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Tell Gourmet Nature’s Creations all about your cat and what they mean to you: £200 Amazon prize



  • I rescue cats, have been doing so for 18 years and when my chronic depression, anxiety and agoraphobia have really been bad they have steadied me. It is so joyful to have cats in my life, they are funny, frustrating, loving and always wonderful family members. If I posted a photograph of all my babies it would definitely take up a few gigabits of space! But here are a few that like to huddle.
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    This is my cat tinkerbell, she's  19 years old,and I've had her since she was 6 months. I did some  voluntary work for a few months months, because we're I was doing the voluntary work, cats were coming in
    abused,tinkerbell had been used as a football, so when I heard this I just had to leave the cattery, don't get me wrong the cattery was great for looking after injured cat,but to be honest it was so upsetting to hear 
    what human beings were doing to these poor cats.Tinkerbell is a house 
    Cat,and only last week I bought her some of those new gourmet selection cat food,normally she's quite fussy,she eats Sheba and Iams.
    Any she's had a bad start in life But
    I will make sure she has a good life till the end .

  • We were incredibly lucky to get our cat Binky from the local rescue centre earlier this year, just a day before the national lockdown. She's been a special friend to my son during his 6 months of homeschool and we have enjoyed giving her lots of cuddles, fun and love. She has made our family complete! 
  • Our cat, Neko gives us so much joy & affection. She just loves life and enjoys being indoors most of the time. If the weather is nice she will occasionally venture out into the garden. We re-homed her as she wasn't happy where she previously lived and has been with us for almost two years now. Recently we had a week away on holiday & had to put her in the local kennels for a week. When she came home she was so pleased to be back and wandered around the house meowing for a week.
  • I have four furkids. Each and everyone I love to the moon and back...Molly, Binky, Dave and Milo. They’re all so very loving and affectionate. Each of them very different characters. Molly always energetically racing around the place, Binky sleeps a lot on his back with his legs in the air, Milo likes to jump onto my head a lot , and Dave likes to bring me lots of gifts. This year for some reason Dave has taken to bringing me lots of spiders which i’m not a fan of! Thanks Dave. To me they’re all purrrfect! 
  • We have 2 cats.  We had both had dogs before and never really thought about getting a cat.  One summer about 13 years ago a skinny stray starting hanging out in our garden, killing mice and birds to survive.  On Halloween night we heard a noise and found him collapsed on our doorstep so fetched him in.  He looked so poorly we doubted he would live through the night to get him to the vet next day.  We offered food and water which he barely touched and he just went to sleep, for over 48 hours.  We washed him down gently with warm water with a few drops of lavender essential oil as he had very little fur left and had a couple of 'accidents' as he slept.  We called him Jack.  A few days later he got up and started eating and drinking and within a couple of weeks had a healthy appetite, learned first time how to use the catflap my better half installed for him and would spend most of his time outdoors with a vixen he seemed to be best friends with; we called the vixen Disney as she was extraordinarily pretty, like a Disney fox.  He would still sleep on the bed but the majority of the time he and Disney would spend their days together, playing, hunting, sharing food.  She would call for him around 10AM every morning and even wandered in the house a few times looking for him, or would call from outside until he got up and joined her.  Their relationship was close - when the fox had a broken front leg he would kill wild food for her, cover with a couple of leaves or even put it in her bowl then go and get her and she would retrieve his 'gifts'.  He grew a lovely thick black coat and has perfectly matched 'socks'; ankle socks at the front, knee-high socks at the back.  He has been mates with a few generations of that fox family and always singles out an individual fox as a best friend - Disney was a very close unique friendship but he was quite close to her daughter, Stringer and then Stringer's son, Alfie (the first dog fox, after the vixens).  The first year the foxes had cubs we presumed (wrongly) they would end the friendship and keep him away from the cubs (we wouldn't have trusted him with anything small and furry or feathered!)  One night all the adults were in the garden waiting for their nightly dinner...they called for the cubs to join them....Jack led 4 cute cubs out of the bush - we could hardly believe they'd left him cub-sitting their precious babies.  In hindsight, not much would want to mess with Jack as he would defend his charges with all his teeth & claws.

