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Share why having a dog is so special to your family at this time: £200 voucher courtesy, Winalot



  • Our beautiful Golden Labrador Dennis is a blessing! we have 2 little ones (under the age of 3) and they both absolutely adore him! They have cuddled him since the beginning of lockdown and they couldn't go to nursery - he's a big constant in their life and I think cuddling him helps make them feel more secure. He's always watching over them and they love running round the garden with him on sunny days 
  • A dog is constant companionship 🥰 . We can always count on our dog (lab) being by our side especially when we eat.  😆
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    Ford he ate dried horse food and survived 3 stomach operations and Sepsis and pneumonia..we don’t know how he did it but we love him to death.The vet said he is a miracle dog ❤️
  • Brodie was a rescue from Romania and joined us 3 years ago. He was a wonderful comfort when I sadly lost my lovely Mum two years ago and a wonderful ‘protector’ of my Son who was born a year and a half ago. He really is the best and deserves to win 🏅 🏆❤️👏🐶
  • Lola has been our family’s saving grace. Not onl6 has she kept us all busy but offered some company to my father who recently lost mum and has had to be in lockdown 12 weeks. Lola has had 2 “mini holidays “ at his house to keep him company. He complained he had started talking to himself ! We have two teenagers so getting them out of their bedrooms and off social media has been a task but having Lola to walk has meant real quality time as a family. We’ve learnt so much about each other by chatting on our walks it’s been a fantastic family bonding experience. All Lola wants is love and affection which she’s had constantly. A worry really for us when life gets back to some form of normality. She really is a blessing. Dad calls her “little girl or our Lola”  she really is a treasure xx 

  • Having our dog during this time had been so important. He calms me down and makes any difficult day better just by being his fantastic self! They are indispensable to any family. He is so loving and sensitive - 100% part of the family. 
  • My son's family have a dog and I think it has helped distract them from the frustrations of being housebound!  The dog needs walks and routine and so this gets them out of the house and focusing on the dog rather than all the negative things going on!
  • Harvey is the first ever dog I have owned, and I simply can’t imagine life without him.
    He is the incentive for getting up early every morning to go for a walk in our local countryside, which is also helping my weight loss and fitness goals.
    He is extremely entertaining, very mischievous, and loves to steal anything he can get his little teeth in to, especially my socks!!
    Harvey is a very loving dog, likes kisses and cuddles, and is happiest when having a snooze on my lap.
    My life has certainly been enhanced by having my gorgeous Harvey in it!

  • Honestly dont know what I would have done during lockdown without my little partner in crime. Kept me sane, kept me laughing!.
  • We lost Mum last year and her little terrier Bella was her best friend, she would tell her we were coming to visit and she would wait in the window until we arrived, she is staying with family, but obviously misses Mum as much as we do, they certainly provide comfort for sure
  • The children nagged and nagged for a dog, since having one she has essentially become there therapy dog, there mental health is so much better. She is such a calming influence on the. house 
  • Max is our 2 half year Springer cross beagle!. He is so special especially to our 6 year okd daughter!. Isobelle is a only child at home and since lockdown it has been a little lonely for her at times so Max has been there to keep her company and have lots of fun together! Its lovely to watch them!
  • He shows us how to chill, relax and keep cool and other important lessons like when you're in a hole, know when to stop digging!
  • Our little girl sky have made us laugh everyday with her funny antics,she runs around like a lunatic then hideup to see if you are looking,but the best is when I say I am going to feed our pet rabbits,she runs down to the hutchyes jumping up until I open the doors then she lickjs the rabbits on the ears,she is so adorable and loving with it💖💖💖💖

  • This is our little monster Frankie! Having a dog has made lockdown so much more bareable. Not only does it mean that you are forced to muster the get up and go to get out and on a walk with her after which you always feel better but she also provides the whole family with love and laughter. We can't imagine our lives without her and we would definitely have been much worse off emotionally during this lockdown period without her. 

  • In March 2017, my life as I knew it, ended.
    My mum died of pancreatic cancer, after being ill for just 8 days, leaving me with no relatives and no home. Eventually I was given a bungalow by the housing association and moved in early May. I was coming to terms with being alone for the first time in my life, and in September, this little splodge toddled into my life after his owners couldn't keep him any longer, two days after I met him. He has deformed front legs, big soft floppy ears, eyes like saucers, and a heart as big as a house. His name is MR.Benn and he's not a rescue dog, I'm a rescue person. He came to me just when I needed a friend. His breed is Norfolk cross Jack Russell terrier, commonly known as a Norjack. But I prefer to think of him as a Jackanory, because thanks to him, I've found my happy ever after.

  • This is my daughter and her assistance dog, Maya. My daughter has lived with mental health illness and suicidal ideation with one attempt for 6 years. This dog is a huge part of why my daughter is recovering. When she was at her lowest, Maya rarely left her side.
  • My sister's dog Charlie spends as much time with my kids as with her, and he's like a third child!  The kids get so much love from him and adore teaching him tricks - he brings so much joy to all of our lives!
  • Dogs do just brighten your life, as they are so loving and make you want to get up and go. 
  • Our dog, Harry has been such a loving companion over lockdown. He's always ready for a cuddle or to snuggle up to you on the sofa. Local walks every day have been exciting as we have discovered new places nearby instead of taking a ride in the car somewhere. He's always excited to see us in the morning when we get up and we all enjoy each other's company being at home all day.

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