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Heinz for Baby weaning diaries Part 2 - tell us your thoughts: Samsung Galaxy Tablet up for grabs!



  • Alfie's  Diary: I use to just sit and watch my 2 feed them selves yes they was messy and played with more food than they ate but it's a big adventure to them,  I took lots of photo's of my 2 covered in food just like Alfie is in his diary, he know were the food goes and he also knows when he has had enough, I would say he's cracked it.
  • Baby Mia, looks likes she is enjoying it,  the cool fruit flavours also might help with  teething. She appears confidfent to trying the new textures to.
  • Baby Savraj, its great that he is interested in using/ playing with a spoon. I agree with mum that weaning is all about mess its a massive learning curve for them. what a  great idea to try curry!
  • Baby Alfie, It's great to get messy and play/explore the food. It appears like hes communitcating by throwing the spoon to indicate that he is finished! So cute!

  • Baby Mia, has come so far in the 1st month, lumps are hard. Gagging is always tricky thankfully it doesn't normally last too long. The sunday roast sounded fun. 
  • Baby Savraj - yey for mess, lots of mess, take lots of photos. I agree keep giving him the spoon. 
  • Baby Alfie - sounds like he is taking control of how much he wants to eat and self regulating which is perfect. Great job mum. 
  • Mia - my little boy gags and is sick on lumps, getting better now practising with melty sticks 🙈
  • I totally relate to baby Mias diary. My first child hated anything with lumps. She would eat biscuits or broccoli if she could hold it herself but it tooK a really long time before she would eat any puree with bits in. With my younger children I did much more baby led weaning and they ate what we ate I didn't blend food I just mashed or cut into little bits and then would do a fruit puree for pudding. They seemed to eat much better quicker. 

    I think you worry about baby choking but actually they have quite strong gag reflex so its totally normal for them to cough and spit out things. It takes a but to get used to though.
  • I can understand why alfies mummy is concerned about how much he eats, this is normal but actually up to a year old babies main food is still their milk and everything else is a bonus. I found when my kids were babies they only every ate 2 out of three meals well. I also think its important to allow children to stop when they are full. Babies only have little tummys and its easy to think they have not had much when actually they are full.

    i found frozen fruit and yogurt was great for teething too. It helps sooth the gums and also gives babies new tastes and flavours.
  • Savrajs feeding diary was interesting. I am a mum of 4 and sometimes I forget how I felt first time round. I know lots of parents that worry about choking and gagging but you do have to get past that. It doesnt take long for baby to get used to lumps and just because they gag does not mean they will choke. 

    Feeding on the go can be challenging especially in the early days. I actually found that my babies could hold the baby food pouch and eat straight from it. They lobed doing this and I found that they would eat more this way
  • Mia seems to be doing just great and has got the hang of it !
    Savraj,s mum seems so lovely, poor thing feeling guilty absolutely no need, baby didnt look too distressed, maybe just go with something a little softer to begin, and little curious Alfie, thats a hard one, I guess trying to wait until he is really hungry, although it sounds a bit mean, if he is really hungry there may be a chance he will be more focused on filling his belly, good luck and such a lovely set of families, Many thanks
  • Re: Beth, Ollie and their baby Mia  - it was nice to see mum Beth keeping her own insecurities around foods and mess in check a bit to allow baby Mia to have positive experiences when trying a range of new foods.  I like that Mia sampled different flavours, textures and temperatures so will hopefully grow up at least willing to try new foods before making decisions as to whether or not she likes them.  I think it is important to introduce this wide range early on, and I believe a lot of research now recognises how these early choices can influence later diets.  I hope Mia continues to enjoy the foods she tries.  Nicely written diary that should encourage other new parents to be adventurous in the foods they offer to their babies when weaning.
  • Reminds me of my kids, with my son he was a really fussy eater but with my daughter I did baby led weaning, it was messy but completely worth it, i didnt get too worried about it as babies can sence the stress, just relax! 
  • Re: Kirendeep, Tarminder and their baby Savraj.  This struck me as a very honest look at the benefits and potential problems of weaning baby - it was nice that Savraj's parents didn't shy away from admitting a worry point or two in the process and was pleasing that they persisted in letting Savraj continue to experiment and experience new foodstuffs.  Kirendeep and Tarminder strike me as parents that are prepared to work through their worries for the benefit of their growing son.  Hopefully this little lad will soon be enjoying more independent eating and savouring a nice varied diet.  They know their son best so I hope they won't feel pressured by parents boasting their babies are feeding themselves a little earlier - all children develop different skills at different ages and there are so many weaning-associated milestones it must be a nightmare for modern parents to keep track.
  • Re: Lucy, Anthony and their baby Alfie.  Sounds like Alfie's parents know him well and good thinking to shorten meal times if he is too easily distracted otherwise.  Alfie is obviously quite brave when it comes to trying new things to eat and has quite an independent spirit so may be doing more for himself a little earlier than some of his peers.  Seems as though Alfie finds ways to communicate what foods he is happy to hold and eat and which ones are less to his satisfaction.  If Lucy & Anthony continue to offer all sorts of food it won't be long before they have list of his 'likes' and 'dislikes' - I'd wager more will be on his likes list as he seems quite adventurous when it comes to sampling new flavours and textures - young food critic or chef in the making maybe!

  • I find that ideas and views have changed since my mums and mother in laws times there comments make me anxious . my mum paincs and says I am weening wrong  She says i should make food  eally smooth and lump free. I’m now lacking confidence  Like Savraj’s parents, a little frightened by the gagging noise and panic about her choking. My little weend very slowly my little boy seems very hungry even though they both breast fed.
  • I am trying to be more confident in child led weaning and trusting my own skills as a mother I am trying to experiemnt with  chunks and finger foods of vegetables and cheese like Alfie No one ever tells you how emotional weeing can be 
  • reading  baby Mia story has encourgaed me a little her parenst are so  patient I think i an too anxious. I know hOW Alfie's parents feel, teething is horriable and really hinders weening. I like the idea of cold yogurt . My Sister gave her little girl strong foods such as curry from day one of weening like  Savraj story, I was unsure but my little boys seem to like the strong taste and he seesm far less fussy than my little girl ever was.
  • Mia: I think she is doing really well and the experience at Grandma house went well,  that's a good sign she is enjoying her food. I use to give my 2 children Ice pops (which I made myself), so they could suck on when they was teething it worked fantastic helped cool their gums and they love them.
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