    Our other cat originally belonged to some awful neighbours we had for a while - she popped in to see us and never moved out - she is still with us and is the polar opposite of Jack.  Our fluffy girl, Chloe, is a proper daddy's girl, a lap-cat, loves fuss, being brushed, is happy to spend her days inside napping.  She is also mates with the foxes but not to the extent Jack is - she prefers to lord it up, sitting in the garden table watching them eat the dinner and sometimes she will join them for night-time activity.  Now we have had these 2 cats we cannot ever imagine a cat-less house again.  We are due to move soon and already a cat has been visiting him daily as he renovates the new place - she is a pure white beautiful cat. 

    Over the years Jack has adopted another family - they are lovely people and we speak daily on Facebook as we all put Jack first and they love him as much as we do - he has been visiting them for 3+ years, has his own little house in the garden and a bed on their sofa!  We have always accepted Jack the way he is and so do they so we are happy to share him and know if he is not here he is usually there (or out with his foxes).  We have been lucky enough to win a couple of cat-related prizes over the 13 years and our cats have shared their good fortune with our local animal rescue (admittedly one prize the rescue cats were donated all the flavours our fussy two decided they didn't want).  We love both of them and welcome their differences.  If we were lucky enough to win an Amazon voucher the cats would benefit, as would the animal rescue as we would most likely send a few bits their way too.  The photo is of Jack & Disney.

  • My cat Finlay means the world to me and love him with all my heart. Finlay is 13 and I rescued him from the St. Francis Persian Rescue when he was 1. We’re the best of friends and Finlay is such a character, in fact so much so that he wanted to tell you about himself, so we did a little interview..

    What’s your name : Finlay

    How old are you? 13

    What’s your favourite human food?  Tuna, it stinks and that’s why I like it. 

    What are you scared of ? The door buzzer and that yucky medicine thingy my mum makes me have - yuck! 

    Favourite toy or thing to play with? I love a daily zoomie, running up the chimney, or a game of footie with things mum has dropped on the floor. 

    Favourite things to do? Sleep, watch Emmerdale with my mum and showing visitors my bum. 

    Least favourite thing? Baths, going in my carry box and going in the car. 

    Have any Siblings? I had a twin brother called Charlie I didn’t like him, he got sick, I kind of miss him a little. 

    How do you feel about the vet? Ooo that's a sweary word NO THANK YOU!! 🙀

    Do you like water? Nope! Although I’m good at catching it in my paws when it drips from a tap. 

    Something you get in trouble for? I like to leave my hair everywhere, mum gets annoyed! Sometimes I like to have a scratch or throw up on mums sofa - mum really hates that 😂😂

    Where do you sleep? Well....I do have a bed, but on the pillow beside my mum is best. 

    Do you go to a groomer? Don’t need one, I’m beautiful enough. 

    What's your best trick? Sleeping 18 hours a day! 

    Who are your best friends: my mum and my auntie’s Sarah & Stephanie

    Do you like car rides? Nope!

    Do you snore? Like a steam train🚂

    Finally, Are you a good boy? Who cares, I do what I like!

    Here’s a snap of me very busy catching water from the tap. 
  • All cats are special 
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      I have two cats Mrs and Patchy,Mrs was a stray that followed my sons home one day,tried my best to find an owner but nobody came forward.A few weeks after she arrived she gave birth to four kittens.It was a big surprise she must have been pregnant when she came.I managed to find homes for three of the kittens and kept one Patchy,I had her and Mrs splayed as soon as I could. Patchy is the most loving cat who sleeps next to me every night and wakes me in the morning with a gentle tap on my nose.The picture is of her 
  • These are my boys Tobi (tabby 14) and Mickey (black and white 5) they mean everything to myself and my family. Tobi we got from pdsa after a rough start in life over 10 9 years ago. He’s such a gentle old boy with a heart of gold that comes for cuddles on his terms and is happy to be around you when the house is quiet for a bit of fuss and love. Mickey is my daughters cat, we got him for her second birthday as she was cat obsessed and we wanted a friend for her that she could grow up with and boy did we choose well. He means everything to her, he’s been by her side since the day he joined our family, sleeping in bed with her, following her around the house and garden. He is the most patient cat Iv ever met and has also been amazing with the latest addition to our family his baby sister, being very attentive when she cries and keeps her company on the floor when mummy has to do housework. When the kids are at school my two boys are always there for me when I’m lonely and husband is at work. I may not have many friends in my life right now but i don’t need them when I have these two to give me the company and support they give me on a daily basis just being there. Life without cats would be no life for me, they aren’t just pets. They are family. X

