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Share great stories about your dog and what they mean to your family: £200 voucher courtesy, Winalot

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For almost 100 years, Winalot, have been making 100% complete and balanced dog food, made with wholesome, quality ingredients, with essential vitamins and minerals. Share on this thread any great stories about your pet dog, and what your dog brings and means to your family.

To be in with a chance of winning, please scroll to the text box at the bottom of this thread, and tell Winalot any great stories about your dog, and what they bring and mean to your family, and you could win a £200 Amazon voucher for sharing. If you wanted to share a picture of your dog too, that would be amazing.

Everyone who posts (and answers the question fully) will be entered into a prize draw to win the £200 Amazon voucher. 

We'll keep this thread open until 01/11/19, and we'll announce the winner's name a few days later. 

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  • Dogs have been a part of my life since childhood and i could not imagine my home without one. Curerently I have a staffy cross with anxiety issues so we share looking after him as he hates being alone. When i am feeling low he gives me a reason to be up and about as he needs walking and caring for. He gives me companionship and so much more
  • My dog has now passed, but she was the centre of our family when I was growing up. She used to sleep under the dining table and whenever I was upset I would join her for a hug! She was the perfect dog!

  • This is my gorgeous 3 year old springer spaniel ‘Marley’. He means the absolute world to me. He is the (fur) baby that Made me a mummy! And I honestly can’t wait for him to meet his baby sister. He’s so loving, cuddly and happy. I’d be lost without this little guy! With him and my baby girl my family is complete. I’m such a proud momma 💙💗
  • Our little dog,  Fliss means the world to us . We experienced a heartbreaking loss in the family and Fliss just helped us get through a really tough time bringing our family closer together. She loves going out everywhere with us and seems to attract lots of attention!
  • We got our lovely dog Lola after a devastating miscarriage last year. Thinking we were not going to have more children we brought Lola into our family. She has brought us nothing but joy and happiness. She attracts attention everywhere she goes and gets us out and about talking to the nicest people who we simply wouldn't talk to without her presence. Were now expecting a baby at Christmas and cant wait for our new bundle of joy to benefit from Lola's energy and kindness.
  • Tara is such a crazy little soul but she makes us laugh every day with her funny ways
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    The first time I met Jasper, it wasn't what I'd imagined.
    He had been listed online. The seller stated that he had 'bought a king Charles Spaniel as a gift' and 'that it was no longer wanted.'
    We travelled for 3 hours to meet him.
    When we got to our destination, an older man ushered us into a small and run down block of flats.
    At this point, we were expecting to see a bouncy King Charles Spaniel with a glossy coat and a wet nose but were immediately concerned with the reality.
    The dog was dirty, malnourished, he didn't walk, he didn't even move. I guess occasionally, he'd whimper.
    We couldn't leave him in that condition. We bought him and left immediately to get him to a vet.
    When we arrived with our new pup, the vet was concerned. We were given antibiotics and were encouraged to bottle feed him or to let him take food from our hands.
    We were told that he may never walk and that it was possible that he may have been the product of puppy farming.
    We were determined for this little guy and was willing to put in the extra time for him. We expected that he would have extra needs.
    Over the months, our bond with jasper grew stronger. I suppose It was a bit like having a new baby in the house. A furry, waggy tailed, less noisy baby.
     Fortunately, as our bond grew stronger so did Jasper's health. He started walking, Barking at neighborhood cats, chasing his own tail.
    He's just alike every other dog now but still one in a million to us. 
  • Our dog brings the lesson of responsibility, we all learn that it needs to be taken care off. Feeding at certain times and taking for long walks
  • My teenage daughter loves to take our dog a walk in the early evening. She says it relaxing after a day at school. He’s great for all our mental well being 
  • I couldn't imagine life without Barney, he is central to our life.  He has unconditional love for our family, and always there when you need support.  He is a Yorkshire terrier/Pomeranian cross - a small dog with a big heart!

    He gets me out every day, we explore the local woodlands, canal and river banks, keeping us both healthy and fit.  When indoors he's never far away, either sitting on the armrest or back of my chair.

    A cheeky, mischievous little fella who brings laughter and joy to our family!
  • Our dog has brought us so much love and happiness to the family. They are always so happy to be around us and it makes us go out for long walks together as a family. And it is also great company for us when we are feeling lonely l
  • Our dog is truly a member of our family. She gets us all out in the fresh air even when we don't feel like it. She makes us laugh, calms us, gives us love and reminds us to enjoy the little things.  
  • Companionship and loyalty is what they bring in our family. 
  • Our old girl is getting on in years but she still knows when our son is having a bad day and in a lot of pain, she is a great source of comfort for him and cheers him up as best she can :)
  • Sadly we no longer have  Alfie, however he brought unconditional love to our family. He constantly wanted love and affection, when I pulled up in my car from work, he would be sitting at the window. I don't know if he had been there all day or he sensed time, his little tail would be wagging frantically and the excitement was real. Nobody else greeted me in this way. 🤣. I remember bringing my little boy home from hospital, he would sleep under his crib, as though he was protecting my little one, and I have no doubt  he was. He loved my little man with all his little doggy heart. 
  • Asks to go outside but just wants to dig holes in the garden!!
  • Only member of the family, who is always excited to see me come through the door!
  • Here's an oldie!  This is Critter the dalmation.  My Dad got him for Mum as a wedding present and I turned up a year later so grew up with him.  He was a big daft dog and part of my whole childhood.  He was once inside the greenhouse with Dad (a big industrial sized one) and saw me outside and ran the length of the greenhouse to greet me straight through the glass door that was closed!  He stood there happily licking blood off his nose and didn't seem to really notice!  Ahhhh!
  • Oh he means so much - we rescued our greyhound/lab 2 years ago and it was the best decision we have made. My husband works away alot and once the kids were in bed nights were so lonely, now Thor keeps me company with lots of cuddles and makes me feel safe. Our son was a handful a couple of years ago and since having Thor (getting out on lots of walks and playtime) he has calmed him down so much. Our dog brings us together as a family and gets us out exploring places we might not have. He is just a dream and we love him.
  • Dogs really bring & bond a family together, walking playing cuddling or just talking
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