoon (spaghetti bolognese etc) she was having none. Of. It! She seemed to go of being spoon fed over night. Fortunately we did begin giving her finger foods pretty much from the beginning. However I did stress so much that she just wasn’t eating enough, now she was refusing food by spoon! But I have let her lead us on her weaning journey; and despite no longer having food by spoon (only yoghurts!) she is very happy, healthy and gaining weight as expected. Even though I was worried she wasn’t eating enough by self feeding, it seems she very much is! She loves her food now and eats what we have for every meal! X
  • Worrying about choking is the worst as for funny moments it's just mashed everything, everywhere!
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