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Tell Heinz for Baby your thoughts on their weaning diaries: £200 Amazon voucher up for grabs!



  • Alfie is so cute! I found it so difficult when they get so into playing with their food that they forget to actually eat it - you don't want to make so much of a fuss that food becomes an issue for them. Adding in teething as well makes everything doubly difficult. But some really good ideas there - good luck to them all! 
  • Aww Mia reminds me of my daughter Isabella. She loved porridge too when I first weaned her too! Like a duck to water aren’t they 😁😁 x
  • I had problems getting my daughter to eat foods that were lumpy too when she was around Savraj’s age! I also found the 7m+ pouches to be the perfect texture for her when I was on the move! We did use a blender for a little while after when making her things like curries and pastas, but over time she just got better and better with eating lumps. At the same time we gave her plenty of finger foods too and this seemed to be the best combo for us x
  • I can really relate to Alfie’s story! My daughter is now 15 months old and she is still quite distracted when it comes to dinner time! I do try my hardest to remove distractions but it seems she is often interested in the most basic things! She’s definitely getting better as she gets older but it is still a challenge! I think sometimes she sees food as a toy more then food! That frozen yoghurt is a brilliant idea for teething! I will definitely be trying that as Isabella has trouble teething too x
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