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Tell Heinz for Baby your thoughts on their weaning diaries: £200 Amazon voucher up for grabs!



  • Baby Savraj was doing so well. Great Idea to take the blender while he gets used to the thicker lumpier textures. 
  • Baby Alfie what a cutie, when little ones get distracted when eating its so hard. Then adding teething in too. It's hard to know if they are full. Lovely idea with frozen yog. I have heard water melon is good for teething gums too. 
  • I’ve just started weaning my little boy Toby at 6 months and I love that I can buy the pre made jars of baby food! 
  • Steviie said:
    I’ve just started weaning my little boy Toby at 6 months and I love that I can buy the pre made jars of baby food! 
    Hi @Steviie
    Thank you for posting on this Heinz competition, however to be entered to win the voucher, we actually need you to watch the weaning diary videos, and then comment on which babies video you watched and what you thought about them. 
    Good luck! 
  • I felt just the same as Mia's mum - nervous about the next step and what will come! It's such a big step in a baby's life (and a parents!) and you want to get it right :)
  • I think it's only natural to worry about what your child will think to new flavours, like Savraj's parents are. For me I worried about whether I was giving my daughter a varied enough diet!
  • I agree with Alfies parents in giving baby lots of different textures to see what they like best. This is what I did with my daughter! And it's only natural for most of the food to go on the floor when they are so young though it is very annoying haha!
  • Baby Alfie - it sounds like he is doing really well despite teething. cool foods are very soothing for sore gums. lovely idea with the frozen yog, we found it make great treats when frozen in ice cube trays, so you can use a little one when needed. 
  • baby Mia, what a little star, totally nailing the start of weaning. very impressive trying a number of different flavours. 
  • I love that little Savraj's parents are still willing to travel away with him, I think it is important to continue to travel with little ones. It sound like they managed to continue weaning while away. lumpy food is such a new thing for them to get used to. 
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    To Mia's Mum, the self-confessed neat-freak, I'll pass on one of the best weaning tips I had - Use a cheapie shower curtain from somewhere like Poundland under the high chair. They're enormous and can be sponged or washed very easily.
    I loved hearing about those little appreciative noises she made. I'd forgotten my youngest had done that, so cute!
    Mia’s mum here! 
    That is such a great tip! I am starting to relax but I did invest in a giant floor covering! 
    The little noises she makes are so funny! X
  • ruh100 said:
    Baby Mia looks like she is doing really well for just starting, trying lots of tastes is what its all about. Lovely that she is taking the spoon to her mouth on her own, great work.
    Thank you so much for your message :) It is Mia’s mum here! I was so nervous to begin with and it was a huge relief that she at least attempted some of the different flavours!! X
  • baby Mia, what a little star, totally nailing the start of weaning. very impressive trying a number of different flavours. 
    Thanks so much :):) It is Mia’s mum here! We were so proud of her having a go at each of the new flavours! A few funny facial expressions along the way! X
  • I read about baby Savraj trying lumpy food, I remember being so anxious about this stage but I think it's important not to get stressed as this can also make baby stressed.  I think if you're sensible about the whole thing everything will go smoothly, there will be ups and downs with weaning but I think trying lots of variety and not getting stuck in a rut is pretty important for the future!

  • What cute babies. Baby Alfie - made me think of when my daughter had sore gums when teething. I used just cold food for a fews days to help her sore gums. 
  • Baby Mia - loving the early weaning photos. I agree you have to reset what you think of as a successful meal. Sounds like she is doing well. 
  • Baby Savraj, another cutie. I'm sure he will be managing all food textures and types soon. It took my daughter a while to get used to thicker foods. 
  • Hazel ReaHazel Rea Regular
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    Baby Mia - although she obviously enjoys it it is scary the first time you introduce solid food even if you are sure your baby is ready for it.  Both my son and daughter loved purees from the word go - and sometimes seemed impatient as I never overloaded the spoon at the beginning! When gradually thickening the texture it's important to do it slowly.
  • Baby Savraj - every baby is different when it comes to lumps and he is doing very well!  My son rejected anything lumpy for a very long time so I was very cautious when it was time to introduce lumps to my daughter - until she grabbed a bit of pasta off my son's plate and munched her way through it!  So it's important not to thing your baby should be doing something  just because lots of babies do it to that schedule.
  • Baby Alfie - doing so well with his spoon.  At this stage we found - especially for the last meal of the day - we could keep things moving at a reasonable pace by alternating the baby putting in a spoonful with us putting in a spoonful.  Stops them getting upset and overtired with the process.
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