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Heinz for Baby weaning diaries Part 2 - tell us your thoughts: Samsung Galaxy Tablet up for grabs!



  • Mia - Moving to Texture

    I have never done puree weaning, so am not really familiar with the struggles of moving from smooth texture to lumpy food. However lumps or bigger pieces were/are an issue for us too when doing baby led weaning. This is because babies have a sensitive gag reflex, which is designed to protect them from choking by stopping any piece of foreign object or food from travelling back toward the throat and potentially blocking their airway. However, with practice, Mia should get used to these lumps and how to swallow them. She just needs practice. 
  • Savraj - Self-feeding

    I am a big supperter of baby led weaning. It went brilliantly five years ago with my first and equally well now with my second. I agree with Kirendeep in that the key to sucess is to just leave the babies explore different flavours and textures themselves in a safe environment. Self feeding has been shown to have a wide range of benefits and is an early and very important step for babies to learn to self-regulate and to stop eating when they are full. I think Kirendeep is doing brilliantly! 
  • Alfie - Eating Enough

    Mummy knows best! This is such a true expression. The signs of being full are very different from baby to baby, but Lucy must trust her instincts. If Alfie looks unconfortable (whatever he is actually doing) then it's a sign that he needs to come out of the highchair. Weaning is a long journey and Lucy just has to be patient and take it slowly. 
  • I was told by a dentist that teething isn't what we all think. It was his point of view that when our adult teeth come through they don't hurt, so why should our baby teeth.
    He believes that whilst the teeth are coming through the baby's saliva has more acids in it and we should be treating the stomach and therefore the acid and not the teeth directly. He said this is why so many parents are frustrated with the remedies we are told to buy.
  • I watched baby Mia and I can relate so much to this but I think it's so important to try different foods, different sizes and textures and eventually they get there.
  • Baby Mia is doing really well and will improve!
  • Teething problems are awful for Alfie, soothing is always a great idea
  • Savraj will get there in the end, all children have their own pace
  • I think if they continue to give Mia a wide range of flavours and textures she's less likely to turn into a fussy eater.
  • Savraj seems to be really embracing exploration of food now
  • Watched Savraj, we gave our daughter Ava a spoon to hold, to encourage her to start feeding herself and feel like she was involved with the process too! No curry for her though
  • I wouldn't worry about whether Alfie is eating enough. He may not be consistently eating 3 meals a day, but he seems to be eating enough each day.
  • Thank you all for entering this sponsored discussion. It is now closed, so we're going to close this thread, but we will reopen the thread this week to post the name of the winner of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. 
  • Hi everyone, we're just posting to let you know the winner of the Samsung Galaxy tablet is @ClaireNutman - congratulations! We will be in touch this week for how to claim your prize.

    Thank you all again for your comments on this Sponsored Discussion, and be sure to keep an eye on the forum next week for the third and final Heinz Weaning Diaries competition, where you could win a £200 John Lewis voucher. 
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