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  • I enjoyed reading Alfie's journey- some lovely expressions in the photos! sounds like there was a lot of variety of types of food presented and a lovley ethos of exploration and adventure for him :D 
  • My little girl is very similar to Mia the way she weaned. Everything went in the mouth but then again, it helped her wean quite easily!
  • That Alfie is teething means the weaning process much trickier. I remember when mine were getting their teeth they went right off their food, probably because it hurt, so I didn't worry so much once I realised what was happening. They soon catch up!
  • Yes! When your baby gags, like Savraj does when trying lumps, it's the scariest thing and those split seconds before you realise they're OK are so long!
    Also agreed, pouches are so very convenient as you can easily divide the portion if they're too distracted to eat when out and about
  • To Mia's Mum, the self-confessed neat-freak, I'll pass on one of the best weaning tips I had - Use a cheapie shower curtain from somewhere like Poundland under the high chair. They're enormous and can be sponged or washed very easily.
    I loved hearing about those little appreciative noises she made. I'd forgotten my youngest had done that, so cute!
  • Savraj has a similar problem to one we experienced with our son. Having a strange lumpy consistency in his mouth was completely alien to him. There was no chance of him swallowing it down. There does seem to be a happy medium where the food is in between lumps and completely puréed. This option was not available when we were weaning our son....baked beans were our saviour...being lumpy but easily mashed. 
  • Poor Alfie. He gets distracted and is teething so his parents are worried he's not eating enough. My advice would be to turn the tv off, have just him in the room, no pets or siblings and give him food that will ease his teething pain. I used to give mine cold chunks of cucumber or carrots to snack on, ice cream or lollies are also good. I know that's not a meal but getting some calories in is better than none. Don't worry, if he's hungry enough he will eat, or catch up.
  • My advice for Savraj's Mum is to either just wait a couple of weeks and try again. I remember blending a spaghetti bolognese once that was still to dry for my daughter so I added a little stock to water it down. That's always an option too.
  • Mia will eventually find some foods that she likes. It's all trial and error. I remember my Mum saying to me "What works today won't necessarily work tomorrow". That stuck in my mind as such a great bit of advice for any parent. Just keep trying different tastes and textures.
  • Having watched Mia's weaning video, I can say that her facial expressions of delight, surprise and disgust all resonate with when my daughter started her weaning journey!  Babies love to experience new things and textures, so even if they seem disgusted initially, try giving them the same food several times, and they may end up enjoying it. 
  • Introducing textures can be scary - just like with any new stage of weaning, especially as you're always worried that your little one might choke. 
    Savraj's reaction was similar to that of my daughter's, and from what I've read is typical of most babies when they try something new.
    We also gave our daughter a lot of finger foods, which she very much enjoyed! 
  • When babies are teething (like with Alfie), the pain stops them from eating a lot.  It's always difficult at this stage to encourage good eating habits, and to ensure that they have had enough to eat.
    During these periods, I've had to sometimes resort to giving my daughter more milk as opposed to more solids so that she is at least semi-full. 
  • the savraj video reminded me of my daughter starting to be interested in the food so I always fed her this food and put her favourite tv show on :)
  • I enjoyed watching Savraj's video - a baby enjoying exploring new tastes and textures, and liking most of it.

    At 7 months old, babies are generally teething which can be very painful, and need the comfort of foods they are used to.  However, both my children often learned to appreciate new tastes by having a small taste of food the rest of the family were eating.  We would liquidize veg or fruits and add other ingredients as they became older.  Some they enjoyed, others they didn't!  

    We learned that every baby is different and it made feeding much easier.
  • The video of 10 months old Alfie often being distracted while eating his foods, struck a chord with me!  At meal times sometimes my children weren't particularly hungry and would do anything rather than eat.  The dog or something on TV would distract them.

    What I learned to do was to leave it longer between meals until they were hungry, then they were ready to eat their foods.  Luckily both children were usually eating quite well at this age, enjoying certain veg and fruits, toast and cereals, though greens took a little longer.  But I didn't push it, just gave them foods they did enjoy then trying again.
  • Baby Mia's weaning journey is definitely one which is similar to my little one - I started her at 6 months with the Heinz banana porridge! She loved it for breakfast. I pureed carrots for dinner and also sweet potatoes - I was so worried about ensuring I was giving her healthy and nutritious foods that it caused a stressful first few weeks (especially as she was my first baby). She's 1 now but she still loves her pots of Heinz banana and fruit medley custard! Meals times are still just as messy! I loved the larger weaning spoon Mia was using - wish I had used one like that.
  • My first little boy was very much like Alfie. He would eat a little bit but then lose focus. Teething really did not help the situation either. He is still just as fussy today. My second child was entirely different and very much like Mia. I was like Mia’s parents and expecting him to be fussy like his brother, but I was surprised when he took to food as he did. He will try anything and loves food. 
  • After watching Savraj at 7 months i realise how different the weaning experience is for every parent and child - my little girl was quite the opposite at that stage. After weaning with purees for a month almost over night my daughter started refusing to be spoon fed - she wanted to explore food and be an independant eater so from 7 months she was baby led weaned. She loved it - no issues with textures or lumps (although there were still certain foods she didn't like) it was a case of trying different foods, if she didn't like it the first time I'd try again another day. Choking and gagging were always a worry as experienced by Savraj's parents! 
  • My little girl was a lot like Alfie at 10 months - always getting distracted! Her distractions mainly came from watching the dog as she discovered early on that if she dropped food on the floor the dog would eat it! Just like Alfie she loved picking up smaller pieces of food off her tray like peas and little pieces of cheese and toast. She was teething with her top teeth at a similar time so we also had some days with milk for dinner! 
  • The chunky spoon Mia used looks like a great idea for younger babies to try and feed themselves 
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