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Tell Dolmio what a regular family dinner is like in your home: £200 Amazon prize up for grabs!



  • Breakfasts we all eat separatly as we are all going out a different times.  We do, however, love having a grilled breakfast as a treat once in a while when we are all at home together.  Ever since we moved to our house, 3 years ago and actually have a dining table, we have eaten dinner together at the dining table.  I love the way conversation goes apart from when the children forget to eat!  My husband is the best cook in the house!
  • we always sit down together for our evening meal.  We may all be eating the same dinner and sometimes we're all eating something slightly different, but it gives us time together to chat
  • A regular family dinner in my home consists me repeating myself like a parrot. I have debated buying a dictaphone, but would rather save the pennies! The toddler who shall not be named, tries to lock himself in the cupboards but forgets his arms won't fit! I have to coax him out of the cupboard with some food...little bits at a time gradually work. Once captured, he is taken to his seat where we play dinosaurs - dinosaurs who refuse to eat their dinner! It's fun, but I wouldn't change it for the world! 
  • I often hope that our normal family dinner is us eating together however this is not normally the case. Only at the weekend do we sit down at the table all together and enjoy and homecooked meal either a chicken dinner or pasta dish. During the week, someone is normally warming up a previously cooked meal. I envy those who eat all together every day of the week! 
  • We are a really busy family and there is always lots going on in our house, the children enjoy various hobbies and the sport in particular takes up a lot of time and involves travelling quite long distances.  This means we don’t always eat together and it does mean that I do a lot of menu planning to work out who is in when and how much cooking time I have. 

    With taking everyone’s menu choices into consideration and time, one saviour we always have in our cupboard is a jar of dolmio pasta bake sauce (creamy tomato is my favourite) and is a real winner and everyone’s plates are clean - I sometimes add a little chopped cooked bacon to make it extra tasty. 
  • Family meal times are my favorite time of day! We all get to share what we have been doing that day, there is often lots of giggles (once juice came out of my nose I giggled so much) and its our time to be a family. We all LOVE food so that helps and apart from the prep and clean up, which is much quicker once the kids are old enough to help, I do look forward to sitting down with everyone. 
  • Hello, a family meal for us begins with everyone mucking in to help out, even the youngest helping to prepare veg. We're always chatting, so meal times are very noisy. Mealtimes are a great time to chat about our day and enjoy eating great good 😘
  • Meal times at my house are a bit manic. I have 5 kids and it can be challenging coming up with meals they will all eat. Luckily they all love pasta so I tend to do a lot of pasta dishes using a selection of your sauces. We always sit down together to eat although my 3 year old often decides he wants to try and get down! It's an opportunity for us all to spend time together in a busy house.
  • A regular family dinner in our house is always a success when DOLMIO is involved because we all LOVE it, super tasty,super easy and a canneletta myself buy any other pasta sauce.
  • We always seen to be eating at different times in our family but a s Sunday is always a family di nner sitting at the table a healthy soup and lots of vegetables
  • We are a family of 4. Me (mummy), daddy, 5 year old daughter (6 in October) and 1 year old daughter (2 in october). We eat most meals together especially at tea time as my eldest is in school. Sometimes we have a picnic tea which will consist of things like sandwiches/wraps/bap, sausage rolls, mini sausages, a packet of crisps etc. Other times we have a hot meal such as spaghetti bolognese, pasta & meatballs, cottage pie, sunday dinner, curry & rice. Our favourite as a family is pasta bolognese with meatballs and garlic bread. I do all of the cooking and the girls help now and again. I can always guarantee that there will be full bellies and empty plates with the pasta and meatballs 🙂 we currently sit on the sofa with pop up tables or lap trays but are getting a dining table set soon which will be great for us all as a family. We have the tv on and talk about our day or eldest daughters day in school, we have a laugh and talk about things in general like what we are going to do tomorrow or at the weekend
  • Family meal times are really important ... but not always possible in a 'sit around the table fashion' although we try to do this on weekends and special occasions (birthdays, festivals, Easter, Christmas, etc), however, at the minute (due to house renovations, it's a tv dinner at best)!  This said it's a home cooked meal at least 5 days a week.  We love bologneses and lasagnes, beef, turkey or quorn mince and we're all a fan of Dolmio!  It's regularly on the shopping list and there's always a jar in the pantry!
  • My teenage son is at college studying catering so it's always nice to be his Guinea pigs for whatever he cooks us 
  • My husband and I have a two and half year old boy. He is become the worlds pickiest eater! Usually he is still in his high chair at the table and we all eat together around 6pm (hubby gets to eat with us now he works from home because of covid) I love that eat together makes it so cosy! Even though many a time I'm cooking two separate meals and our son refuses a lot of things now! I was raised to always eat together as a family and I want it to always be the way with us too x
  • When work and schedules allow, we try for 2-3 meals around the table each week. It will be all phones/tv off and a chance to talk to each other. I usually cook a 'sharer' meal which I put in the middle of the table and everyone helps themselves!
  • Family meal times are the best time of the day as gives us all a chance to catch up about everyone’s day.  We all discuss in advance the weekly menu.  My son loves Meatball Monday.  My daughter loves cooking so likes to help which saves me time.  Now that autumn is here the dinners get better as I ca cook more casseroles.
  • In our house we mostly make simply but tasty and healthy dinners such as curry, casserole, pasta and sauce, salads, lasagnes. Dinnertime is a time for us to talk about the day and all sit down together, so we have a strict "no electronics at the table" rule. Our dinners are often batch cooked and frozen or refrigerated so they can be reheated quickly if there isn't time to make dinner or too tired for making dinner. Always like to encourage trying new foods, too.
  • A regular family dinner in our house is nothing like I remember the mealtimes of my childhood.  For a start the one who mainly eats cucumber and peanuts with bread and butter (Never marg) cut into triangles is catered for, as is the one who prefers to eat veggie food.
    When we were children, there was no choice and if we didn't eat up we weren't allowed out to play! 
  • There are only two of us, so we always eat dinner on the sofa in while watching TV. 
  • Being mum to 2 teenage boys who are very active and always very hungry, meal time normally starts with a race to see who can get the biggest portion!  Then there's usually the comments over the dinner table such as "Stop looking at me", "you're too close to me" and so it continues.  Big puppy eyes are sure to be watching us all, waiting patiently and hopefully for some food to fall. 
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