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  • My baby twins loved a white noise machine,  randomly they also liked the sound of the hoover!
  • Keeping a tight swaddle prevents babies from startling themselves awake, helping the newborn baby sleep both better and longer. I like to think of the baby as ‘snug as a bug in a rug,’ and I used to tell my daughter this every time I’d swaddle him snugly. so definitely recommend this 
  • Keep to a routine, milk, bath , 2 stories, 2 rhymes with cuddles then straight into bed night light and shut the bedroom door. Do not disturb
  • Set up a good routine…….ours always included a bath and bottle and a bedtime story right from the start.
  • Definitely about routine I've just had my 4th and early on start the day time night time routine during the day its loud  at night we go up stairs lights dimmed and I dont talk helps him sooth of a night 
  • Bounce or soothe little person at angle you need to put them down in as it is one less movement that could potentially reawaken them
  • Good day time sleep = great nighttime sleep. Therefore I am an advocate for a white noise machine, swaddling early on, having day time naps together.  And last but not least and also greatly disapproved by everyone now, co sleeping: I love sleeping with my baby, it is so convenient for night feeds and he sleeps so soundly. 
  • Using lavender oil in ultrasonic diffuser , really made a difference . I still love it . 

  • A spoonful of ground Semolina in the baby milk before bed and also, gently stroking an eyebrow!
  • Sleep when baby sleeps and use a thermometer in the bedroom to ensure a comfortable safe temp.
  • Using a blackout blind , a dummy and having a good bedtime routine
  • White noise
  • To keep calm when they don't sleep. 
  • My top tip, is switch away from Ewan to a white noise machine that stays on for longer/all night after 3 months! Or by a different brand to start with, Hummy is great and about the same price!! We found Ewan turning off actually woke the baby! Also we loved our babybjorn for daytime naps! 
  • A warm bath and music, it works for me and it did my baby.  My mum used to sing to me, but I think my daughter may have been traumatised by my voice
  • Routine is key to our little one, so ensuring she sticks to her nap schedule usually helps getting her asleep. We also have a bedtime routine which we follow which is always the same, to help her realise its bed time and not play time.
  • It's ok to let your baby sleep on your chest, if it helps you both sleep. No, you are not going to smother him in your sleep; your mom radar will always be on. And no, your baby will not continue to sleep on your chest when he grows up; he will grow out of it (both physically and mentally). It will be a bittersweet moment. 
  • Well, they are all different, but ours respond best to a consistent routine.

  • Get into a get your baby into a routine. It’s comforting for babies to have a routine and you to show them when it’s sleep time rather than baby led. Also white noise, full volume.
  • I think my top tip would be trust your gut and go with what works for you, don't stress if it takes time. My two children are really different and need different sleep routines so don't be afraid to try different things out and personlise. Its meant to help not stress you out! I have one that needs to sleep and one that doesn't. 
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