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    My 5 year old rescue, barney rubble (trouble) is everything to me, follows me everywhere, waits for me outside the loo & greets me like he hasn’t seen me in years if I leave him for just 5 minutes. Snacks on flies 🤢 & more recently a tea towel which meant a £320 vet bill to make him throw up 🙈 but I’ve been shielding so needed a trip outside anyway 🙄. Love him to bits and wouldn’t have survived lockdown without him ❤️ X

  • My pretty Puggle Maddie is our world! We say we treat her like a dog, but really she is like our baby lol she went 6 this year. During lockdown she has given us purpose to get out of the house, play, keep active and most importantly cuddle! She is so cheeky and keeps us on our toes and has definitely prepared us for parenthood! She is so gentle with our nephew so I just know she will be the best big sister later this year! 💗💙
  • Getting our dog Chico was a big decision we all made together. Our daughter is an only child and although she enjoys getting all the attention and being an only child, getting a dog has been a great experience, she has someone to play with, to talk to and cuddle when she needs some love. Chico has brought an energy to our house which we never could have expected, he makes up go on adventures to new places, he especially loves the woods, he keeps us entertained with his funny ways and wanting to play with us, and he gives us loads of love and cuddles. He has made his place in our family and it feels like it was a spot just waiting for him. Our house wouldn't be the same without him.  
  • hi I’m a care worker in a local care home since the corona virus has come about I have had a letter I must stay home for 12 weeks due to having a transplant it’s been so hard for me I had tears and lots of stress due to being on my own the only thing that has help me through this is my 2 lovely dogs Jackson and dexter I don’t know how I would have managed with out them they are cheeky and lovable my😍
  • We momentarily misplaced our last dog at a dog show, a miniature dachshund named jazz after her lead snapped. Lucky a lovely woman had automatically picked her up and put her in with her dogs. I had no time to be worried as my tiny girl played with massive but gentle giants. (Jazz was 9kg, the next smallest dog was 27kg) I fell in love with the breed and after a lot of research we agreed the a northern Inuit was for us. We was told we'd have about a year's wait but that it could be a year and a half. In May 2015 my poor Jazz list a quick battle against mammary cancer, I was heartbroken. BUT our breeder heard the news and that November our little Vida was born. We bought her home in January 2016. Having a dog in the house filled the emptiness that Mark an I felt. But that's not the most amazing thing. By the April she had started to pick up on my epilepsy. She gives me warnings and can help support me as I going down or getting back. She doesn't leave my side and this is helping me to combat my anxiety and depression. We always agree, Vida is a pet first. We'd talked for about a year about getting her a friend In July'19 my husband fell in love with Koba. Koba is started to pick up warning signals to the seizures aswell. 
    I don't just love having my dogs as companions the literally save my life everyday.
  • We got our dog Max at the start of lockdown.  My hubby was abroad working in Poland and I was at home with our 4 children, 2 of whom have ASD. Then I saw a desperate ad where a family were heading back to Poland and couldnt get Max into a rescue centre so if no one could take him he was going to be pts. I hadnt planned or had a dog in years and 2 of our children also have allergies so it was a big risk. I responded to the ad and the owners were very grateful and dropped Max to me on the way to the airport.  Hubby was a bit surprised when he returned home later that week but Max was so well behaved that he couldn't complain. Max has made a huge difference to our lives, my eldest age 15 has Aspergers and severe anxiety. Max has been a constant friend for her and even helped her to leave the house, something she hadnt done since Feb half term. Max has also been a very tolerant playmate for our son age 6 with ASD he really help him to self regulate. He is so adaptable and ready to play or just be a friend.  He has also been a huge distraction for the rest of us and he loves going for long walks outside which has been great in getting us all away from tech and communicating as a family. Oh and he even made the local paper!
  • My mums doberman, Dexter, has always greeted me by coming up and putting his head pointing up my tummy so his chin was flat on my tummy and I would stroke his head. My husband and I had been trying for a baby for 2 years and on the following Thursday we had our 1st apt with the IVF consultant. On the su day we went to Mum's and Dexter keots coming up to me and pushing his nose into my tummy. He did this all day and Mum asked if I was pregnant. I was adamant that I wasn't but but decided to humour Mum (and & Dexter) I took a test and found out I was 2-3 weeks pregnant! Oliver and Dexter are now best of pals ❤️ For some reason I can't post a pic although I've tried several times
  • Having a dog bound around us lifts our spirits when we are down, and gives us an excuse to get out of the house! 
  • Dogs makes you feel amazing and always cheer you up when you’re feeling down. We’ve had lulu since 2008 and she is our world. Lulu is a chihuahua but very loving and a great protector 
  • My Jack Russell, Biffy, is so quiet and gentle. He loves running around in the garden. He's getting old now so I don't know how much longer he'll be around. I just know it's coming. At least he has remained healthy all his life.
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    My beautiful Otto keeps me sane, gets me out every day, without fail for some fresh air, and makes laugh, alot, every day. Thank you doggo! 

  • My daughter and her dog (Tilly) have been staying with us during lockdown. My daughter is limited by health issues and Tilly is her constant companion and best friend. It's been great having them both to stay with us for the past 3 months, we've done lots of playing out in the garden together and my husband and I have been kept busy with twice daily dog walks in our local area. So it's been win win for all of us!  
  • Monty is my heart's ease dog, looking after me since I tragically lost my beloved husband, pictured with him, on 13th May due to Covid-19.  Monty soaks up all my tears and gives me a reason to get up in the morning and not mope about the house all day.
  • My border collies, actually saved my husbands sanity, he suffers from ptsd so cannot stand hammering, we had new neighbours who decided to basically rebuild the house, so you can imagine what this did to my husband, my dogs never left his side even curling around him as he slept, without these dogs even the crisis team admitted they would have had to take him into hospital, I have a lot to thank the dogs for, heres one of them Kizzy and below missy and then roxy
  • This question is easy. As a couple who have been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for almost 4 years, and after finally getting ICSI, it being interrupted, not once (because of incorrect dosage) but twice (because of COVID), still unsure when our treatment will resume, we have so much love to give and our doggo gets treated like a crazy little prince and offers so much love back in return.
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    We have four dogs, each one is unique. Tilly here is 11-months old and she is quite the smiler (as you can see!). Whenever we have treats for her or she wants to play with the kids or she's done something she shouldn't have (these pics came as a result of her going in the fountain - again!), she will give this awfully cheesy smile! Our home wouldn't be the same without the dogs. That's for sure! 
  • Dogs keep me entertained with their naughty antics and give me an incentive to go for a walk.
  • Pepper has been the reason my daughter has gone out to get exercise and fresh air Image may contain dog outdoor and nature
  • Look at this utter perfect gorgeous girl, she's my Maggie moomoo, the best thing about her is her personality, she just makes us all laugh, it can be the way she tilts her head, the way she gets so excited when we walk threw the front door or the way she as to come see us all to say goodnight before she gets on her chair at night. Nothing compares to the love you get from a dog, they really are the best thing in this world x
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