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  • I think for me after 4 children the best advice i could give is accept baby isnt going to sleep well, especially not as a newborn and maybe not until they leave home. You will deal mentally much better with the lack of sleep if you just accept it. You will then slowly find out what works - or baby just naturally gets better at sleeping! 
  • Both of our kids pretty much slept right through the night from a very early age. The key to this was developing a routine early on with feeding times and nap/bed times varying very little day to day.
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    Having a ‘Moonie’, pink noise teddy! Also tapping babies hand lightly in beat with the heart beat sounds. 
  • Get into a routine from the start. It really does help. Both mine slept through quite early on and I think the routine really played a big part in this.
  • Don’t make the house silent when the baby is asleep! They get used to it. Mine sleep through everything now so I can still Hoover and have a bath at night!
  • Dont worry about what other parents/babies are doing, trust yourself that you are doing your best for you and baby.  Lose the guilt and go with the flow
  • My little one has reflux and colic so she really struggled having a peaceful sleep in the start but then I noticed that after feeding her , making her burp once wouldn't help so I started doing it at a few times until I realized she regularly needed three burps before her food digested and she would also peaceful sleep after that.
  • A cosy bath,cosy drink,and cosy night clothes that have been warmed on the radiator or dryer. My tips for getting baby to sleep.
  • bath bottle and bed, Worked wonders for our little girl aha 
  • Routine is key for my baba, bath, change and bottle then straight to bed. 
  • A white noise machine will help settle little one and hopefully keep them asleep for longer 
  • For me it was a white noise machine, it saved my sanity!
  • White noise  like rain sounds always helped my little one get off to sleep, still does and she's 9. Also helps if you're clumsy like me and always making noise, it stops them hearing so much and waking up. 
  • it is totally normal for a baby to want to be close to its mummy, all night long!! Also a sound machine will be a life saver 
  • I used to rest beside my baby when he was sleeping. I didn't get much done but it helped us both. Routine was extremely important and still is.
  • Have a structured routine and stick to it!
  • Get into a routine, sleep when the baby sleeps during the day and feed as late as you can. 
  • Routine! There’s nothing better that settled my two boys than tea bath milk and bed. They still follow this routine now, just minus the milk! 
  • Pop baby in her car seat and take for a ride on a nice bumpy road. Works wonders!
  • In summer, I pull the blinds down before I take my little one up to bed so it's already 'night time' in her bedroom 
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