  • Our little cat Freddy is so loving and adorable,he was abandoned and he decided he wanted us as his new family😻,one day around 4 yrs ago he came to us skin and bone and his fur all matted, we looked after him and got him fit and tidy,now he hardly goes out,he is so happy,💖💖💖
  • Basil was a young, feral, rescue  cat when my daughter brought him home after she split with her boyfriend so could not keep him.  With a bushy black tail, (hence the name,) long hair, and beautiful green eyes, a typical witches cat.  Basil allowed no touching for years, and we allowed him to come and go as he pleased.  He is a big foodie and Gourmet Nature's Creation is his favourite food which we think along with our perseverance of care helped turn Basil from feral to loving  fifteen year old cat.  
  • We have a beautiful black cat called Emerald who has just turned 8. She is a rescue cat and originally belonged to my Dad. He got her in 2017 as he adored cats and living alone she brought him so much comfort. So a rescue cat was perfect. She is an indoor cat too. Sadly 8 months later in June 2018 my Dad got diagnosed with vascular dementia and ended up in hospital after a nasty fall and was unable to care for himself or her anymore so we took her in and often took her to see Dad in his care home. We all adore Emerald especially my son and daughter. She loves treats, snuggles and long naps, loves chasing her toy mouse up and down the stairs and bird watching out of the window. She even has her own Instagram which my daughter enjoys taking photos of her. She brings us so much comfort and a lasting connection especially after losing Dad to Covid-19 in May this year. We love our Emerald 
  • This is my cat tinkerbell she is 18 
    years old,I've had her from a cattery 
    when she was 6 months old.I used to do voluntary work there ,I only did it for a couple of months because the 
    cats that were coming in Were 
    being abused, the cattery Where I worked were  the people Were lovely 
    but  it really up set me when I heard 
    about  what  humans  were doing to these cats I had to leave,in the end 
    I did leave and took tinkerbell with 
    me because she was used  as a football by nasty neighbours who didn't like cats.So took her home with me When I left there.she may 
    have had a bad start in life but I will make sure she will have a good life 
    till the end.

    sent in by Deborah butler.
  • Our two Siamese cats make sure that there is never an awkward silence, as they are both super vocal. They love to chat - to each other, to us, to themselves. They literally never pause for a breath. This is what they mean to us - never a dull, or an alone moment - they are the best of companionship and friendship xx
  • These are my 2 rescue babies, Skyla and Salem and for some reason had been overlooked for some time, but I fell in love with them! Still new to our family, they are a bundle of fun and affection. Currently still on kitten food but they also seem to clear the tit bits up from under the table that the kids drop! They are completely entertaining to watch and play with. I’m so lucky to have them 😍.
  • I got my cat Pepper after the end of an abusive relationship. It was almost an act of defiance getting a cat as though I didn’t live with him he would not allow me to have a cat. My son also wanted a cat and an opportunity came up in 2010 when a friend’s cat had a litter of four.. We had planned to have the short haired male but on collection Pepper picked me.. she is loyal, affectionate and helped me heal after a difficult time.. She is an important part of my family and I can’t imagine life without her 
  • This is my cat Suzie, she is a super cat and very amazing because she has helped me with my son who has autism and is like a guard cat, if she hears sounds at night she lets me know by scraping the side of my bed, in the mornings she meows at my son and stands next to him until he gets dressed for school to make sure he gets ready and when he was a baby and he used to cry in his cot she would stand near him and brush her tail next to him which used to help him go to sleep. She's been a brave cat and clearly a helper in the family shes also courageous and understands special needs children and she has not ever scratched my son and she's been a great comfort and a friend.

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    these are my 4 beautiful fur babies, kratos, bourneville, Hera and jessie. Bourneville and Jessie are brother and sister, Hera is Jessie's baby and kratos was a present from my sister as she was worried about who her friend was going to give the kitten too as he would not have been looked after so she said I would have him. Jessie sleeps with me every night, bourneville follows me to the toilet, kratos headbutts me constantly with the world's cutest meow and Hera is the madam of the pack who sits on the kitchen counter meowing until I give her treats. It's kind of hard to explain how much they mean to me. They are my entire life, they mean absolutely everything to me. They are my children. They are my joy, my happiness, my companions in life. There has always been at least one cat in our house since I was a baby, when my mother died 11 years ago I got my very first cat of my own because it was weird not to have one but also to keep my dad company as he has dementia and I worked full time and cared for him. Unfortunately he had to go into a nursing home 2 years ago and I would be utterly lost without my babies. I can't imagine life without cats and they are more important than anything in the world ❤️
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