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Tell Whirli your tips for little ways you can make Christmas more eco-friendly: £200 voucher prize

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Whirli would love you tell them your tips for little ways you can make this Christmas more eco-friendly, and you could win a £200 Amazon voucher for telling them.

Whirli say “Meet Whirli – the toy swapping subscription service that lets you test and try toys, before deciding whether you want to keep them, or swap them, with no time limits. Whirli works via a monthly subscription plan. You simply pick from the 1,000s of toys we have to offer, suitable for every stage of a child’s development, and the toys are yours to play with for as long as they are being loved at home. When your child is done playing, just send them back and swap for something else! You could of course keep it forever if your child has fallen in love with a toy, and buy it from us for a less-than-retail price.
     “Whirli are all about zero waste (our packaging is plastic-free) and reducing the amount of toys ending up in landfill, so when you’re done with a toy, simply return it! Our members can borrow toys worth on average 4 times more than the cost of their subscription. So, stop toy shopping, start toy swapping!”

To be in with a chance of winning the £200 Amazon voucher, scroll to the text box at the bottom of this page, and tell Whirli your tips for little ways you can make this Christmas more eco-friendly.

Everyone who posts and answers the question fully, will be entered into a prize draw to win the £200 Amazon voucher.

We'll keep this thread open until 03/12/21, and we'll announce the winner's name a few days later.

Find out all about Whirli here. 


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  • We have managed to get most of the kids gifts 2nd hand, either from Facebook market place or ebay this year. Also asking for money for trips out rather than physical gifts from Family too.

  • Reuse what you can and save what you can for the next year. We have gift bags, tablecloths, bedding etc that we bring out every year. 
    Buy local and organic where you can for food and presents
    replant your Christmas tree and use it again and again
    use places like Facebook marketplace and free cycle for gifts 

  • We use recycled paper to wrap gifts. I’ve raven used scraps from my fabric stash that are to small to use for projects to wrap gifts. I try to make things as gifts from all the craft supplies I have laying around the house. Things like crochet scarfs and blankets or even bake things. No point lettering the supplies I have in the house go to waste. 

  • Well, we just got a whirli subscription for my son’s 1st birthday so that already feels like a massive step in being eco-friendly! Otherwise, we are doing a lot of homemade gifts from the kids. Cookie mixes, granola, salt scrubs - we buy glass jars and fill them with our goodies and then the jars can be reused. 
  • I've always looked through the charity shops and put bit away that I've found that he will like. Re-use table cloths if possible. I like sending eco boxes to friends with things like solid shampoo and conditioner and hope it shows them how great it is. We have the same decorations every year. We even have an electric car to go to see Santa lol x
  • We love recyclable wrapping paper or even better reusable fabric 
    2nd hand when you can and if not local independent businesses 
    Doesn’t always have to be a toy it could be a membership or a clutter free item 
    try to avoid all the plastic such as Christmas  crackers
    rent a Christmas tree from a local farm shop is amazing way of less waste
  • Swap Christmas cards for e-cards. We do try and recycle wrapping paper and aiming for no-plastic. Or if it is plastic, has to be recycled/second hand. 
  • We use recycled wrapping paper and ensure all paper (and packaging) than can be recycled, gets recycled. We also reuse gift bags and have reusable crackers that I fill myself. We have reusable advent calendars too. 
  • I’ve bought some preloved presents for my boys this year, I’ve also tried to minimise the plastic and buy more ethically sourced toys.
  • Reusing as much year to year as we can, second hand toys/books etc for the children where possible, not over buying - food or presents, brown paper for wrapping paper. We do a table present rather than crackers, our families have always done it but now also my eldest doesn't like crackers so works well for us. We also have a living Christmas tree, but this is only our 2nd year with it, so we'll see how it does!
  • If asked for ideas, we suggest a small but useful present like a book or arts & crafts supply and then some money for their bank account to help support them when they’re older. I hope this helps teach my children the value of money and importance of saving as well as limiting unnecessary ’stuff’ just for the sake of it. If they need something like new toothbrushes, pjs, etc we give these as stocking fillers for our children as well as a few toys/books etc they’ve expressed as interest in.
  • We’ve been starting to buy second hand toys and giving them some love, we’ve been gifting some of my daughters clothes and toys to my friends and their children. I’ve also started to make a lot of things myself. I made a Christmas eve box and plate that I can reuse, we’re making Christmas presents and paper for Ivys gifts to her teacher and grandparents. It’s definitely more effort but great activities to keep a toddler busy too! Xx 
  • We trying to buy more toys which one are made of wood instead of plastic we are buying and recycling more books , for my kids i also got board which you can wipe so you can keep reusing it 
  • We try to buy wooden toys where we can instead of plastic... although any toys no longer used are passed on to family or donated to charity. We're also trying not to go overboard on presents and just buying for the kids in the family. Our little ones will get a lot of educational things...books, puzzles etc. My little girl is loving a party dress at the moment so I've bought her the most beautiful dress from vinted 2nd hand and will wrap it nicely for her. I think covid has made us focus on the importance of family more and that quality time...which means spending more Money on food lol. I've recently moved over to beeswax covers and reusable silicone bags for saving leftovers and keeping things fresh for longer rather than plastic bags and cling film. 
  • Using eco friendly wrapping paper (no glitter, shiny paper) and brown paper tape as well. Buying second hand (Facebook market place is great) and buying toys that are open ended so will last years and years. 
  • Buy gifts from Facebook marketplace/eBay or even swap with friends! Reuse bags and wrapping and don’t wrap huge gifts when a bow will do! Shop locally and think about just doing secret Santa with groups of friends and family so instead of all buying loads of gifts, you just buy one special one!
  • We buy a lot of toys and clothes second hand and ensure we pass on too. We also try and buy toys that are more sustainable - like grimms toys and our pikler triangle which we all love! 
    We are lucky to have so much ! 
  • We have tried to be more eco friendly since having our son and we already use reusable nappies. For Christmas we are purchasing second hand toys mainly as we believe this is more eco friendly than purchasing new 'eco friendly' toys. Alot of things we are buying are toys which will last a few years too so have a good shelf life. 

    We are also using brown recyclable craft paper instead of your usual wrapping paper which can't be recycled. 

  • We use the same gift bags each year and big sacks for the kids larger bits. As they have so many toys, I have asked family and friends to get them non-physical items for Christmas. Days out, vouchers etc. I've also bought a few things second hand, also much cheaper so friendly on the purse. I've also had a big clear out of the kids clothes to make space and passed a lot on to friends with younger children as perfect to reuse. Our Xmas decorations etc are used every year so it's nice to get those all out again.
  • All the kid’s Christmas jumpers and other festive outfits are pre-loved this year. Most of my son’s gifts will be things we already own from my daughter - he’ll be 11 months and she doesn’t remember her baby toys either so it doesn’t make sense to buy more. Most of my daughter’s new toys are wooden, which is a small thing but better than plastic! Looking for other eco friendly ideas for wider family at the moment. So far we have a grow the year calendar which includes seeds for my green fingered relatives. And whirli voucher for my niece actually!

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