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  • Favourite Tv programmes on a loop seems to help, sadly
  • Plenty of cuddles, duvet on the sofa and plenty of vics
  • I sit in a steamy bathroom & lay them across my lap & gently tap & rub their back, why playing low relaxing music to help them relax.
    I also give them cool boiled water with a tiny drop of honey
    works wonders for me & my little ones 

  • I find that there is nothing better than a lap a blanket a good story book and maybe a movie lots of drinks to keep hydrated and a favourite toy for cuddles - Clean PJ's and a treat to ease the cough such as boiled sweets fresh fruit like grapes and tangerines are great too !
  • Cuddles, hair strokes, a warm bath, gentle lullabies and something sweet to drink. 
  • Lots of cuddles and kisses whilst watching films and relaxing. Plus some chocolatey treats :smile:
  • Vic Vapour rub, honey & lemon and snuggles on the sofa
  • Marshmallows for sore throats, vics on the feet with fluffy socks and lots and lots of cuddles!
  • To help with coughing at night my daughter likes to sleep propped up on her giant cuddly unicorn. Then if she wakes in the night we gather round more snugglies to listen to a story before settling down again.
  • Lots of cuddles, gently stroking her back or hairline an extra bottle or 2 for her to have a drink and stay hydrated aswell as taking her in the bathroom after someone has had a hot steamy bath it can really help with sniffles. 
  • When I was a little girl and I felt poorly I liked to snuggle up with my mums cardigan and it’s something I do for my children now. I wrap them up with a jumper of mine that they love cuddling me in, there’s something soothing about the smell of your mum I think especially when you don’t feel good.
  • I stroke from his forehead, down over bridge of his nose, seems to calm him / send him sleepy
  • I make my little one a decaf tea with honey and lemon to soothe her throat... 
  • A cuddle, favourite teddy, story and lots of kisses
  • cool flannel, warm squash and cwtches
  • Give him  plenty of liquids as hydration helps fight off the cold.  tea and soup broth to help loosen his nasal congestion. I also turn on a humidifier which helps.
  • Snuggle up in a duvet and give them hot chocolate
  • Dylan's only 1, and usually too busy on the go. So I know he's feeling under the weather when he comes and snuggles in and we watch TV, warmed up warm with a bottle of milk, stroking his head.
  • I gently stroke over her eyebrows, while having lots of cuddles under a blanket, always sends my baby girl to sleep ❤
  • Lots of warm honey and lemon and steam in the bathroom to reduce coughing
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