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Tell Dolmio what a regular family dinner is like in your home: £200 Amazon prize up for grabs!



  • It would be a traditional roast dinner , or an italian banquet with pasta , and lots of crusty garlic bread . An opportunity for the family to gather , socialise and celebrate life .
  • We have a lovely family dinner time, discussing our day, what we did, what we enjoyed, and what we’re looking forward to for the following day! Chat distracts them a bit so they eat more and question it less! 
  • Well it is all very civilised.We chat and discuss the kind of day we have had and only occasinally has a plate of meatballs ended up on the floor and a family member stormed off upstairs.
  • We all sit around the table for ALL meals. We discuss each others days and any problems they may have encountered. We like to support one another.
  • I am not a Mum but a Dad. We have two sons, one a fully grown adult and the other a 15 year old, due to our circumstances I have become the main cook in the house. We have no special dietary requirements but I do like to make their food wholesome, tasty and varied. We are not wealthy so meals are not exotic, we often eat cheaper "unpopular" things such as Kidney, Liver Shin beef . 
  • Dinner for out family is difficult, so many clubs an odd shifts , I try and make sure we sit down once a day for at least one meal. The food is varied. 1. A son who is very fussy, wont eat cheese or onions, and only a few veg insists on meat or fish . daughter is vegetarian, occasionally will eat fish , my husband eats most things as do I . sometimes I end up serving 3 different meals. One meal we will all eat is Baked salmon with mash potatoes and peas  plus other veg on the side . 
  • Its chaos lol we have two girls who are very picky eaters, so already the struggle is there. Yesterday they liked bangers and mash - Today they hate potatoes. 
    When we finally come to am agreement on what they will eat we sit on the settee (or if we do picnic style we get a blanket and eat on the floor) which then we have complaints that one has more than the other so they swap food which more often than not a food fight and me separating them. But no electronic, we discuss our day, any problems or worries. It might seem crazy to most but it works for us.
  • My children are grown up and don't live at home any more, so family meals when one or both of them come home for a visit are even more special.  My daughter is vegetarian, whereas we aren't, which makes things more complicated, so we tend to have a shared choice of vegetables, and then we have meat and my daughter has a vegetarian alternative.  We have always had our meals at the dining table, and like to barbecue in the summer when the weather permits.  When it's just my husband and I, we tend to cook a meal for 4 and have half the night it is cooked, and the other half two days later.  This is more efficient for us!
  • As we hsve 4 adult youngsters now grown. Three of them live away from home and one is still at home. We also have three grandcildrwn so it's rare we all get together especially as 2 live abroad too.

    We try to get together with our family here as often as we can. A good cooked roast is a firm favourite.  Its the comforting feeling of home. Though they do love ny lassgne and paella cooked from scratch. 

    I was in catering originally and love to cook. I rustle up my own takes on foods too. Gurkha chicken and Nasi Gorang have been new recent dishes.

    I still have my late mom Good Housekeeping book from 1955 when she married my late father 

    Family time is the most important. It is bonding and intimate. Meals are so much in shared, love, nurture and time together 

    I've attached some pictires of family favourites 1/ Homemade Lassgne. 2/ Csntonese Curry and fried rice 3/ White chocolate, Scottish raspberries with vanilla cheesecake is a firm favourite along with my sticky toffee pudding 
  • A regular family dinner is usually something quick like salad, oven cooked lamb chops or a steak with frozen vege on the side. Often the kid won't eat a lot of that so we have batch cooked meals as an option for him like fish pie and spag bol.
  • Both of our children have now grown and have homes and lives of their own but I love the chance to get them and their partners round for a meal some weekends. We call it family time and it usually involves a traditional roast or paella in the summer months. We sit at the table and enjoy good family banter, nothing too serious and phones are a no no. No rush, a chance to linger and to taste and enjoy the food. After desert and coffee we will play a family board game, which can sometimes get a bit competitive and just goes to show that no matter how big your kids get there is still  a place for family games. 
  • Tea time usually starts with my husband cooking, using every pot and pan available and every tea towel he can get his hands on!  I set the table.  When it's cooked I shout the kids, from either doing homework or playing outside.  We sit around the table and eat a delicious home cooked meal (My husband is such a good cook, pizza, pasta, curries, chillies, you name it he can do it!) we also discuss the day.  When we're finished, my husband and I leave the rest up to the kids.  The youngest clears the table and the eldest loads the washing machine and wipes down.  Of course I lend a hand from time to time!  All in all a pretty standard tea time ritual in our house, which I wouldn't change for the world.  Happy Days!3
  • Something like a tuna pasta bake eaten at the table
  • a lot of mess and food on the floor is our family time.
  • I have a table but we never sit round it. My kids order from me like a cafe and get brought their food at their computer desks and that's the way we like it. 
  • Meals are planned on a tight budget but with healthy food in mind.  We plan and cook together and sit at the table to eat with no distractions.  Food is to be appreciated and time taken to enjoy it.  No phones and no TV just a nice relaxing playlist!
  • Only two of us at home but I love international cooking. Last night Nasi Goreng and tonight Carbonara. Probably paella tomorrow
  • Our regular Go-to meal is Dolmio Ragu with Pasta Twists and Garlic Bread..  loved by everyone and always a hit with my Grandchildren
  • I love dinner with the family. Generally I cook. I've been trying the simply cook recipes lately and they've been going down well. We always eat together. It's a great chance to chat and catch up with each other. It lasts about an hour, then my other half washes up. I love dinner with everyone ❤
  • Due to my husbands working hours our mealtimes can sometimes be separate. However on a Sunday it’s a different matter. We have a late lunch which my husband cooks and we all sit round the dining room table. My son who can be a picky eater devours his lunch and I always feel it sets him up for the week! 
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