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  • I do not have any children of my own.  I have to admit that I sometimes treat my cat Roby like he is my child.  He is very spoilt and he eats the best quality food.
  • I've got 4 cats, sisters / littermates, all very different personalities.  Blizzard is the soppiest, snuggly one, she comforts me so much.  I have trouble sleeping and she will jump onto the bed, lay on my neck purring, the sound really helps me sleep.  She pads her feet gently on my shoulder whilst sucking the duvet, it's the sweetest thing.  I really can't imagine my life without her.
  • A constant companion - so damn special,
    A snugglyupper - or sometimes a wrestle,
    A thread through my legs,
    A warmth on my chair,
    A presence - a friend,
    Who is always there!
  • I’ve always had cats as a kid so I always knew I’d want one as an adult. We’ve had Lola for almost 2 years now and I can’t imagine life without her. She keeps me company when my partner is working away, sleeps with us every night and the kids absolutely adore her. She’s crazy and funny and loving all rolled into one! She went missing for 2 days once and we were all devastated. During lockdown she fell pregnant and had a gorgeous litter of 5 kittens. Sadly 2 of them didn’t make it so weve treasured the 3 that did. 3 beautiful little girls and they’ve brought us so much joy we simply couldn’t part with them so now we have 4 gorgeous playful kitties, Lola, Betty, Pickle Pops and Boo Boo Bear 😊

  • I was never really a cat person before Ginger came into our lives but now I can't imagine life without him. He came into our lives around 4 years ago when we were tidying the back garden up for winter. He was sat on the garden fence just looking at me so I called him over to stroke him. He just wanted to play and my heart just melted as he looked right into my eyes. He knew there and then that he trust me. He is so spoilt it's unbelievable. He has his treats every day and knows where the are kept. If I am using my computer he will come and sit with me trying to see what I am doing, or even walking on the keyboard, maybe he thinks he can type too. He snuggles up to me whenever he can and if I'm not around he goes to daddy. He has even pinched my laundry basket for his bed and uses his daddy's slippers ass a pillow to rest his poor weary head if he's just lying on the carpet. He's a gentle little soul and he's even stated to bring ne of his girlfriends round for me to feed, as he knows I'm soft. Sometimes when we are watching the tv Ginger likes to lie in front of the t, but not when Coronation Street is on he sits ttv as if he's actually watching the programme. Maybe it's his favoutite programme just like his mums. He's the boss in our house now but I wouldn'
  • My last cat Noodles was about 20 when she passed just before christmas, and the house was just too quiet. On Christmas eve 2 of my sons drove to Stoke from Lancashire to fetch a cat from a lady who couldn't keep her. The first thing my son had to do was give her a bath as after such a long journey she was covered in stuff from both ends. Since then she has become inseparable from my son, following him everywhere and sleeping on him. As we got her on Christmas eve we have called her Evie, shes about 2 years old now and comes alive at night running up and down the stairs and playing with her toys. 
  • My cats mean the whole world to me. They aren't just "pets" they are individual members of the family and are loved unconditionally.
    They are always happy to see you, they are loyal, they choose to live with you and they love you back.
    They comfort me when I'm sad and they are always there during the happy times. They can always put a smile on my face.
    This is my 14 year old cat that I took in as a rescue when she was 8 months old. She still looks like the young kitten she was! 

  • My furbaby Xena. I adopted her back in July 2020. She saved my life. I’ve been in a major depression. On medication. This little fur ball came into my life and makes me want to get up everyday! Work every day and just live!! She may have lost a leg and it was a horrible accident BUT she was brought into my life to keep me going! She’s my best mate and my reason to keep breathing! 
  • My cats are my sanity without them I would be lost.
  • Our family cat Fluffy is amazing and our most loveable feline friend. She really is a character not giving us a moments peace,bath time, toilet time, bed time,dinner time she is always by out side and of she isnt she is scratching to get in.. we love her so much..
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    this is my boy Tyler,he came to me 4 months ago...he was sheltering in my garden from the rain and cold so I let him in! I found out from my neighbors he'd been lurking around their gardens a few days and he was a stray....he's been with me ever since!!! He was so thin and sad looking but after a month or two he's has put on weight and learned how to play again,I wouldn't ever be without him 
  • This is my kitten Ben. I got him in April when he was 9 weeks old. He was rehomed to me because his previous owner's daughter is scared of him. Since losing my dad in December then when I got Ben he has really helped me through a tough time and he has been a real support to me ever since. He is my absolute world. I couldn't imagine not having him now. 
  • Here's my lovely cat named Valkyrie. She's such a beauty! I named her after a norse viking god - Valkyrie, a female figure who choses those who may live. I found Valkyrie when backpacking across Eastern Europe on a small oceanic island of Santorini. They say you're supposed to find love there or as they say a "lovers paradise for couples" but boy did I fall in love with her! I found her rummaging through a dumpster near a dusty mound, a little meow escaping through the garbage. I was on the island for a week and every evening she would come over to me. I just knew I couldn't leave her there so I decided to bring her back to the UK. I haven't always been well with my nerves, a tad anxious, a light sleeper and someone who struggles to settle to sleep. Ever since I brought her into my home I haven't had one bad night. She's so comforting to have around. A beautiful loving temperament and I can definitely say she's unwillingly helped me with my anxiety. I am so ever grateful for meeting her on my backpacking trip. Never thought I'd be bringing back a cat instead of a key chain and magnet. She's had such a hard upbringing at the beginning but now living like a queen! I'd love to treat her to some extra goodies from Amazon. She's really kept me sane during covid and working from home. 

  • I have had a few different cats over the years. My first cat Jess was with me for 19 years! I got her when I was 1 so it was hard to imagine life without her as she aged. We recently got another kitten called Iris, I forgot how playful kittens are and she ends up all over the place. He current favourite place to be is somewhere in the mug and plate cubord. This does cause many mini heart attacks when we come home. 
  • This is my cat 19 year tinkerbell 
    I had her from a cattery when she 
    was 6 months old, she was in a cattery Where I done voluntary 
    work, only for a few months, but it 
    was to upsetting to hear what human to to the cats.Tinker was kicked 
    and used as a football, any way 
    In the end  I left  because it was to upsetting to hear  about all the cats coming in,being abused,  so when I left the cattery, I took tinkerbell with me.she may have had a bad life at the start of her life, but I make sure she will have a good life till the end. 
  • I love Sox and Smugde my furbabies  I am just terrible at posting photos on the computer. Sox goes out and kills rats and shrews; Smudge is a lazy cat who likes to shout abuse to birds from the windowsill!
  • Dave, the female cat, named after my brother, is in her golden years. She doesn’t have time to wait around for food so we had better anticipate her needs. She doesn’t like to be uncomfortable and won’t put up with excuses like “we don’t put the heat on until October.” Basically, we exist to keep her happy an comfortable and it is worth it. She is a queen, well loved, and the most regal member of our family. All hail Dave. 
  • I would be lost without my cat, nibbles. She’s just great to have around and keeps me company. She means the world to me. She’s fun and very loving. 
  • My cat snowball is a very mischievous cat. He is always up to no good but also gives me so much affection when I need it. I am always gifted with small dead animals When I least expect it. Snowball is part of the family and means the world to me. 
  • Rosie is a real diva and loves to knock all my stuff off the shelves so now I either have to blue tack them all down or not have them up at all. She will signal to me when she expects to be petted and then will run off when she has had enough. She owns the house and struts around like she is in charge. I love her so much and she is everything to our family. 
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