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  • do whatever works. theres no one right way. its all trial and error
  • Lots of play time, love and cuddles during the day. A good routine, a full tummy and a nice warm bath. Make sure baby has been winded and has a dry nappy and that they are warm enough (but not too warm) then settle them gently but quite quickly and quietly so they get to know the difference between day and night.
    With my last 2 I would leave the room as soon as they were in the cot and they're both still good sleepers.
    I have 4 children and made lots of mistakes with my first so I learned the hard way! 
  • It is not only adults who can benefit from the many advantages of a massage. Babies can be soothed and relaxed by a gentle massage using a carrier oil and one drop of lavender essential oil. A shoulder, neck and facial rub will have baby falling asleep in no time. And, it also helps build a close, trusting bond between baby and parent.
  • We are still trying to get our little one into a sleep pattern, but we have had lots of advice  routine ,bath , milk ,story and bed with white noise.
    He is getting better but these things take time !!!
  • My son was hard to get to sleep, being hyperactive. We used a swing and hung it from the  lounge door. He'd nod off in it easily.  
  • Routine as much as possible, both in the day and night so they know what to expect.  Darkness if possible and no toys in the cot, both so that they aren't distracted and know it's time to sleep.
  • Dim lighting from the start of the bedtime routine (including the bath) and I always avoid loud toys that might overly stimulate them for the bath. Then at bedtime low lighting and no music - in my view this helps them to not become reliant on needing noise/music or bright lights to settle.
  • No rocking, no music, no patting. Place down in crib and leave to self settle. Consistency is key. No crutches. 
  • Just keep a routine for baby and a quiet peaceful place for baby to f all as leep
  • no one will judge you for sleeping when baby sleeps. housework can wait. Life will get easier!
  • Don't rush in the moment a baby starts crying.

    You may inadvertently encourage the start of a bad sleep habit by rushing in when a baby cries or rustles during the night. Often times, babies wake up, babble and go back to sleep.

  • Sleep hasnt been a issue for us until now - my son is almost 3.
    I swore by routine , bath ,massage, bottle, book and bed 
  • a teaspoon of Brandy just before bedtime
  • I used to be so strict on routine with my twins and yes it helped but it also stressed me and my family out. If i were to give a bit of advice it would be, be kind. Be kind to yourself and to your situation. If you need a night of routine it wont change anything do it.
  • I think trying to be as relaxed as possible, soothing music, I found baby soon gets into there own rhythm for sleep. I’ve used a dummy with my second daughter and think this has really helped with settling at bedtime.
  • My baby slept better when he was wearing socks, he didn’t like having cold feet. All babies are different, you need to find what works best for you 
  • Try to stick to a good bedtime routine we used to get the room ready before we put our baby girl down, put on the night light, play some soothing music then give her the cuddly teddy sleep aid to help her sleep and she has always been a really good sleeper
  • Every time my baby is up, I feed him a little, let him play, give him a nice massage, sometimes only the feet ( baby loves that ) and cycling, if it’s 9 pm then a shower, else feed him, burp him, read him stories in a light spa music/ White Noise. Baby sleeps for 4-5 hours at a stretch
  • Stick to a routine. Use a white noise machine.
  • Sometimes just resting a hand on your child's chest will calm them enough to sleep. (but no eye contact or talking!)
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