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Tell Dolmio what a regular family dinner is like in your home: £200 Amazon prize up for grabs!



  • Dinner time in our home is our favourite time, we all sit around the table without gadgets or distractions and it's a place where we all connect! 
    Cooking dinner can be stressful though as I have two fussy diners! 
    We often all cook together which is great fun and I find it encourages my girls to eat more.
    Money can be tight and I do like to make a homemade dish that will last us a few nights, lasagne is a family favourite and lots of pasta dishes are great too but often we struggle knowing what to eat for a change! 
    Weekends we always make something our own pizzas or take inspiration from restaurants, this weekend we made another favourite dish which was Spicy nachos.

  • We're pretty lazy - we all sit in the sitting room, adults on the sofa & kids on a blanket on the floor.
  • As soon as the children could sit in their high chair they were drawn up to the table for every meal so it's always been accepted that if you are in the house you eat at the dining table for whatever meal is being served!  (Obviously we made exceptions for picnic meals in the garden or on the lounge floor just for fun!)   We have always used it as a time to chat,  and relax and we found that often they would raise niggling worries or questions quite casually during a meal.
  • We have 'tea' early. It's usually either something simple made from scratch: lasagne, mince and vegetables, chili etc; or it's something from the freezer with vegetables: breaded chicken, pie or fish.
  • Dinner time is family time, we ban screens and try to chat about how the day has been, what’s happened at school and what plans we have for tomorrow. It can occasionally be fractious when everyone is tired after a busy day but mostly it’s nice to al be together% 
  • We love meal times now, we never used to. It brings my kids together if for only one time per day haha my oldest is 14 and youngest is 5 so the age gap is normally a nightmare at meal times. we love making pasta bolognaise. Its quick and easy and the kids can muck in and help aswell. 🥰
  • We are a family of 5, we have a 14 year old son, 11 year old daughter and our youngest is our 5 year old son. We always try to have one meal together a day. Pizza and any pasta dish are family favourites. Our youngest two love to help with the preparing.
  • we often eat at different times due to work and college
  • Dinner time is busy at our house! We do have two fussy eaters so we are often having different meals! Unless it’s pasta, we all love a good pasta bake. Our toddler is still very much at the stage of finding what she likes. If she doesn’t like the feel of something then it’s almost certain it’s on the floor! However we are trying to practice good eating habits and we do all eat at the table! 
  • A regular family dinner in our home always consists of us sitting around the dinner table together. We enjoy a variety of different cuisines, Italian and Indian are the favourites though! 
  • There's a lot of 'I don't like this' and I don't like that' but everyone loves pasta dishes.
  • I’ve been very bad lately in preparing for the two of us. Having to work extra hours in the care home I work in so, been doing a quick salad or pasta with tuna or chicken. Need a bit of inspiration for something nutritious, quick and tasty
  • Lovely to read that you have donated so much to help families that need it.  Love that.  Family meal time in our house is sometimes a rush as i work evenings, so when the kids come home from school and hubby from work we have about 20 mins all together as a family before i have to go out to work. So when I am not working, I like to try and make sure we all sit and a table and everyone gets involved with getting it ready. Spaghetti Bolognaise is a family favourite. My oldest son helps to make it, we use quorn mince as it tastes so much nicer. Plus its great for him to have the chance to learn how to cook. Then my younger son will help set the table and get drinks ready. Once all ready its a great chance to catch up with everyone on how work and school has been. 
  • Dinner takes a lot of planning in our house, I'm following slimming world & my daughter has lots of food allergies, I have to plan a week in advance and make sure that everything is safe for her to eat but also healthy.
  • Teatime is a very important part of our day, we are able to eat together and talk about our day. Our grand daughter is now eating the same foods as us, so we are introducing a lot of new foods to her. She loves pasta, so spaghetti bolognese is a favourite along with a bowl of salad - she likes cucumber and the baby tomatoes and also fruit and yoghurt for dessert. Danielle loves pieces of apple, mango, grapes and banana :D 
  • We eat as a family almost every night and we all eat the same meal. I like to mainly cook from scratch and we always include veg or salad.
  • Dinner time is when we all sit down together. We eat different meals, some of us are vegetarian some meat eaters. Its usually noisy, messy and often ends up in a squabble over who is doing the dishes

  • Always lots of chat and laughter during our mealtimes which is just how I like it
  • Mostly its all 4 of us - i try and cook a good meal we all like with a pudding but sometimes work gets in the way ... but we mostly sit down together ... we talk about the day, argue about who has to clear away and sometimes i get grumpy cos the dinner is eaten in far less time than it takes to cook! The kids enjoy it mostly and its taken as read that its something we do in our family and in the dim and distant past when their friends could come over they would join in too!
  • Dinnertimes at our house can sometimes be a bit chaotic but we always manage to sit down and eat our meals together.  We have various dietary requirements to cater for which results in 2 or 3 variations of the same meal being prepared each day. Thankfully pasta is one of favourites and Dolmio fits in with all of our diets so we always have something on hand for those nights when we have no idea what to cook! The kids always enjoy helping to cook meals and it is a great way of getting them to try new foods. 
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