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Tell Dolmio what a regular family dinner is like in your home: £200 Amazon prize up for grabs!



  • My teenage daughter is now vegetarian so I try to adapt our meals so I can make a base then split it into 2 one with one without meat. We are also trying to support her once a week by having veggie Wednesday and the whole family eating it as sometimes with people in and out for various reasons I know she is getting a nutritious meal. 
  • We all sit at the dinner table together and have some quality time while we enjoy (hopefully) our meal. We eat lots of pasta and veggie based meals as mum is a veggie and does most of the cooking, but occasionally dad wants a steak And treats the boys!
  • We've don't always have family dinners, with work/school it's not often we're all together. But my favourite's are Sunday dinners, we all get in the front room, put a film on and chill together.  I know some people say there should be no TV at the table but personally we like it, plus I can't stand people constantly talking while eating, I'd rather talk after .
  • Lots of colourful vegetables, but sometimes tears and tantrums
  • Meal time means gadgets down & real conversation about the day or plans coming up. Bolognese is always a meal time favourite especially now my 10yo can make it, the more involved they are the easier it is to have a successful meal! 
  • I try to cook everyday from scratch (of course the reality isn’t quite that!) as I love to see my family enjoy a hone cooked meal. I want mealtimes to be a fond memory for them when they are older, this week it was glazed gammon & potato dauphinois 😁
  • Family meal times with Dolmio lasagne is easy to prepare meaning more table time with all the family some a bit messy, lots of laughter and chit chat and always empty plates 
  • We alternate all eating together at the table, the boys grabbing something quick before heading out to clubs or watching a movie together with takeout style food.
  • I do most of the cooling - looking up recipes online to keep things fresh - but my partner has some impressive specials. We all eat the same thing, which unfortunately means I don't get as much pasta as I'd like as it tends to make him ill. We're trying to eat healthier and save money at the moment. We don't have space for a dining room table so we all eat in the lounge. Usually in front of the TV, which isn't great, I know!
  • Family meal times are a time when all TV and tech is turned off and we actually sit around the table and converse! Meals are cooked from fresh (although I do batch-cook and freeze to save time on the busier days when meals have to fit around evening activities) and we lenjoy trying out new recipes and dishes and we al love, in addition to Sunday roasts, casseroles, curries and risottos a variety of pasta dishes, pizza and tortillas with Dolmio
  • Now my kids have grown up and with our shifts, we rarely sit down to eat together, which is something I miss. My son and I do try to sit down together at least once a week when we are both on an early shift and we meet up with my daughter and her family once a month for a meal.
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