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Tell Heinz for Baby your thoughts on their weaning diaries: £200 Amazon voucher up for grabs!



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    I Liked the mia video where the baby eating food I remember my little ones face the first time we started feeding him, his face was a picture so many expressions :)

    Although more ended up down his front than in his mouth.
  • I think Savraj's parents are going through the anxiety all parents have. Lumpos are a new experience and all children will be surprised and may struggle or refuse for a while until they get the hang of it.
  • All children are easily distractd and Alfie is no different. Best to minimise distraction by feeding in a quiet area e.g. no tv and away from other children, and encourage messy food play.
  • At Mia's age food is just a new experience rather than a goal. it can take time to establish new tastes and textures and it's all a big exciting experiment!
  • I loved reading 6 month old Mia’s Weaning journey. She is just the cutest baby. I remember that excitement of starting solids with my baby, and watching their delight at discovering all those new flavours and textures. Mum did really well managing her nerves and it seems she found a brand she felt comfortable and safe with.
  • Awe, I really felt sorry for Savrajs mum when she made a mistake with the rice. We have all been there and tried to make our own meals appropriate for weaning, especially with a first baby. Personally I used premade baby food by Heinz the same is savrajs mama and for the same reasons, I trust the experts with what texture can be handled at what stage.
  • It sounds to me like Alfie is eating really well and mum has no need to worry, he’s getting plenty of varied food Down and what some might call distraction I might call experience! Picking up the peas, examining them and squishing them is learning about food too, sounds great fun. How cute is his little face with the frozen yoghurt???
  • I can so relate to baby Mia's parents' story, feeling excited that your little one is starting on their weaning journey but at the same time you can't help feeling a little apprehensive, how will you know if they have eaten enough what if they are still hungry.  
  • Alfie's video also brought back memories of trying to wean a distracted little one who is also teething at the same time, but with a little bit of juggling and coaxing it can be done.   
  • I felt for Savraj's mum trying to introduce more lumps and bumps into his food, and feeling it was too much for him to handle. Again it's a bit of a juggling act, trial and error and being guiding by your little one. 
  • Some of their problems are very similar to mine. You hear so many conflicting stories. I think you have to go with your own instinct otherwise the waters muddy quickly
  • I'm very impressed by all of the mums. Alfies mum in particular sounds very laid back about weaning Alfie and this is reflected in how well he reacts to new foods, such as prawns and ice lollies! It's lovely to see that her relaxed approach to food is setting a trend for Alfie to follow. Well done mum!
  • I did empathise with Savraj's mum. I remember when we started weaning and I was just a nervous about what size portions to cook, what textures to give, etc. I think qshe has done really well to overcome the initial hiccoughs with portion size and how lumpy to make the food. Lovely to view the videos. Savraj has such a lovely smile!
  • Mia's mum has certainly set about weaning in the right way. Her initial nervousness came across in the first video but she has taken exactly the right approach in letting Mia take a lead by letting her have a spoon that she can manage well. It's lovely to see how Mia's tastes have developed.
  • Just watched the 3 videos .
    All parents in these videos are right on track with the gradual ( not forceful) introduction of different textures , varieties and quantities of weaning-foods .Children are different, but will thrive with that same care , love and involvement shown by Mia , Savraj and Alfie's Mums & Dads . Some of the foods will be trial-and-error till the perfect mix or best healthy preference emerges .
    From a Dad perfective : 
    The excitement in the eyes of all dad's particularly reminds me of my baby weaning days as well : the parental  bond even during feeding-weaning times is something every parent should treasure .
  • I watched all the vids (gorgeous babes) and they all resonated for different reasons - but I think Savraj's story and the reservations of lumps and bumps - hit me the most.  My 3 children were all different, all weaned at different times (effectively, eventually) and all had different hang ups ... Yes, Alfie - the whole 'getting distracted' is actually a thing - my middle son still has this problem now!!!!

    I actually think my biggest obstacle was embracing the mess and running with it.  The temptation to spoon in is very real ... but actually, once I got to grips (I used to be verging on OCD before children) I think that baby-led weaning is actually the key.  Allowing my children to experience their food in every which way (nope - we never got a pea stuck up our nose!) is just the best thing.  It's a bit of a job coping with the fall out - but with pelican bibs and waterproof mats and a dog dashing about beneath the high chair we coped surprisingly well.

    Go for it and enjoy this stage of development ... it won't be long before they're in high school and bringing things home that they've prepared in Food Tech!
  • All of the beautiful babies seem to be doing well at their respective ages - I know from my own parenting it's hit and miss how well you get on with weaning, some children are very easy to wean, including the lumps and then another child really dislikes lumps or textures.  All the mummies and daddies seem very relaxed about the process though which will help.

    Good luck for the future with your beautiful babies x
  • My son was exactly like Mia, he would grab the spoon out of my hand and chew it like crazy, he absolutely loved food, he would eat anything, now he's a really fussy 7 year old. 

    My daughter is like Savraj, she hated lumps, she would gag and often just spit it all out. She was much easier to wean with finger foods as well, I found larger pieces worked best as she chewed off as much as she could handle, if I cut it up, she would gag. 
  • Savraj is enjoying different foods but I would worry about his reactions to new foods. Its hard to get used to and let go and trust yourself as well as them

  • It's good to see how relaxed the mums are in these videos. In my experience babies pick up on the stress of anxious mums and it turns into a vicious circle of not eating and mums getting more stressed. 
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